Carpet Burns LP Take It Back

DEADVERSE's latest release features six brand new songs. While "Carpet Burns" still sounds like DEADVERSE, there is yet another notable change in the band's sound, which adds a 90s emotive hardcore flavor. For fans of Wipers, Union Town, Rain, Gray Matter, Rites of Spring, As Friends Rust, Young Livers, and Small Brown Bike.
Co-released with Adagio830.
LP, 11.00€


Roads To Judah LP Deathwish

Deathwish is proud to announce the release of Deafheaven's debut album, "Roads To Judah." Recorded by Jack Shirley (guitarist of Comadre), "Roads To Judah" is a hypnotic, thirty-eight minute plunge into hazy musical darkness. A dizzying hybrid of shoe-gaze shimmer, hardcore vulnerability and black metal intensity. Now available on colored vinyl with a gatefold cover. Vinyl version includes digital download.
LP, 12.00€


Demo LP Sargent House

Deafheaven's 2010 debut release recorded at Atomic Garden studios has been remastered by Jack Shirley and is available for the first time on vinyl in a limited run of 1,000 pieces. These San Francisco, CA post-rock, black metal, hip kids have toured with Godflesh and Russian Circles and have a previous release on Deathwish that went through multiple pressings.
LP, 16.00€


New Bermuda 2xLP Anti

On their Anti- debut, "New Bermuda," Deafheaven cites death metal demigods Dissection and Morbid Angel and the blackened death pioneers Behemoth and Cliff Burton-era Metallica as influences on the new album. As "New Bermuda" progresses, Deafheaven travels further outside of their comfort zone, feasting on other niches of underground metal and offsetting the blunt force of their feral rage with more complex and nuanced beauty. A sophisticated and subdued pop element kicks off "Baby Blue" before the band abruptly shifts into an amalgam of NWOBHM's anthemic urgency and thrash metal's racing chugs. There's a brief comedown where the band veers into the musique concrete soundscapes and hushed melodrama of early Godspeed You! Black Emperor before "Come Back" resumes the band's merciless assault of stampeding drums and vitriolic guitar harmonies, only to shift mid-song into the somber territories of 4AD's early catalog. Which is not to say that Deafheaven has softened their approach; "New Bermuda" offers the most punishing music of the band's career in the wake of their greatest success. Now available on vinyl with a gatefold cover. Vinyl version includes download card.
2xLP, 25.00€


Ordinary Corrupt Human Love 2xLP Anti

Deafheaven's new album, "Ordinary Corrupt Human Love," finds them working with old friends again. The Jack Shirley-produced and Nick Steinhardt (of Touche Amore)-art directed collection gets its title from Graham Greene's novel "The End Of The Affair," referencing a moment when someone is looking for love, in all of its imperfection and simple beauty. This sentiment is carried throughout the hazy, yearning romanticism of the record with song titles and words as sumptuous as the sounds around them. On colored vinyl.
2xLP, 22.00€


My Body Is A Cage 7" Powertrip

They came from the hills that day, riding atop the back of the mighty xOBOx, billowing smoke and fire. The Kyrck-Pascall riffs were drawn out and stupid, and the beat of the Elsom drum was fast. Beside them stood father christmas, pigeon chest at full capacity, bellowing a drunken roar at the peasants that still dared to stare. For four years the marauding horde of Deull Weeth Itt had been on the rampage. They began as a sober bunch, polite to a fault and clear headed in their final days of youth. Now they stood at the apex of greatness, sullied by beer guts and greasy hair. Nothing was behind them but burning bridges and pissed up dreams. Ahead was their one fiery endpoint – mighty Eyjafjallajökull – world killer. There either laid greatness or ridicule, and they were ready for either.
7", 4.00€


