s/t 7-Inch Hardware

This is the european repress of the 6 track debut EP on Smokin Barrel, by BAD ANTICS from Fullerton, California. These 4 young mates playing energetic hardcore with an O.C. punk touch and actually sounds like a mixture out of JFA, D.I. and ADOLESCENTS. This is classic sounding, fast and snotty Southern California punk-rock. Awesome and good stuff worth checking out!
7-Inch, 4.00€


Into The Future LP Megaforce

Considered to be the "holy grail" of punk rock, Bad Brains is one of the definitive American punk groups who garner the same respect as the Sex Pistols, Black Flag, the Ramones and The Clash. It's a return to form for the band that helped define American punk and hardcore music.
LP, 17.00€


Everything From Soup To Dessert LP Katorga Works

Clearly an unsavory product of the dilapidated industrial wasteland of Cleveland, OH, Bad Noids make their official vinyl debut after a difficult-to-acquire bootleg 7". This record is a collection of older and newer songs, all re-recorded/recorded to caveman perfection in what is the defining document of Bad Noids, thus far. This is the new school of Clevocore.
LP, 15.00€


Plastic World 7-Inch Flat Black

Remember when punk and hardcore were the same thing? Bad Reaction draw their influences from the early 80s sounds of Zero Boys, Bad Brains, and Adolescents, and bring their own flavor to the mix. Pure punk energy, that’ll make you want to run in circles and break things. This is some of their best material to date, faster and more intense than their LP. They're on now Reflections Records.
7-Inch, 4.00€


Dare To Be Dull 7-Inch Blind Spot

This 45 contains four songs of pissed off hardcore somewhere between good- H2O and good-Kill Your Idols. It's positive but these guys are no pushovers. Los Angeles rarely produces bands that represent this style of hardcore, but goddamn is this good. Last copies, get this now or miss out!
7-Inch, 4.00€


See You 10" Atomic Action

Featuring Sean Murphy of Verse on vocals as well as members of Raindance and Convulsions, Providence, RI's Bad Swimmers delve more into the world of indie rock, taking major cues from Revelation's own Texas Is The Reason. 10" includes download. On colored vinyl.
10", 12.00€


End Me 7" Irish Voodoo

With their crafted sound of loud and unforgiving Crust punk mixed with distortion driven down tuned Sludge the band quickly put their foot down as heavy music juggernauts. From the beating of the drums to the lyrical content, Badblood paints a story of failure and misery. These guys play a very noisy and just evil as fuck sound. Absolutely filled with hate and anger fueled. On colored vinyl.
7", 4.50€


Separation LP No Sleep

According to Balance And Composure, they can be loud, quiet and everything in between. A sonic assault melding influences such as Sunny Day Real Estate, Neutral Milk Hotel and Nirvana, their upcoming full-length, "Separation," adheres to the band's namesake. After self-releasing their first EP, "I Just Want To Be Pure," in 2008, followed by their "Only Boundaries" EP and split EP with Tigers Jaw, both on No Sleep Records, Balance And Composure is now on the verge of releasing their debut full-length, "Separation," on No Sleep Records.
LP, 13.50€


Only Boundaries 12-Inch No Sleep

"Only Boundaries" is the follow up to Balance And Composure's late 2008, self-released and well received "I Just Want To Be Pure" EP. The band, while just barely legal, is not a newcomer to the Pennsylvania music scene having past and current members of such bands as The Erection Kids, War Pigs, Scenic State and many others. "Only Boundaries" features four brand new songs that will make any fan of Jimmy Eat World, Texas Is The Reason or even Brand New smitten with joy. Now available again on colored vinyl.
12-Inch, 11.50€


The Things We Think We're Missing LP No Sleep

According to Balance And Composure, they can be loud, quiet and everything in between - a pretty apt description in a nutshell. Picking up where "Separation" left off, Balance And Composure return once again to push the boundaries of their music with driving riffs and intensely passionate vocals on the band's long-awaited second studio album, "The Things We Think We're Missing." It's the type of record that makes listeners pause and reflect, evoking moments of happiness and sadness over the course of thirteen songs. Vinyl version includes digital download. On colored vinyl.
LP, 15.00€


split 7" No Sleep

Influential Champaign-Urbana-based indie-rock quartet Braid has teamed up with rising alternative rock act Balance And Composure to release a split EP via No Sleep Records. For fans of Sunny Day Real Estate and Texas Is The Reason. 7" includes free digital download. On colored vinyl.
7", 6.00€


Vegan Power 7-Inch Hellfish

Formed from the ashes of Die Young, Band Of Mercy makes you think Motorhead meets Die Young meets Bad Religion on this debut 7". An early punk vibe and driving guitars mixed with Daniel's distinct vocals create an energetic atmosphere of noisy raucous fun. Six songs that are perfect for everything from circle pitting to liberating animals. On colored vinyl.
7-Inch, 5.00€


