Demos 95-97 LP Backside

I think Cold As Life is a band that needs no introduction, because for several decades they represented the most sincere and brutal sound straight from the streets of Detroit. 

Formed in the late 1980s, they tragically lost their original singer Rawn Beuty ( RIP ) who was murdered in 1992. With Rawn on vocals they recorded a couple of excellent demos, a little more punk and oi influenced than the new direction the band was soon taking after the changes suffered as a result of his loss, when Jeff Gunnels assumed the role of singing as well as playing guitar. In 1998 they would release one of the best hardcore albums of the 90s, Born to land hard.
The Demos 95-97 LP brings together the two demos that they released the previous years to Born to land hard, in which you could already see the new, even more brutal and metal path that the band was taking. Side A of the album includes the demo from 1995, with songs still reminiscent of their early era, still with some OI sound on it like the song Addicted , and on side B the demo of 1997, a new step for the band into the most brutal and metallic hardcore sound a band could get, clear the roots of what their first album Born to land hard was gonna be.
LP, 20.00€


Lunacy 7" Life To Live

Cold Hearted is from Pensacola, FL and plays that NYHC style of Biohazard, Madball, and Breakdown with their own twist on it and hit the road with label mates Losin' It. 7" includes digital download and is limited to 500 copies.
7", 5.50€


Business As Usual 7-Inch Bloody Knuckles

Eight song debut from this cali powerhouse. Negative and pissed, Cold Shoulder are not out to take prisoners. Blazing hardcore, lyrically covering the whole spectrum of hardcore topics. Backstabbing, the hardcore family, losing friends, getting dragged down by everyday life and still living with pride. Good old hardcore, the way I like it.
7-Inch, 5.00€


Patriot 7-Inch Cowabunga

Excellent hardcore punk from the heartland of Indiana! These straight edge boys deliver some well played tunes to back up Ralph's above the bar grade of lyrics. From the Chicagoland suburbs, these kids create a powerful blend of new meets old hardcore punk, with a bit of a nod to bands like Cut The Shit, The Rites and Last In Line.
7-Inch, 3.50€


The Circus 7" Flatspot

Throwing things back to the early days of US oi and hardcore, Cold Stare dragged themselves off the streets of Chula Vista, CA and pulled themselves away from Take Offense practice long enough to lay down these six tracks that bring to mind bands like 86 Mentality, Violent Minds, Stars And Stripes ,and Iron Cross. On colored vinyl.
7", 5.50€


From Russia With Love LP Playoff

The highly fertile grounds of Orange County, California have produced yet another stellar metallic hardcore band. Fusing many elements from the members former bands (Throwdown, Scars of Tomorrow, and Welcome To Your Life), they have forged something that is similar to their roots but is still completely unique from those past endeavors. Brutal and unrelenting metal hardcore. Licensed from Indecision Records. Colored vinyl in stock!
LP, 10.00€


How The Gods Chill LP Deathwish

Years in the making, "How The Gods Chill" is the definitive Cold World album that the hardcore world has been clamoring for. Recorded by Will Yip (Studio 4) and Arthur Rizk (Salomon's Gate), "How The Gods Chill" is a 13-song amalgamation of hip hop character and hardcore heart. Queens rapper Meyhem Lauren, George Hirsch of Blacklisted, legendary Kool G. Rap and even Max B are all featured on the album, all together creating an infectious melting pot of sound and spirit unlike anything out there today. Vinyl version includes digital download. On colored vinyl.
LP, 13.00€


SPLIT 7-Inch Six Feet Under

Over the last two years Cold World have practically brought an ice age to hardcore with their brand of hardcore that falls somewhere between Mobb Deep and the Cro-Mags. War Hungry feature Alex Russin of Cold World on guitar, they offer up a couple of songs of cynical, apocalyptic hardcore drawing influence from Entombed and Integrity (in the vocal department). Featuring a fold-out cover that's fit to hang up in your bedroom with portraits by Robby Redcheeks. Repress w/ full color cover.
7-Inch, 5.00€


Lust & Ambition LP Sabotage

COLDBRINGER from Portland was formed from members of FROM ASHES RISE, HELLSHOCK, CALL THE POLICE und TALK IS POISON, but musically, COLDBRINGER heads towards another direction. This is rocky and melancholy Punkrock in the vein of NAKED RAYGUN and HÜSKER DÜ with a raspy voice that reminds me a lot of LEATHERFACE and fans of the latter will be more than pleased to hear these 8 hymns. Originally released on DEAD IDEAS, this gem was now repressed on SABOTAGE.
LP, 9.00€


Some Things Never Change 7" Speedowax

Coldfront is pop-punk/punk rock band from Oakville, Ontario.Their second EP, Some Things Never Change is one of the most refreshing releases to come out of this genre in a while, as it contains all the elements that make for a timeless release. If you like your punk music to be catchy, fast, relatable and angry, this release is for you. This has the potential to put Coldfront on the map; it’s just a matter of people listening to it realizing that this needs to be heard by everyone. This just might become one of those timeless pop-punk EPs that you find yourself always going back to.
7", 6.00€


s/t 7" Speedowax

Perfect for fans of Such Gold, Knucklepuck and Daggermouth, this is punk rock, catchy, awesome tunes from Canada's new best kept secret. On colored vinyl.
7", 6.00€


