Asthmagasm 7-Inch Malfunction

This is a super limited EP run (yeah, right) on color vinyl of 2,500 total. It features members of Give Up The Ghost and Some Girls. xo skeletons rip, corrupt, and maneuver hip-hop beats and guitar/drum riffs into dance music mixed with an early Gravity Records-era sound to create something you don't know if you're supposed to dance to or go hit on drunk girls at the bar. For fans of The Blood Brothers, Unbroken, and The Faint. 4 songs.
7-Inch, 4.50€


s/t 7" Speedowax

Fourteen songs that blur the lines of hardcore and fast core/Powerviolence. All of them are shredders, buzzing with an a youthfull energy that brings to mind Punch, Bloody Phoenix, Spazz, Charles Bronson, Spine and more. Fans of To Live A Lie/ 625 Records will dig this for sure.
7", 5.00€


s/t LP Dim Mak

Assembled by Jade Puget and Davey Havoc of AFI, XTRMST represents and embodies the unwavering passion and fury of the modern straight edge movement. LP includes audio CD. Pressed on 180g vinyl.
LP, 19.00€


Hard Lovin', Straight Thuggin' 7-Inch Counter Punch

A few years ago, xWIDOWMAKERx started as a very, VERY casual project between some close friends. At the time, five out of the six were in serious bands, and thought it would be fun to do a project that was the exact opposite - fun, tongue-in-cheek humor, poking fun at a genre of music that they all sincerely cared a lot for. So, these kids put together a few hundred dollars and spent a half day in the studio. The result was 'Hard Lovin, Straight Thuggin,'. They were originally going to call it 'Master of Puppets,' but that album name had apparently been taken by some band from the west coast. Limited to 300 copies (available with two different covers), this will be a collectors item soon. If you're looking for the next STRAIGHT YOUTH or GAYRILLA BISCUITS, look no further.
7-Inch, 5.00€


A Place In The Sun 7" TKO

In the early 1980s, YDI put Philadelphia, PA on the map with their ferocious brand of hardcore. In 1983, they unleashed their debut EP, "A Place In The Sun," on Bloodbubble Records, a label formed by notorious punk/HC promoter "Fat Howard" Saunders (RIP). "A Place In The Sun" is a blistering nine-track blast of HC fury that holds it's own with "Pick Your King," the Negative Approach EP and any other prime example of early American hardcore. Unavailable for over a decade on any format, TKO Records is glad to make this vital piece of American punk history available again.
7", 8.00€


A Place In The Sun / Black Dust 2xLP Southern Lord

In the early 1980s, YDI put Philadelphia, PA on the punk map with their ferocious brand of hardcore. In 1983, they unleashed their debut 7" "A Place In The Sun," a blistering nine-track blast of American hardcore fury. Circa 1985, the band changed musical directions and created filthy, metallic, damaged punk. The "Black Dust" (a concoction of PCP, heroin and formaldehyde) LP was YDI's final recording and a criminally underrated slab of disgusting mayhem. This double vinyl document contains every known recording of the band. Also inside is a 10" x 10", full-color photo book with tons of never-before-seen images.
2xLP, 24.00€


Strictly Ampersands 12-Inch Coalition

Year Future`s new studio effort is released on a one sided LP with a silkscreened B side. Strictly limited to 500 copies, this will be a collectors item pretty soon. Year Future hail from LA and play punk /hardcore that is influenced by bands such as Joy Division, Television, Dead Kennedys to name a few. With a few releases and countless tours around the world under their belt, they have become a name in the DIY underground. Featuring members of Angel Hair, Moving Units, Dead and Gone and The VSS.
12-Inch, 10.00€


Ultimate Aggression LP Pure Noise Entertainment

Formed in 2015, Year Of The Knife is taking the hardcore scene by storm with their merciless, face-melting riffs and neck-snapping rhythm on record and especially on stage. Consisting of Tyler Mullen (vocals), Brandon Watkins (guitar), Madi Watkins (bass), Andrew Kisielewski (drums), and Aaron Kisielewski (guitar), the straight-edge five-piece is completely unfiltered, blasting on everything from police brutality to addiction with honest fury. The band has kept busy on the road the last few years, touring with the likes of fellow labelmates Knocked Loose and Terror, among others. Vinyl version includes digital download.
LP, 19.00€


