Last Day On Earth LP Irish Voodoo

True to their roots, these Southern California hardcore veterans are back with a new band. Blood Days was formed in the summer of 2014 and features Gavin Oglesby on guitar, Joe D. Foster on guitar, Casey Jones on drums, John Lorey on bass, and Jae Hansel on vocals. The sound is a mixture of classic, singalong melodies and intricate breaks. Speed, tempo shifts and layers are what defines this classic lineup where the subtle blended melodies really define their distinct sound. The fire still burns strong for these Orange County gentlemen and they will be on tour this coming August in Europe and the USA. Where their previous bands Ignite, The Killing Flame, Speak 714, Unity, No For An Answer, Mean Season, and Outspoken left off, this is the continuation of a neverending journey to explore and present the perfect reflection of their art and craft. Now available on colored vinyl. This is the orange vinyl version, exclusive to Rev and limited to 100 copies.
LP, 15.00€


From Beyond And Below LP Kink

BLOOD PATROL is a band with former members of GOLDEN GORILLA, NARSAAK and DEAD BEAT. After a demo, this full-length release deliver 10 fast and angry thrashy tracks with a huge metal-heart and love for nwobhm-stuff. DISCHARGE and POISON IDEA practice together in the SLAYER garage. Thick 180gr vinyl comes with an inside-out printed cover. Don't worry BLOOD PATROL is rooted in hardcore-punk! On awesome green vinyl.
LP, 10.00€


Need To Control LP Beach Impediment

Blood Pressure finally delivers "Need To Control" as a follow-up to their self-titled EP that turned heads all over when it came out in 2014. After a few personnel changes and a slew of gigs up and down the East Coast, the boys churned out yet another absolute pounder for the masses. You know the deal - this one features ten tracks of scathing hardcore punk from the Steel City, crafted in the way that they know how to make it out there... which is of the ripping, bleak and fucked up variety. Limited edition of 600 copies.
LP, 15.50€


Bad To Worse 7-Inch State Of Mind

Four songs from this Long Island based group featuring ex-members of Inside and Silent Majority. This ep has a crazy layout with hand screened bags, four different colors of vinyl, an 11x17 inch poster, and bonus CD. Musically, they kind of remind me of the underrated Silent Majority.
7-Inch, 2.50€


Seize You LP BHF

Braddock, PA's Blood Red feature members of Pissed Jeans, Hounds Of Hate and Secret Tombs, and play a raw and rock-driven brand of hardcore punk that steals elements from bands like Swiz and Ink & Dagger. On colored vinyl with a silkscreened B-side.
LP, 12.00€


Night Of The Sadist 7" Hardware

You might remember the crushing Blood Suckers - Crush To Dust 12" from earlier this year?! Meanwhile they went on a small European tour with their brother in URBNANOIA and recorded a couple of new songs which will be released as a six song 7".
7", 5.00€


Up In Arms LP Metal Blade

Bloodclot is a band with a power-packed lineup fronted by John Joseph of Cro-Mags with Todd Youth of Warzone and Murphy's Law on guitar, Nick Oliveri of Queens Of The Stone Age and Bl'ast! on bass, and Joey Castillo of Queens Of The Stone Age and Danzig on drums. With this band, Joseph shows he still has a lot to say, spewing forth politically and socially driven lyrics over fast, thrashing, metal-tinged hardcore. Vinyl version includes download card.
LP, 21.00€


Eclectic LP Victory

This LP compiles all of Bloodlet's early 7" into one LP, totalling 16 tracks of heavy, metallic and proficiently played mid-tempo hardcore delivered in a style comparable to Coalesce and Starkweather. Now available again on vinyl.
LP, 11.00€


Live On WFUM-FM (03.23.95) LP A389

Enjoy a rare, live-on-air radio performance from Bloodlet captured on WFMU in 1995 before their landmark album "Entheogen" was completed. Contains slightly different arrangements of their destined-to-be classic tracks, creative improvised interludes, and an unreleased/unheard track titled "Canker." Digitally restored/remastered by Audiosiege with original artwork by Aaron Turner of Isis/Mamiffer/Old Man Gloom/HydraHead records fame. Limited edition, one-time, RSD pressing of 1,000 on orange vinyl.
LP, 19.00€


Embrace (1993) 7" A389

Limited edition, one-sided single (with Magic Circle B-side etching) featuring a long lost, unreleased 1994 demo/compilation track by these legendary Florida metalcore pioneers. Released to coincide with the band's first perfomance in ten years at the A389 Tenth Anniversary Bash. Vocalist Scott Angelacos other musical endeavors include Junior Bruce and Hollow Leg. 7" includes digital download and is hand-numbered out of 1,000 copies.
7", 8.00€


split 7" Reflections

Beautifully-packaged split 7" featuring Bloodpact from the US and Reaching Forward from The Netherlands. Angry political hardcore, each band bringing us two new originals and one Manliftingbanner cover. Bloodpact starts it all out with "Violent Straightedge Gangs are Government Funded." Includes 6 page booklet with lyrics, photos and some great writings. On WHITE vinyl.
7", 5.00€