Veganocracy 7" Ugly & Proud

In an era where animal exploitation is the law of the land, who will be the voice for the voiceless? Band of Mercy are not only that voice; they are the judges, jury and executioners, serving up hearty doses of pissed off hardcore, spite, and accountability. No one gets a free pass. BOM is showing animal exploitation the way out, one abuser at a time. If members of Motorhead, Tragedy, and Carnivore met at a vegan potluck, this would be the musical outcome. Veganocracy is the third output of their trilogy, this time around taking on excuse makers, fake hippies and environmentalists, omnivores, circus goers, self proclaimed nutritionists, and probably you. “The World Will See” holds tribute to the courageous whistleblowers that infiltrate factory farms, fur farms and other facilities of animal abuse to expose every day atrocities to the public. These aren’t the nice vegans from your yoga class. These are the leaders of your new found Veganocracy. BOM shares members with political hardcore moshers, Die Young (now on Good Fight Music) as well as Florida metalcore monsters, Axis.
7", 5.50€


Don't Wait Up LP End Hits

BANE has been a mainstay of the hardcore scene for almost 20 years, putting out hard-hitting classics like "holding this moment" (1998) till "the note" (2005). This will be BANE's 1st record since their legendary full-length "the note" and unfortunatly also the final album by this 5 piece from Boston,Massachusetts. The result is a true manifestation of the essence of BANE: friendship, loyalty, the love for what you do and the experiences you made along the way. On colored vinyl.
LP, 14.00€


Don't Wait Up LP Equal Vision

Bane has been a mainstay of the hardcore scene for almost 20 years, putting out hard-hitting classics like "Holding This Moment" (1998), "It All Comes Down To This" (1999), "Give Blood" (2001) and "The Note" (2005). Now, this longtime Equal Vision Records band will release their fourth and final full-length album, "Don't Wait Up." The bittersweet announcement of the forthcoming final album comes nearly twenty years after Bane's first release, which led the band on countless tours and earned them widespread respect for being one of the hardest working bands in the business. Now available on colored vinyl with a gatefold cover. Vinyl version includes digital download.
LP, 15.00€


7-Inch State Of Mind/ War Machine

Stillborn Records's Dead Wrong return with 2 songs of that hard, brutal early `90s hardcore that remind me of bands like Integrity and the Cro-Mags, but are a letdown due to their questionable pro war lyrics.NJ's The Banner serve up 2 songs of chugga-chugga metallic hardcore with anguished, screaming vocals, a slightly melodic undertone, and emotional, poetic lyrics. Colored vinyl available
7-Inch, 4.00€


s/t LP Black Numbers

The sophomore LP from Banquets is the follow-up to 2011's "Top Button, Bottom Shelf." Recorded by Will Putney (Four Year Strong, Chiodos, Reign Supreme) at The Machine Shop, Banquets' self-titled LP is a culmination of the band's four years together, a degree more polished and mature than their debut without losing their melodic rock and poppy punk roots. The band's touring profile includes dates with I Am The Avalanche, Hostage Calm, Red City Radio, FEST FL, Pouzza Fest, etc. Limited edition of 500 copies on colored vinyl.
LP, 14.00€


Purple 2xLP Abraxan

"Purple" moves the band further into the realm of melodic and progressive metal, a far cry from the heavy, crust-influenced hardcore of this Savannah, GA band's early days. Vinyl version includes digital download.
2xLP, 25.00€


Anaffa LP Life Is A Funny Thing

lifeisafunnything is proud to present the debut 12" "Anaffa" of Barren Hope from Haifa, Israel! 8 Tracks of deep and desperate, angry but also heartfelt Hardcore. 400 Records made, which all come in a silkscreen printed Jacket and on colored vinyl.
A Downloadcode is included!

LP, 10.00€


s/t 7-Inch Creep

Barricade unleash their first record since their 2008 full-length for Eulogy Records, "Demons," with four tracks of heavy, streetwise hardcore with big, fat breakdowns and a nod to bands like Hatebreed and Terror. Limited edition of 500 copies.
7-Inch, 5.00€


Further Sky 7" Run For Cover

"Further Sky" breaks Basement's musical silence following their acclaimed, 2012 full-length "Colourmeinkindess." Boasting two new songs and a cover of Suede's "Animal Nitrate," the EP updates the band's alternative rock explorations with a decidedly British flavour. Recorded in the spring of 2014 at North London's Livingston Studio (The Clash, Bjork, Jesus And Mary Chain), new tracks "Summer's Colour" and "Jet" build upon past work adding more complex, interwoven melodies touched with the subtle, psychedelic tendencies of Swervedriver and Failure. 7" includes digital download. On colored vinyl.
7", 7.50€


I Wish I Could Stay Here LP Run For Cover

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE!Nestled away in the UK's quiet, picturesque east coast town of Ipswich, the lads in Basement are conflicted between the comfort of the beautiful familiar and the allure of escape. As frontman Andrew Fisher's gravelly, Lifetime-esque yowl skips and stretches over driving rhythms and poignant guitar melodies, it's clear Basement expertly walk the line between the contrast of heartrending emo and gruff post-hardcore. Whether working through a slow, Seaweed-styled mid-tempo burn of pounding-out driving punk, Basement has a quiet layer of jagged desperation weaving their songs together under the smooth melodic surface. Now available on colored vinyl.
LP, 16.00€


Colourmeinkindness LP Run For Cover

The young UK band's sophomore full-length is also their swan song - Basement has announced an indefinite hiatus following record release shows this winter, and the record burns with the cathartic, confessional urgency of leaving it all on this one last document. The album is the perfect blend of Knapsack-esque midwestern emo and overblown '90s grunge a la Nirvana and Sunny Day Real Estate. Now available on colored vinyl.
LP, 17.00€