Rise 7-Inch

In the summer of 2010, two pairs of friends from Haifa and Tel aviv, decided to make their dream of having a youthcrew HC ... more punk band, come true. YN was formed and began practicing and had their first show in november that year, followed by many more, with friends from Israel and abroad. Lyrics cover political issues, self-aware way of life and counter culture, supporting Veganism and DIY ethics. Limited edition of 300 numbered copies.
7-Inch, 5.00€


Pushing Forward 7-Inch High Fidelity

As close as you can get to being true hardcore. This seven song debut has tight twists and turns in a true hardcore style that has almost been forgotten. They've been compaired to 'Break Down The Walls' era Youth Of Today and Side By Side. I think there's a Tear It Up influence at work here as well. Colored vinyl available.
7-Inch, 4.00€


Wen Life Comes To Death LP Deathwish

YAITW (Young And In The Way) is a blackened, metal/crust hybrid from the shadows of North Carolina. Over the last four years, YAITW has evolved through multiple releases from vicious monster to multi-headed beast, with each offering melding metal speed and hypnotic atmospherics with a bleak, hardcore/punk spirit. "When Life Comes To Death" is the newest album from YAITW. Vinyl version includes digital download. On colored vinyl.
LP, 16.00€


I Hate My Friends 7-Inch Panic

With the proper amount of melody and drive that hasn't been seen since the days of Texas Is The Reason, Young English takes us back to the mid '90s where the underground emo-punk sound reigned and felt special. The first EP titled "I Hate My Friends" was written in the span of three months and recorded with Alan Goot. The "I Hate My Friends" EP is the perfect soundtrack for the winter ahead of us and will carry us through until the spring when Young English will release their follow-up LP that will more than likely be the soundtrack for the summer of 2012. 7" includes digital download. On colored vinyl.
7-Inch, 5.00€


A Love Too Strong LP Southpaw

Young Governor began as a solo outlet for Fucked Up guitarist Ben Cook. On Young Guv's new 12" on Oakland, CA label Southpaw, Cook enters a legit studio for the first time and brought with him some of the best musicians Toronto, Canada has to offer. After one spin, no one could argue, Cook has unleashed his pop masterpiece onto the world.
LP, 14.00€


From The Vaults 1982-1984 LP Schizophrenic

Young Lions was one of Toronto, Canada's earliest punk bands and got international attention by appearing on the BYO Records compilation 'Something To Believe In,' released in 1984. All of these recordings come from between 1982 and 1984 and include three demos, three comps and one LP. LP includes a bonus EP with two additional tracks.
LP, 13.00€


s/t 7-Inch Parts Unknown

Straight out of the boozer and into the studio, these balding old timers from San Francisco bring the sounds of a Northern council estate onto their second vinyl release. Four tracks of WIPERS, REALLY RED inspired post-punk darkness mixed with some C86 WEDDING PRESENT jangle and a dash of late 70’s Irish powerpop.
7-Inch, 4.50€


Absence Of Reason LP Greatest

Hailing from the west coast of Sweden, Young Ones deliver pure straight-forward hardcore. A furious mix of old school and 'modern' hardcore, these guys don't shy away from taking a stance- be it veganism, straight edge or politics. The 10 tracks on this debut full length are proof that hardcore is very much alive in Sweden. Limited to 300 copies on colored vinyl.
LP, 10.00€


