#417 fanzine MRR

Year-end top ten issue. Top tens from 2017, photographs from Angela Owens and Farrah Skeiky, Charmpit from London, Chicago's Rash, Isotope Soap from Sweden, Tijuana's DFMK, and Erik Nervous from Shipshewana, Indiana.
fanzine, 5.00€


xXx Fanzine (1983-1988): Hardcore & Punk In The Eighties Book Bridge Nine

"xXx Fanzine (1983-1988): Hardcore & Punk In The Eighties" isn't merely a collection of articles, reviews, and photographs from one of hardcore America's best-known fanzines. It's a chronicle of punk's evolution in the '80s: a story of music and ideologies in motion. xXx's story picks up while the first wave of hardcore was in full swing. Major players including Minor Threat had already released landmark records and bands were loading up station wagons to play now infamous venues like The Channel, A7 or D.C. Space. While based in Boston, MA, xXx's main writer and editor, Mike Gitter, not only concentrated on his own city's burgeoning scene, spearheaded by bands like S.S. Decontrol and DYS, but looked to other states and countries for xXx's reportage. This 288-page book documents a time when hardcore and punk were not mutually exclusive and bands and cities had a chance to develop their own diverse and strident sounds. This creative ethos and aural zeitgeist is literally spelled out on the 19-song compilation that's included with xXx Fanzine, a limited-edition LP (available exclusively through mailorder or special sales outlets). A wide variety of current hardcore, punk and hard music luminaries including Strife, Letlive, Fu Manchu And The Riverboat Gamblers contributed their interpretations to some of the most influential songs to come from xXx's original era. Now, in addition to reproducing (and restoring) countless interviews and pages from the 'zine itself, xXx Fanzine re-interviews countless bands and musical prime-movers including Ian MacKaye, Keith Morris and members of Agnostic Front, Bad Brains and Cro-Mags to give the book a rare "then-and-now" perspective. "xXx Fanzine (1983-1988): Hardcore & Punk in The Eighties" isn't merely a look back at hardcore's salad days, but a unique look at how punk's music and message shook the mainstream itself.
Book, 34.00€


#1 fanzine

This thick 54 pages hand numbered cut'n'paste style fanzine has interviews with Punch, Good Clean Fun, Pessimistic Lines, Grave Mistake Records, Pim Arts of Some Will Never Know Fanzine / Said And Done, and Dangers. These are some of the most extensive and deep interviews i've read in recent memory. So if you're a fan of those bands or just like a good read pick this us up. Comes with a free sticker too. We all need to get off these touch screen devices sometimes and this is the perfect opportunity to start.
fanzine, 4.00€


01 fanzine self-released

This thick 54 pages hand numbered cut'n'paste style fanzine has interviews with Punch, Good Clean Fun, Pessimistic Lines, Grave Mistake Records, Pim Arts of Some Will Never Know Fanzine / Said And Done, and Dangers. These are some of the most extensive and deep interviews i've read in recent memory. So if you're a fan of those bands or just like a good read pick this us up.
fanzine, 4.00€



Second issue of this impressive zine, this time with Vogue, Ceremony, Off With Their Heads, Dean Dirg, Elephant West Recording Studio, a vegan recipe, art and columns, columns, columns.
Fanzine, 2.50€


#5 fanzine NLU

This issue features what is believed to be the last unpublished interview with Raybeez of Warzone (including never before published photos), as well as interviews with Joey Shithead of DOA, Bill Danforth, Stale Phish and part two of their interview with Ian Mackaye along with news, record reviews and more. 40 full-sized pages.
fanzine, 6.00€


fanzine Power & Equality

SUMMER 2014. A zine about the life, love and no regrets, this is NOTHING COMES EASY aka IT’S THE LIMIT #3. If you liked the previous zines, this is definitely for you.Sweet Straight Ahead quote in the centerfold. Yet another take on the outdoor and running theme...
fanzine, 1.50€

NYHC: New York Hardcore 1980-1990

Book Bazillion Points

Known for its glamorous 1970s punk rock scene, New York City matched the grim, urban reality of the 1980s with a rawer musical uprising: New York Hardcore as bands of misfits from across the region gravitated to the forgotten frontier of Manhattan's Lower East Side. With a backdrop of despair, bands like Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags, Murphy's Law and Youth Of Today confronted their reality with relentlessly energetic gigs at CBGB, A7 and the numerous squats in the area. Tony Rettman's ambitious oral history captures ten years of struggling, including the scene's original rivalries with DC and boston, the birth of moshing, the clash and coming to terms of hardcore and heavy metal, the straight edge movement and the unlikely influence of Krishna consciousness. Foreword by Freddy Cricien of Madball.
Book, 26.00€


#4 Fanzine OYE

East German Hardcore-Fanzine with pictures, reviews and interviews from: Off The Hook, Cruel Hand, Risk It!, Blindside, Reflections, Empowerment, Cold World, Coldburn, No Turning Back, All For Nothing, Death Before Dishonor, Terror, Refused, Slapshot, Final Prayer, Comeback Kid, Trash Talk & H2O. 44 pages, full color.
Fanzine, 3.00€


