Demo 2014 CS Straight & Alert

The Real Deal is an American hardcore punk band hailing from Cleveland, OH.  Combining the classic Cleveland sound from bands like Confront and Meanstreak with 80's NYHC. The Real Deal formed in the spring 2014, and they quickly recorded their debut tape which is brought to you by Straight And Alert Records.
CS, 4.00€


Demo 2016 CS self-released

This is the first recording in demo tape format from Washington, DC, area's The Unknown Threat who features members of many notable area bands like Stuck Pigs, Troops Of Tomorrow, Nuclear Age and Secret Police. Limited edition of 100 copies.
CS, 5.50€


Dead Ends CS Six Feet Under

Born in Detroit, Michigan, with members of Fireworks, Written Off, xTyrantx, From Hell and Breaking Wheel, THIN SKIN is a band that pulls influences from every sub-genre of hardcore, combines them and presses fast forward. with no song breaking the two minute mark, these fast, aggressive and to-the-point songs with lyrics addressing personal struggles such as depression, anxiety, abandonment and rage provide a perfect channel to relate to and expel the negativities that are often times side effects of being human. buy. press play. mosh.
CS, 6.50€


Relationshipwrecks CS Oktogon

TODAY FOREVERs last full-length album "RELATIONSHIPWRECKS" comes at you with 12 mostpassionate tracks of relentless pounding hardcore rhythms mixed with acatchiness of post-punks yesteryears. Reminds me a little of old STRETCH ARMSTRONG or COMEBACK KID. Limited tape-edition of probably TODAY FOREVERsheaviest production, originally released on CD on BASTARDIZED RECORDINGS.
CS, 5.00€


Demo 2013 CS Cut The Cord

TRENCHES combines members of HUNTING PARTY, REPLICA, NO BABIES and more to bring you vicious, snarling, ragged Bay Area hardcore. Boo Boo, on vocals, explodes into every song. The band sounds tough, yet paranoid and on guard at all times...which is actually just what it's like to live in Oakland most of the time. In short, this shit rules and I can't wait until the day when I'm finally in the same room with them. Don't show up too late to the party.
CS, 4.50€


Demo 2015 CS Mindrot

New band out of Leeds, England drawing a heavy influence from Side By Side, Warzone and other early Rev bands. Featuring members of Violent Reaction, The Flex, Shrapnel and Obstruct this band proves that the Brit boys won't be slowing down anytime soon.
CS, 6.00€


Demo CS Revelation

This recreation of the Turning Point demo tape from 1988 is the first release as Revelation Records reissues the band's out-of-print catalog. From New Jersey, Turning Point was the state's answer to the hardcore movement of New York and Connecticut of the late-'80s, playing up and down the East Coast with Chain Of Strength, Bold, Judge, Burn, Mouthpiece, and many more before disbanding in 1991. Jade Tree and Think Fast! Records released the band's catalog as a discography in the early 2000s, but none of the releases have been issued as stand-alone records since they were first released.
CS, 9.00€


Wet CS Bleeding Edges

Ugly Parts from New Brunswick, NJ released a demo and 7" previously. They took some time to focus on this new EP, and it is worth the wait. "Wet" perfectly captures their sound like My War era Rollins joined Negative Approach, did drugs, then moved to Japan and X-claim released the end result. The production is raw, and contains samples and feedback to flow the whole thing together. Members also currently play in Razorheads.
Limited to 150 copies on pro duplicated smokey black cassettes, with printed labels and screen printed covers, sealed with a sticker. (7 songs)
CS, 5.00€


Live On WFLR CS Arctic Records

Fast and pissed-off straight edge hardcore from New Jersey. "Live On WLFR" is a live recording from Stockton College plus two songs from their upcoming 7". Dig in if you like your hardcore hard without giving up the fast: think I Hate You, No Tolerance, Think I Care and Striking Distance.
CS, 6.00€


Trashed! mix tape Vol.1 CS Trashed

This limited tape compilation features some Thrashed! Records bands as well as some of label CEO Mike Gicz's favorite bands, with one song each from Hostage Calm, Lone Wolf, Moutheater, Heathens, Die Young, Hollywood, Lie And Wait, Decades, The Effort and more.
CS, 4.00€


Across The Pond CS Milk Run

This is a cassette compilation that was brought over by Violent Reaction and The Flex in support of their massive 6-week USA invasion. These are the leftover copies from their trip. All the best UKHC bands are featured on here for a smoking comp, highlighting one of the hottest scenes in the world! w/ Die, Violent Reaction, Flex, Arms Race, Obstruct, etc.
CS, 5.00€


