WEIGHT, The demo

tape Powertrip

Six songs of heavy hardcore from germany. Solid hardcore with thick guitars, breakdowns and chorus parts. The socially and politically conscious lyrics are a plus and make THE WEIGHT well worth checking out. Their demo is limited to 100 numbered copies only.
tape, 3.00€


Unchanged Warfare CS WSA

The new WON'T STEP ASIDE release is out and it's a great 10 song tape called 'Unchanged Warfare'. Hailing from Austria (Vienna style) and these young hardcore kids play metal-free old school hardcore; think a mixture of 80s hardcore with a modern touch. The lyrics deal with everyday life and some social/political topics (anti-war, hate work etc.).
CS, 3.00€


The Promise Of Death CS Animals Kingdom

xUnworthy Of Lifex is a one person project out of Brisbane and personally speaking, flashed us back to 2009/10. Featuring some hard XVX lyrics and sounding like something you’d find on the Goodlife or Trustkill rosters, prepare to swing your fists when the breakdowns hit.
‘The Promise Of Death’ brings three tracks of non stop, vegan straightedge, pure 90’s / 00’s metalcore worship to the table and doesn’t disappoint.
CS, 6.00€