Life.Love.Shirts.: A Collection Of Hardcore Clothing book Revelation

The world of hardcore is renowned for the preservation of its own history. The history has been well-documented in records that have all been reissued, websites devoted to its preservation, an oral history that has been passed down through generations of show-goers, and now, through books that explore even the most minute and obscure details of underground hardcore culture. This book documents an incredibly important aspect of hardcore's culture that has, until now, not been documented in any print format: hardcore band t-shirts through the diligent collecting and cataloging of hardcore enthusiast Orhun Oner. The 200 pages of "Life.Love.Shirts.: A Collection Of Hardcore Clothing" features the colorful t-shirts that were bought and sold in the sweaty clubs of the '80s and '90s, many of which are extremely rare and fetch astronomical sums on the collector's market. Many of the shirt photos are accompanied by stories from the bands, labels, and those who had a hand in the production and distribution, a glimpse of the rich tradition of hardcore band t-shirt production that continues on to this day.
book, 25.00€

OUT OF STEP: Faces Of Straight Edge

book SE

This book takes an up-close look at the people that make up the current straight edge scene across America. Kids young and old are profiled here, giving a look at the diversity of the people involved, as their jobs and ages are revealed along with black and white photography.
book, 16.00€

OUT OF VOGUE 'Hardcore Punk Live Shots'

book Syntax666

The best works from 14 years of live, analog photography by Patrick Baclet. Black and white photo shots on 140 pages and a range of over 40 bands with 300 picture in total. All very unique and well laid out - no digital photography at all. Bands are: AMEN 81, AT THE DRIVE-IN, BORN DEAD ICONS, BURY THE LIVING, BOMBENALARM, BURIAL, CAREER SUICIDE, CATHARSIS, CUT THE SHIT, DEAD STOP, DEATH TOKEN, DEMON SYSTEM 13, DOOMTOWN, E.T.A., FLAG OF DEMOCRACY, FROM ASHES RISE, FUCKED UP, GOOD CLEAN FUN, HARUM SCARUM, HAMMERHEAD, HEADLESS HORSEMEN, HENRY FIATS OPEN SORE, HIGHSCORE, I OBJECT, JR EWING, KYLESA, LA FRACTION, LÄRM, LET IT BURN, NOW DENIAL, PHOBIA, R.A.M.B.O., SEVERED HEAD OF STATE, SHOCKS, SHORT FUSE, REGULATIONS, TEAR IT UP, THE RITES, WHITE FLAG, WHITCHUNT, TRAGEDY. Do yourself a favor and check this nicely done book!
book, 13.00€



Founded by "Big" Frank Harrison, Southern California's Nemesis Records ran from 1988-1993 and was the home to such bands as Gameface, Insted, Uniform Choice and, most famously, The Offspring. "The History Of Nemesis Records" collects never-before-seen band photos, essays, insight and memoirs from friends and select Nemesis alumni artists including Ron Martinez (Final Conflict), Dan O'Mahony (No For An Answer, Carry Nation), Isaac Golub (A Chorus Of Disapproval, A18), Fred Hammer (It's Alive Fanzine), Jon Bunch (Sense Field, Reason To Believe), Mike Hartsfield (Outspoken, New Age Records), Dave Franklin (Vision), Andrew Kline (Strife) and more. The full label discography, including all vinyl variations, have been scanned in with descriptions, unseen photos, flyers and much more.
book, 25.00€


#2 Fanzine

Forty-eight page fanzine featuring interviews with Conviction, Magnitude, Change, Hoya (Madball), Vinnie Paz, Carey Housen, Frank Novinec (Hatebreed), Revelation Records, Guav (Conviction Records), and more.
Fanzine, 11.00€


#1 Book Cobra

Reasons not Rules is a snap shot of the last decade of Hardcore Punk, with regard to bands, peers, and prevailing ethics. Next to the best works by Face the Show of the last six years, the book includes interviews with a good portion of Tackleberry, Brian Peterson, and Cold World as well as a tour diary by Christian of the Norwegian Death is not Glamorous, and essays by Flint Stelter, Black Friday 29s Bjoern, plus the tattoo artists of Hardcore Ink. The book features images of Anchor, Bitter End, Black friday 29, Ceremony, Cheap Thrills, Cold World, Common Cause, Converge, Deny Everything, Down To Nothing, Gold Kids, Go It Alone, Have Heart, Just Went Black, Justice, Killing The Dream, No Turning Back, Restless Youth, Rise and Fall, Ritual, Tackleberry, The First Step, True Colors, Verse, xGracex, Zero Mentality and more... 155 pages. Hardcover, rough paper. ALL full colour!
Book, 20.00€


#6 fanzine Rumpshaker

Over a decade in the making, issue #6 of Rumpshaker could be Eric Weiss' best yet, with 144 advertisement-free pages of hardcore reading with fantastic interviews with Mike Judge, Ceremony, Punch, Fucked Up, Tim Barry, Limp Wrist, Sick Of It All, and Chris Wrenn of Bridge 9 Records, plus interviews with Walter Schreifels, Chuck D of Public Enemy and Dan Yemin and their mothers, and lots of witty columns and rants.
fanzine, 12.50€