Snitch 7-Inch Double Or Nothing

In an era where Hardcore has been sliced and diced and its by-product Metalcore is sold as a high end replacement to an era where there was more grit then glamour and more balls then precision, an act like COLIN OF ARABIA was the only likely reaction to the corporate takeover of the beloved Core. They are a rare breed of bands bent not on world domination and Ozzfest but of changing the face of Hardcore back to a time when it took more then a few visits to Hot Topic to make the cut out on the floor each weekend. Blood, sweat, never tears and countless halls and basements laid to waste is what is the legacy and destiny for COLIN OF ARABIA. Call it nihilistic outlet of aggression, call it punk and disorderly, and call it the return to the roots of where it all began. For fans of SHEER TERROR, SLAPSHOT and BLACK FLAG.
7-Inch, 5.50€


House With A Curse LP Temporary Residence

In the three years since the release of "No Salvation," Louisville, KY's Coliseum changed labels, producers, engineers and drummers, replacing the breakneck speed of records past with an emphatic rhythmic stomp, but still maintaining their hardcore punk qualities. This record features guest appearances by Bonnie "Prince" Billy, J. Robbins (Jawbox) and Jason Noble (Rachels).
LP, 14.00€


True Quiet b/w Last Wave 7-Inch Deathwish

Featuring artwork by friend John Dyer Baizley (Baroness, Kylesa, Cursed), 'True Quiet / Last Wave' gives us the first taste of Coliseum's evolution since 2007's 'No Salvation.' The hook laden A-side 'True Quiet' takes hold with its all too familiar story of self imposed isolation, told to a DC influenced metallic jangle while the percussively driven B-side 'Last Wave' serves as a hair-raising commentary on the ethical and economical darkness of our present day. Both songs collectively embody the honest artistry that defines Coliseum at their very core. Includes free digital download. On colored vinyl.
7-Inch, 5.00€


Deluxe Reissue 2xLP Deathwish

Founded by Louisville, KY musician Ryan Patterson and including Kayhan Vaziri and Carter Wilson, power-trio Coliseum has grown to become one of today's quintessential, contemporary punk bands, successfully melding progressive musicianship, hardcore fervor and vital social awareness into one constantly evolving artistic vision. To celebrate Coliseum's 10th anniversary, Deathwish, Inc. is proud to present the Coliseum "Deluxe Reissue": a 20-song collection featuring their classic, self-titled debut album (out of print since 2006) paired with eight essential bonus tracks from their primordial years. Originally recorded by Jason Loewenstein of Sebadoh and now fully remixed by Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust, the release also features new deluxe packaging, insightful liner notes and cover artwork by John Baizley of Baroness. Vinyl version includes digital download. On colored vinyl.
2xLP, 22.00€


Sister Faith LP Temporary Residence

Celebrating their 10th year as one of independent music's most substantive bands, Louisville, KY's Coliseum return with their fourth full-length, the stunning "Sister Faith," to be released on Temporary Residence Ltd. Expanding on the anthemic direction the trio veered toward on 2010's highly acclaimed "House With A Curse," "Sister Faith" is the most dynamic and immediately captivating album of the band's career, bristling with galvanizing melodies at the collision point between punk and noise-rock. Vinyl version includes MP3 download.
LP, 17.00€


Sister Chance 7" No Idea

"Sister Chance" is a counterpart to the forthcoming "Sister Faith" LP on Temporary Residence Limited, featuring two new exclusive Coliseum songs and a cover of Pere Ubu's "Final Solution." 7" includes download code. On colored vinyl.
7", 6.00€


Not Of This World 7" Magic Bullet

Back in 2005, Coliseum's Ryan Patterson self-released a 12" on his label Auxiliary which featured both his band and Boston's Doomriders' ultimate tribute to the almighty Danzig. Each band turned a cover of a song from the classic debut Danzig LP, with Coliseum adding two originals and Doomriders putting up one original. A CD version of the release was also issued on the now-defunct Level Plane label. While the Coliseum material was later repackaged into a collections release on Temporary Residence, the Doomriders material remained out of print for many years. As part of the upcoming celebrations to commemorate Magic Bullet Records' 20th anniversary, the label is in turn celebrating the friends and musicians (lifers) who were a significant inspiration as the years went on, starting with a split 7" featuring both bands' Danzig covers from the 2005 "Not Of This World" split. This special, limited reissue features brand new Danzig tribute artwork from the steady hands of visual artist Florian Bertmer. 7" includes digital download.
7", 7.50€


Constant Struggle 7" Irish Voodoo

Colors was formed by a group of friends in the very hot and dry desert in Southern California, the Coachella Valley. Their music is very fast, heavy, and aggressive. The lyrics deal with the vocalist’s own views on personal strife, addictions, responsibility, family, and humankind. On colored vinyl.
7", 4.50€


s/t 7" Negative Split

Hailing from the Northwest and featuring members of bands like Get The Most, Not Sorry, Devotion, and Wreck, Column present their 2013 demo pressed on vinyl for the first time, which takes heavy cues from Chain Of Strength. 7" includes digital download and is limited to 500 copies.
7", 5.00€


Cold Rain 7" Vitriol

Serving as a teaser to their upcoming 2013 full-length, NorCal's Comadre present a three-track 7" with one track from said full-length featuring their melodic, passionate brand of screamo that takes cues from the '90s Ebullition bands like Portrait Of Past as well as Refused. Limited edition of 600 copies.
7", 6.50€


Demo 7" Youth Attack

Hailing from the agitated Denver, CO underground, Combat Force comes out swinging with this four-song EP of feral hardcore. Drawing influences from the great classics, Combat Force stampedes forth in a timeless manner, taking no prisoners and delivering over-the-top vocals and insanely catchy riffs captured with perfect lo-fi production by Denver scene stalwart James Trejo (Cadaver Dog, Civilized, Culture Shock).
7", 12.00€