We Breed Ugly CS Neutral Accents

Neutral Accents presents: WE BREED UGLY cassette compilation, featuring the best in MUZAK, including all exclusive tracks from the likes of Hammer and the Nails, Peacebreakers, Lovely Lads, MFP, Hired Goons, The Repos, Violent End, Fatal Shore, Concrete Gods, Poder Absoluto, NS Mayhem, The Revilers, Frost Fangs, Burden and Rampage.
CS, 10.00€


Here And Now CS Life To Live

15 tracks from 15 different hardcore bands from all over the world who you may or may not have heard of. This release is available on cassette limited to 250.
01. Mind Melt - Hell To Pay
02. Forged By Hate - Imprisoned
03. No Thanks - University Ave.
04. Lesser Degree - Born Numb (ft. Jordan McKinney)
05. CoolSide - Love Lost
06. Impact - Empty Words
07. Blindside USA - Painkiller
08. Bloodhound - Buried
09. Rapid Change - Shape Shifter
10. Mental Collapse - Bedlam (Tattered Earth)
11. Losing End - Ill Intent
12. Seeing Red - Worth My Edge
13. Stepping Stone – Lovehunter
14. Bad Times Crew - Inward
15. Orthodox - Spit
CS, 7.00€


Actions Over Words CS New Age

New Age Midwest Fest took place on September 28th in St. Louis, MO, with a pre-show September 27th, also in St. Louis, and a corresponding 15-band compilation was created to commemorate the event while benefitting charity. Each band that played the New Age Midwest Fest donated a song to the "Actions Over Words" compilation. All proceeds raised from the sales will benefit the Dayton Foundation, an organization that has been a crucial resource in the Oregon District Tragedy (AKA the Dayton Shooting) that took place on August 4th, 2019. Limited edition of 300 copies.
Featurinig Life Force, Redbait, Mean Season, Treason, Dying For It, Decline and others.
CS, 8.50€


Demo CS Quality Control

Brighton in the UK, spiritual home of the Mods in the 60s, has exploded with hardcore punk energy and talent in the past two years, as a new generation of punks have started a multitude of bands championing a wide diversity of sounds. Part of this new squad is Vile Spirit, an apt name for a band who’s vocalist Ben is known for temporary possession with wild and unpredictable performances and a truly terrifying voice. A hardcore punk scene is only as good as it’s drummers in our humble opinion, and Joe’s precise and powerful thumping forms the solid backbone for Tallulah’s innovative guitar work best seen in the song L.O.S. Meanwhile Luke’s dreamy bass tone adds an element of early UK goth punk whilst as a whole fans of United Mutation can rejoice!
200 black cassettes with colour printed stickers Comes with colour card sleeve and A5 insert.
CS, 6.00€


Unstoppable Force CS Rat Trax

The MA/CT connection that is Violence To Fade offer a sneak peak of their forthcoming LP. Featuring one new song and two classic NYHC covers recorded at the Brock Closet in Western Mass this past fall. Also includes a live set from CT Edge Day 2013.
CS, 5.00€


s/t CS Demo

Razorcake “Not at all what you’d expect from a long distance project involving members from Minneapolis’ Formaldehyde Junkies and St. Louis’s the Breaks: this is some compelling dark punk ala the current crop of Northwestern bands, such as the Estranged, Criminal Code, and the Red Dons. Speaking of Red Dons, I’m hearing a lot of the Observers’ magic with the in-your-face vocals and the way the guitar hooks weave in and out of a driving rhythm section. Perfect for punks who aren’t precious about where they shelve their Joy Division records.
CS, 4.00€


s/t CS Bleeding Edges

Wall Breaker is a new straight edge, hardcore punk band with members from New Jersey and Virginia. Heavily influenced by bands like SSD and Life's Blood, but played with the speed of some of the early-'00s-era thrash bands. This is Trump-era hardcore. Limited edition of 200 copies.
CS, 6.50€


s/T CS self-released

After the meltdown and untimely demise of Southern California hardcore punk outfit Stoic Violence, the non-vocalist members went on to form War Path, which retains the speed, urgency and grit of their previous band while adding elements of melody. This is their first studio output in the form of a five-song demo cassette.
CS, 5.00€


Demo 2016 CS Suburban Fight

A band with members that reach from one side of the country to the other, this tape truly is American Hardcore. Four fast and at times heavy pissed off tracks that bring to mind some NYHC and BHC greats. Features members of Angel Du$t, Firewalker, and more. ffo: Youth of Today, Life's Blood, Altercation.
CS, 6.50€