Sabotage Your Cookout 7-Inch More Than A Witness

Finally found after going missing for nearly 25 years, the Young Republicans demo cassette is certainly one of the most elusive and infamous artifacts in the history of hardcore and is truly a special item. Some have claimed that it never existed while others have referred to it as a "holy grail" item. Recorded in ?83 and only given to a handful of close friends, ¾ of the band would later go on to form the initial lineup of the influential group YOUTH OF TODAY. This 9 song EP captures the absolute essence of spirited hardcore under the shroud of Reagan: snot-nosed teens going faster MPH while standing in opposition to teachers, parents, rednecks, & suburbia. Highly catchy & classic sounding, this could easily be considered the crucial missing NYHC or CT 7? EP from 1983. Three tracks on this Young Republicans 7" EP would later be reworked and rerecorded for the debut Youth of Today "Can't Close My Eyes" 7? on Positive Force; ?Respect For Authority (None)? became ?Stabbed In The Back?, ?Backyard Bomb? became ?Expectations?, and ?High School Rednecks? became Project X's ?Straightedge Revenge? note for note on their sole EP on Schism.
7-Inch, 6.00€


s/t LP Run For Cover

In the winter of 2010, a spontaneous trip to Athens, GA became the birth of New Jersey/Philadelphia indie rock outfit Young Statues. Full of swelling guitars, intricate vocal melodies and introspective lyrics, Young Statues is evidence of a group of musicians who have honed their skills and made a record to be revered for its beauty, tact and honesty. As their name implies, Young Statues is a youthful band, and with a debut this impressive, watching them age will be a graceful and stunning sight. Vinyl version includes digital download.
LP, 11.00€


Age Isn't Ours LP Run For Cover

In 2010, Carmen Cirignano started writing the songs that would appear on Young Statues' eponymous debut LP just one year later on Run For Cover Records. The band spent nearly all of 2012 on the road but still managed to release a covers EP and record "Age Isn't Ours" with producer and engineer Ace Enders (frontman of The Early November). Arrangements and vocal phrasing sprinkled with tinges of Americana drive tracks like "Hung Me Out To Dry" and truly see Young Statues mastering the art of indie-pop. Vinyl version includes digital download. On colored vinyl.
LP, 14.00€


The Flatlands Are Your Friends LP Run For Cover

This sophomore LP from Philladelphia, PA's Young Statues is their most intriguing to date. From the album opener "Natives" until the record stops, there is an alluring, haunting and hazy ambience that makes "Flatlands" sound as though it is an audible dream. The intense introspection of the band's earlier releases is taken to new, darker places by vocalist Carmen Cirignano, whose ability to lyrically navigate inner tumoil makes him one of the most captivating young songwriters in the modern indie scene. For fans of The Early November, Death Cab For Cutie, The National, Into It. Over It. and Band Of Horses. Vinyl version includes digital download. On colored vinyl.
LP, 16.50€


Where I Lie LP Animal Style

The Clarion Call is made just seconds into the record when Matt Koenig utters the phrase: "And if I promise just one thing for the rest of my life" before counting off, then the gates are flung open and hell is unleashed for the next 30 or so minutes, a constant barrage of sound, fury, and pointed lyrics that doesn't let up over a dozen tracks that bring to mind the likes of Another Breath, American Nightmare, and Ruiner. A huge surprise and highly recommended!On colored vinyl.
LP, 12.50€


Where I Rise 7\ Animal Style

Portland, OR's Young Turks is back with four songs that capture the unique sound and feel of Northwest hardcore. "Where I Rise" is a declaration of life moving forward, while trying to let go of the past and the former themes of betrayal and hopelessness have been exchanged for the strength to overcome and the will to endure. Enlisting Alex Estrada of Earth Capital Studios (Touche Amore, Joyce Manor, Silver Snakes) to mix, the final product walks the line between a polished studio effort and the raw energy of a live performance. 7" includes digital download and is limited to 500 copies. On colored vinyl.
7\, 6.00€


Half Hearted 7" Speedowax

Young Turks started in the fall of 2010, playing all over west coast US. This is their debut EP, a constant barrage of sound, fury, and pointed lyrics that doesn't let up over a six tracks that bring to mind the likes of Suicide File, American Nightmare, Focused Minds and Carry On.
7", 5.00€