Dead Man Walking LP Cupcake

With their third full length release, "Dead Man Walking", Yuppicide had carved out a niche all their own, with songs that had elements of punk, and the power of hardcore, but a style that was solely Yuppicide. This remastered reissue comes with new Cover artwork!
LP, 12.50€


Revenge Regret Repeat LP Cupcake

"Revenge Regret Repeat" is Yuppicide's first full-length since 1995's "Deadman Walking" and is a logical progression from 2012's "American Oblivion" EP. Recorded by NYHC fixture Glen Lorieo, this album features 11 furious blasts that brings together an emotionally charged blend of hardcore punk and intense metal. Colored vinyl in stock
LP, 14.50€


Say No More 7" Insight

From just outside the Toronto, Canada area, ZERO brings you 6 Connecticut-style hardcore songs for fans of WIDE AWAKE and CORNERSTONE. Limited edition of 500 copies on colored vinyl.
7", 6.50€


Black Rock LP Shark Man

Six years after the formation of the band, ZERO MENTALITY come to realize they are stranded on the planet of the apes. Bound to a music-scene which is ruled by absence of imagination, the five musicians out of the Ruhrpott area deny to confirm to the mainstream. They run away from topical trends as if they were chased by the demons of hell, life and death. During their exodus they become aware there is only one salvation: 'Black Rock'. From January to April 2009 they created an album together with their long-time producer and friend Jacob Bredahl in Arhus, Denmark. It's harder as cooled lava and softer than steel (whatever that means).
LP, 11.00€


Virtues & Vices 2x7-Inch Demons Run Amok

ZERO MENTALITY collaborated with The HEARTBREAK MOTEL on this one! In the beginning of February 2008 both bands accompanied each other and entered the Smart and Hard Studio in Aarhus, Denmark to record 4 songs with Jacob Bredahl. One of 2 two tracks that each band recorded was the product of a cooperative songwriting & recording process. The final result of the project among these chummy friends is now released released as a double 7inch on colored vinyl.
2x7-Inch, 9.50€


Fuel The Fire 7-inch Reaper

If history is written by the victorious, then it's time the tale was told of how Buffalo hardcore came to have its sound, style and substance. When the masses think of hardcore from buffalo, the obvious names reoccur. What has never been documented properly is the giant who owns the shoulder they were standing on: the monicker of that occulted beast is ZERO TOLERANCE. For those in the vicinity of Buffalo in the late 80s/early 90s, Zero Tolerance shows were THE event; the locals that could pull their weight amongst the nationals; the reason you showed up early. Erupting from the chrysalis that was their former band New Balance was a new creature?more furious, more intense, laser focused and precise. Specializing in laconic intros, tight musicianship, an intense stage presence and spiritual lyrics, ZT had the complete package to take on the world at large. The groups recognition and impeccable street cred led them to play shows all over the east coast with some of the bands that influenced them the most, from the Cro-Mags, Sick Of It All and Killing Time to a full US tour with Shelter. These tours gave the burgeoning 90s hardcore scene a glimpse of Buffalo intensity and restrained madness. The rumors of a signing with In Effect would die with In Effect, and any attempts at chaining the monster to a full length release would remain futile. Unfortunately, the fury and turmoil that gave birth to the sound was ultimately its demise. And with all transient things, we were all left wanting more. In the year of our Lord 2010, Reaper Records is proud to unveil, for the first time on wax, a document of a long lost classic previously only available on tape. Please accept this offering and place it in its proper place among the other giants of that era. If you've been waiting for the last two decades as we have, this is for you. If this is your first taste of ZT, you're welcome.
7-inch, 6.50€