World Coming Down 7-Inch Dead & Gone

In an age where straight edge is all but done with, when it’s more important to be vapid and ironic than to have an opinion on something, when a person is judged by their choice of trainer instead of what they’re ready to commit, Deal With It arrived on the scene to bring back some integrity. Outspoken and energetic, they combine the best elements of Breakdown, No Warning, Cro Mags and Leeway. Musically hard as a bag of hammers, and lyrically world weary and full of rage, Deal With It are a hardcore band in the truest sense of the word, and are a force to be reckoned with. 'My world is coming down'
7-Inch, 4.00€


split 7-Inch DRA

NEW MORALITY are from The Netherlands and formed late 2004 by a bunch of friends with the same hardcore mindset: pure anarchy. In the past years, they've released a bunch of records and played shows all over Europe. NEW MORALITY combines the heaviness of New York's Breakdown with the hardcore soul of Crown of Thornz, but somehow always stuck to their musical roots and kept that punk attitude in their sound. DEAL WITH IT creates a burst of hugely aggressive nihilism and contempt, taking a leaf from such bands as Cro Mags, Judge and No Warning, but creating a sound all of their own which bleeds with malice and negative intentions. On colored vinyl.
7-Inch, 4.50€


Three Successive Blasts 10-Inch Six Feet Under

DEAN DIRG deliver 11 songs of sloppy punk-influenced hardcore, most of which clock in at under a minute. The sound is somewhere between that of fellow europeans Regulations and stateside favorites Tear It Up, with nods to classic bands of yesteryear like Dead Kennedys, Black Flag and especially Circle Jerks. A strong emphasis on catchy riffs combined with plentiful tempo changes and gang vocals. This 10inch is a compilation of their out of print 'Chimpanzee' ep and the splits with Henry Fiats Open Sore and Bombenalarm.
10-Inch, 9.00€


s/t 7" New Age Records

In 2016, five members of various bands met in a Fountain Valley, CA, rehearsal studio to try on a new suit: Isaac Golub, vocals (A Chorus Of Disapproval, A.18), Mike Hartsfield, guitar (Outspoken, Strife), Matt Horwitz, drums (Adamantium), Marc Jackson (Throwdown), and Brian Manry, guitar (Mean Season). In the span of a couple of hours, the as yet unnamed rabble had several songs in the can. Tight, fast, driving, metal-influenced hardcore coupled with dark and desperate, well-worded poetic threats. On colored vinyl
7", 8.00€


Certain Death LP Edgewood

Hailing from the land of no toilets, Oxnard, CA, Dead Heat is the latest band to fly the Nardcore flag, this time with imagery and style that may be a little closer to the thrash and art of bands on the "Welcome To Venice" compilation. Regardless of their sound, the band has been making waves on the festival circuit with wild performances at United Blood Fest in Richmond and Sound And Fury Fest in California, among others. For fans of Power Trip, Take Offense, Leeway, and "Best Wishes"-era Cro-Mags. Limited edition of 500 copies.
LP, 18.50€


Better Ways To Die LP Bridge Nine

Hardworking, honest and relentless in their blue-collar touring approach, Death Before Dishonor has had nothing handed to them. 'Better Ways To Die' is Death Before Dishonor doing what they do best - somewhere between the harder punk edge of Rancid, the working class anthems of Dropkick Murphys, the hardcore attack of Hatebreed and the precision and fury of Slayer. 'Better Ways To Die' truly is the sound of an American hardcore band that knows their roots and a band that has established themselves outside of cliches and the pre-defined constructs of what it is defined as 'hardcore.'
LP, 11.00€


Count Me In LP Bridge Nine

Three years after first teaming up with Bridge Nine, Death Before Dishonor is unleashing 'Count Me In,' their debut full-length on Bridge Nine Records. Death Before Dishonor has a sense of hardcore history in their sound, but they step outside of that with influences in metal, classic punk, and hardcore that finds a spot somewhere between Hatebreed and Dropkick Murphys. This is catchier, heavier, faster, and more punishing than some other hardcore records this year and one listen will prove that there is more to every song than a crushing breakdown. Now available on colored vinyl and limited to 1,500 copies.
LP, 10.00€