Peace 12" DRA

Austria's Bloodshed Remains recorded this 12" EP with Nick Jett of Terror and has continued to lay waste to the masses in Europe with heavy, pounding hardcore delivered in the same vein as bands like Terror and 100 Demons.
12", 12.00€


s/t 7-Inch Cowabunga

Great debut EP from this NJ straight edge hardcore band. The lyrics more pertain to typical angry topics of hardcore (growing out of the music, being hateful and just not getting along with everyone) than just being straight edge, which is rather enjoyable and reminded me of Cold Shoulder in that regard. Musically its of course hardcore punk, doesn't sound like any set band but is def influenced by bands like DYS and the Abused-but only influence, not tribute-core. Also takes cues from modern edge bands with a huge penchant for punk! Jeff's voice also is unique and that's another thing that makes this stand out-his voice has been compared to Craig of the Degenerics and I sort of agree. If you really like straight edge HC and general hardcore punk check this out!
7-Inch, 3.00€


split 7-Inch No Reprieve

Split 7" featuring Bloodtype and INJ/SYS. Bloodtype is straight edge hardcore from New Jersey. Their songs have a raw, aggressive quality to them topped off with scratchy punk vocals. FFO of The Abused. INJ/SYS is straight forward, fast hardcore punk from Tampa. Music varies from Neg FX, Koro type ragers to some more bouncy stuff like Battalion of Saints. Clear vinyl (100 made) in stock!
7-Inch, 4.50€


Landscapes Of Disease LP Deranged

It is easy to tell what inspired All Out War from the very beginning. A steady diet of the Cro-Mags, Carnivore and European thrash would be the prevalent basis of their brand of NYHC crossover. Recorded in 1992, "Sum Of All Fears" would mark their first testament of the band's post-apocalyptic vision. Now available for the first time on vinyl and hand-numbered out of 225 copies. 10" includes digital download.
LP, 13.50€


Frozen Rain 7-Inch Grave MIstake

Boston, MA's Bloody Gears bring us the long-awaited follow-up to their 2010 debut EP, an exclusive 7" single from their forthcoming LP. More atmospheric and brooding than their previous material, the A-side track "Frozen Rain" finds the band exploring new, yet familiar, territory in the realm of dark and ominous melodic punk. This single version of "Frozen Rain" contains a different mix than the LP version, with added instrumentation. The flipside picks the pace up with two additional non-LP tracks; one of which is exclusive to this 7", the other a rerecorded version of "Bite The Hand" off of their 2009 demo. Drawing their own sound from punk, post punk, and hardcore, Bloody Gears has often been compared to bands like the Wipers, Husker Du, Moving Targets, or Articles Of Faith. 7" includes digital download.
7-Inch, 5.00€


s/t LP Hardcore Victim

Crawling their way out of Australia, Bloody Hammer is here to breathe life into the current state of oi with ten romping jams that hearken back to Blitz and 4-Skins, and feature members of hardcore ragers like Kromosom and Bloodkrow Butcher.
LP, 13.00€


Under Armour '77 7" Katorga Works

Over the past few years, Austin, TX has seen a resurgence in young, quality hardcore punk bands. Blotter is one of the top-tier groups of this new school of Texas hardcore and "Under Armour '77," their debut vinyl effort, stands as some of the best work this scene has produced. Primordial-ooze USHC at its finest. Members of Glue and Wiccans.
7", 6.50€


In Totality LP Dropping Bombs

Toledo, OH's Blue Skies Burning was around from 1999-2002 and played an incredibly powerful brand of emotional hardcore. Borrowing as much from early-'90s emo giants like Current and Anasarca as from late-'90s metalcore gods like Zao, their sound fell somewhere in the territory of bands like As Friends Rust, Boysetsfire, Grade, etc. "In Totality" features both the original, four-song demo, which was recorded by Tim Pak (Thoughts Of Ionesco, Fordirelifesake, Hamilton, etc.), as well as the "Last Leg Of My First Race" EP, which was originally released on CD by One Day Savior Records and was recorded by Brian McTernan (Converge, 108, Bane, Thrice, etc.). Limited edition of 200 copies.
LP, 18.00€


Trash City 7-Inch LifeLine

Chicago's BOILING OVER is a hardcore band that is calling attention to the problems that exist in our society in their debut EP. A straight-edge band taking cues from bands like DYS and NEGATIVE FX, they're known for their manic live performances, believing their music should be as short, as fast and as obnoxious as possible. 8 songs of blisteringly frantic hardcore that showcase a return to the progressive ideas of the genre. On colored vinyl.
7-Inch, 4.50€