s/t CS Trip Machine Laboratories

Louisville, KY's newcomers debut release is a four-song cassette of modern-styled hardcore with a melodic edge that sounds both fresh and familiar. Love & Trust (who is made up of members of Miracle Drug, Constraint, and Heartstopper) straddles the line between hardcore and punk that takes cues from the DC, New York, and Southern California scenes of the mid-to-late '80s. For fans of Dag Nasty, Gorilla Biscuits, and 411. Cassette includes digital download.
CS, 7.00€


Promo CS Undertone

This tape features two unreleased tracks and a cover from Chicago, IL's Lurk. Their sound is hardcore punk that oozes grit and grime and emphasizes the punk. No mosh, just mid-tempo stomp and reverb-soaked vocals that could easily land this band on gigs aside Hank Wood and the like. Limited edition of 100 copies.
CS, 6.00€


Demo CS Interceptor

HC-pack from Chicago / IL, grinding ur guts. Sharing dirty pillows w/ bands like Punch, Tørsö or Permanent Ruin. Their first demo from 2k15, RISO-printed cassette edition incl. download code.
CS, 6.00€


Demo 2016 CS Painkiller

A solo offering from Kevin Anand (Chain Rank, Preschool Dropouts, etc.) who delivers four tracks of straight edge hardcore that are heavily indebted to Side By Side, War Zone's mid-80's prime, and the legendary Altercation demo. Those names get thrown around too often these days, but we can assure genre enthusiasts this is the real deal. No weak riffs or modern influences.
CS, 6.50€


Demo 2014 CS Milk Run

Mangled Youth fronted by Leeds most mangled Carl Beats, blasting into space with catchy Hardcore floor fillers, divebombs on divebombs into annihilating solos. Leeds 6 bustin out the 20 sacks. MYC
CS, 4.50€


2014 Demo CS self-released

Boston hardcore is known for speed, intensity and a ferocity unique to the Cradle of Liberty. MFP continue in the Beantown tradition, adding their name to the list of hardcore greats. These tracks rage like a rogue elephant, destroying everything that gets in the way. Early FUs, SSD and Negative FX are obvious comparisons, but MFP also bring in a heavy Cro-Mags-syle element and a particular Poison Idea type of nastiness for a powerful, uncompromising onslaught of aggression. It’s not cute and it’s not pretty – it’s a raw embodiment of sheer anger.These are the final copies of their new demo.
CS, 5.00€


s/t CS Mosher's Delight

After carefully studying Rev #1-10, Skiz #1-4, Step Forward #3 and Hi-Impact #1, an entity emerges that presents itself at this point in time, right NOW. Raw, unabashed, insightful energy from Houston, TX, surely to put the "X" back on the map with an unadulterated, late-'80s vibin', straight edge hardcore demo. Dust off those Nikes, throw away those dirty Docs and pop on your Swatch sans guard because you MIGHT like this.
CS, 6.00€


Legacy Of Brutality CS RSR

Mind Eraser are Boston's powerviolence heavyweights, featuring members of The Rival Mob, No Tolerance, Boston Strangler or Step Forward. Their "Glacial Reign" LP is nothing but a masterpiece, drawing influences from bands like Infest, Napalm Death, Siege or Entombed. "Legacy Of Brutality" features 16 songs collected between 2005 and 2010. Limited European press of 200 copies, fancy packaging. Don't miss this one.
CS, 6.00€


Demo CS Flophouse

Modern Problems are a sharp breath of pure, uncut oxygen from Buffalo, NY. Strap up for some fast, aggressive, straight edge youth crew hardcore PUNK! I could go on forever about how great this band is and how much they stick out from the majority of their peers in this sub-sub-genre, but I'll keep it short: no cheap-beats, raw recording, no fucking insta-pro-gram-shirt-core here, awesome lyrics. The songs are fast, short, catchy, hard and best of all the Uniform Choice-style vocals are executed with confidence and conviction. As a huge NO REASON fan (How good is "Walk Away"!?!), I was also amped to hear that this band shared song-writing personnel. While still totally maintaing its own vibe, this is the band that I have been waiting for since TFS put out "What We Know." These old timers have just reset the bar and have no regrets for their fucking youth!
CS, 4.50€


Foolish Times CS Climbin' Aboard

Buffalo, NY's Modern Problems finally has a physical release in the form of this three-song demo that, while recorded and written in a city that is usually buried in snow, takes cues from classic, melodic California bands of the days of yore.
CS, 5.50€


Identity CS Black Dots

The transgenerational youth crew. An uncut brand of straightedge hardcore from the cold and unrelenting streets of Western New York. This is the third release from MODERN PROBLEMS, as the band continues a progression in the sounds and spirit blazed by Orange County, California circa the late ‘80s and early ‘90s (UNIFORM CHOICE, IGNITE). With blunt force and high-octane energy, the band proves that the conviction tied to hardcore punk, both as a music and as a movement, remains as relevant today as it was in decades past.
CS, 6.00€


MOT Mixtape CS self-released

The Moment Of Truth mixtape is a compilation of hardcore songs written by Ricky Singh of Moment Of Truth Fanzine with different artists taking vocal duties on each track. The songs were recorded as a fun idea to try something different and hear the vocalists take on a track that might not sound like their respective bands. Features exclusive tracks by Scott Vogel of Terror, Anthony Herrera of Take Offense, Andrew Neufeld of Comeback Kid and Dan Weinraub of Downpresser.
CS, 5.00€


s/t CS Video Disease

Mongrel come crashing out of the gate with five songs of aggressive hardcore. Comprised of members of Response, Gag and Stoic Violence, Mongrel takes cues from early USHC while stripping everything down to its most rudimentary and caveman-like elements. Short, fast and hard as nails, Mongrel is here to take over. Limited edition of 100 copies.
CS, 6.00€


Demo 2016 CS React!

On their demo, Baltimore, MD's Nerve Endings plays fast, melodic hardcore punk in the same vein as Dag Nasty, 7 Seconds, Turning Point and Verbal Assault, featuring members of Mindset and Praise.
CS, 7.00€



Brooding uptempo sounds that have more in common with late '80s indie/new wave acts (RED LORRY YELLOW LORRY, FOR AGAINST, or Escape alumni BÜLD and ZERO POINT) as with the early dark anarcho that more and more bands have been turning their ears towards.
CS, 4.00€


Time Is Running Out CS Blood & Ink

Formed in 2013, Indianapolis, IN's New Heart quickly grabbed Blood & Ink Records' attention with their passionate, energetic style of hardcore punk. Their debut EP, "Time Is Running Out," is a total onslaught of fast, positive, old school-style straight edge hardcore. Bold references to the mid-'90s, Boston youth crew revival (Ten Yard Fight, In My Eyes) blend effortlessly with influences from earlier bands like Sick Of It All and Youth Of Today. CS includes digital download.
CS, 6.00€