If Looks Could Kill, I'd Watch You Die LP Indecision

"If Looks Could Kill I'd Watch You Die", originally released in 1999, is the debut full-length from this Southern California band that pushes the definition of hardcore: mixing metal, hardcore and some punk-rock to make their fresh and original sound. It is highly acclaimed in the hardcore community for its originality and raw sound, tight drumming, lightning fast guitars and tempo changes. Limited edition pressing on colored vinyl.
LP, 18.00€


Day Of The Death LP Indecision

"Day Of The Death" promises to deliver a middle finger to all those who huddle behind a musical label. DEATH BY STEREO chews up punk, hardcore as well as metal and spits them out into 11 new volatile songs. The "day of the death" fully utilizes DEATH BY STEREO’s love of aggregated sounds, tones, melody and superior vocal lines. The crazy brashness of classic hardcorebands is there but DEATH BY STEREO’s delivery is a unique, powerful knockout slap-to-the head of volume and sarcastic bite that raises the bar over which allothers must leap.
Limited BLACK FRIDAY repress on colored vinyl.
LP, 16.50€


We're All Dying Just In Time LP Indecision

Relentless since 1998, Death By Stereo has been a driving force for over 20 years, without a single break in touring and recording. From the opening riff of "We're All Dying Just in Time," the band's seventh studio album and first since returning to the label where they first got their start, one can tell that the band has persevered they way they have by being themselves. Death By Stereo, for decades, has repeatedly destroyed definition by doing exactly what it is they want to do. On colored vinyl.
LP, 19.00€


Demo 7" Assault

Six tracks of 80s inspired hardcore in the vein of SSD, Void, ect. Nasty, raw, pissed Boston area straight edge. Check this out if you're into bands like No Tolerance. Limited vinyl pressing of their amazing demo.
7", 5.00€


Hate For Myself And Everyone Else LP Triple B

Boston, MA's own Death Injection return with their debut LP "Hate For Myself And Everyone Else." After selling out of their "s/t" 7" in a matter of months and playing all over the East Coast, Death Injection has made a name for themselves with their fast, pissed-off noise taking influence from SSD, Negative Approach and DYS.
LP, 13.00€


split 7" Run For Cover

Unlike nearly every other band compared to Lifetime, Kid Dynamite and None More Black, Shook Ones and Death Is Not Glamorous both pull of sounding like the best melodic hardcore punk bands of yesteryear while pushing the genre even further. Death Is Not Glamorous, from Oslo, Norway, offer up two new ones on their side. DING were RFC's 8th release in 2007 and we're excited to be teaming up with them again for our 66th release. Former Revelation Records recording artists, Shook Ones, also offer up two songs of Yemin influenced punk with a distinct northwestern attitude. On colored vinyl.
7", 6.00€


Spring Forward LP Cobra

Spring Forward presents Death is Not Glamorous at their most intense and urgent. It's a short album, containing just 7 tracks, and it was recorded in a fury: One take straight through and very few overdubs. A perfect snapshot, a raw documentation of the band at the given time. Still, in all its rawness, Spring Forward inherits a sensibility in its lyrics seldom heard in hardcore punk bands. Whether it is inward oriented personal advices, more aggressive outbursts, quotes from Albert Camus and the iranian revolutionary poet Ahmad Shamlou, it is obvious that Death is Not Glamorous is a band out of the ordinary. On colored vinyl.
LP, 10.00€


Fuck Your Fucking War 7" Durty Mick

Death March is the latest band to come out of the Los Angeles, CA hardcore scene. These guys are quickly making a name for themselves with energetic and passionate live shows that have already garnered the band nods from Punknews, LA Weekly and Big Wheel Magazine. Since their first show September 8, 2012 at the Airliner in LA, they've been playing up and down the coast including opening for Tiger Army in San Francisco and the Street Dogs in Long Beach. 7" includes digital download.
7", 5.00€


split LP Sieve And Sand

Split 12" between 2 young french bands. Burning Bright plays modern hardcore and Death Mercedes plays melodic hardcore. 13 songs total. Composed by members of some notable french bands (AMANDA WOODWARD, AUSSITÔT MORT, L'HOMME PUMA, RAVI...), their inspirations come from melodic hardcore, screamo, crust and old thrash. On colored vinyl
LP, 10.00€