Promo 2017 CS Quality Control

Orange County’s Fury continue their unique blend of hardcore song-writing on this first release since their massive genre-defining LP ‘Paramount’, with two new tracks for their upcoming follow up LP and a cover of the often overlooked band, Ability. Fans of ‘Paramount’ will be pleased to hear more of those beautifully crafted elements of Burn, Outburst, Beyond every so subtly entwined. Track ‘America’ showcases the band’s ferocious side, with a guitar hook that catches you immediately, and huge crew back up vocals. Meanwhile ‘Lost in the Funhouse’ is more reflective and melodic, with the inclusion of sung vocals in the background that pull you into an expansive dynamic soundscape that Fury are known for. With that in mind, the cover is given such love, respect and attention, in its diverse parts, that one can be forgiven for not realising it was originally by a different band from LA in 2008, when a very different hardcore sound ruled the waves.
Whilst the American version of this tape, self-released by the band, is donating it’s digital and physical proceeds to Planned Parenthood, the European release on Quality Control Records is donating to WAR - Women Against Rape and BWRAP - Black Women's Rape Action Project.
200 white tapes. Professionally duplicated and printed, with a double sided printed card sleeve. UK pressing on Quality Control Records.
CS, 6.50€


Live Series CS Mosher's Delight

The fifth entry in the MDR live series. A-side features full live audio from GIVE's set at Fort Reno recorded by Marty on July 31, 2014. B-side features an exclusive, 35-minute audio interview done by MDR with the band on January 8, 2015.
CS, 6.00€


Tension CS Flophouse

Government Flu are are a hardcore punk band from Warsaw, Poland that play a really cool mix of classic early 80's US style HC, hard-hitting burly hardcore and hints of old Polish punk like Dezerter and Post Regiment in their fast parts. This tape was released as an American version of their upcoming LP for their US tour around Damaged City Fest in Washington, DC. Government Flu proudly made history as the first Polish punk band to ever tour the United States. It's impressive how tight this band is, both live and recorded. As with all punk and hardcore, the quality of the drumming is ultimately what determines the quality of the band and with European legend WOLFI rocking the kit, this does not disappoint in the slightest.
CS, 5.00€


Can't Relate CS Flatspot

"Can't Relate" is the promo cassette for Higher Power's upcoming "Soul Structure" LP. This features one track from the LP and one B-side track, "Fake Mantra," exclusively found on this cassette. For fans of Leeway, Crown Of Thornz and Cro-Mags. Cassette includes digital download and is limited to 175 copies.
CS, 7.00€


Demo CS Just A Audial

New York Hardcore is devolving at an alarming rate... reverting back to the primordial mess of hyper speed riffs, garbage can drums, and consequential distortion. Before the word "punk" became a stigma for weakness and neanderthal metal reigned supreme, there was the sheer power of loud-fast-rules and slamming on the bridge. Hotheads do that. Like it or you dumb.
Members of Creem, Krimewatch, and NYC Headhunters. Highly Recommended!
CS, 6.00€


Demo CS Quality Control

Brighton, UK is producing some of the most exciting bands in Europe right now and Imposter put their stamp firmly on the map with a sound drenched in early 80s Boston Hardcore for some stomping good times on the dance floor. Think hooks for days, and beats that know how to get you moving. This being NWOBHC however, there is also a touch of Voorhees, Oi and UK82 punk in the mix, tied together with a proper snotty vocal and lyrics exploring the psychology of power and violence.
200 black cassettes with colour printed stickers. Comes with colour card sleeve.
CS, 6.00€


Promo 2016 CS Painkiller

Innumerable Forms (DFJ of Mind Eraser, No Tolerance, etc.) returns with their vision of frozen misery, now fully realized in the tradition of early Disgrace and Demigod, presented with the heaviest Paincave recording to date.
CS, 7.00€


Demo 2016 CS REACT!

Originally pressed to vinyl by Powered Records in Europe and New Instinct Records in The UK, Insist's awesome demo is now available on cassette from REACT! Records. Insist is everything you'd ever want in a REACT! band. Intense, passionate, positive youth from Manchester, UK. FFO: Youth of Today, Insted, The First Step, Mindset, etc. The New Wave of British (Straight Edge) Hardcore. 
CS, 7.00€


Ignarus LP Revelation

The amazing second full-length. With favorites such as "Running Into Walls" and "William," this is the record that defined their sound. A masterpiece. New pressing now available on red marble vinyl. Vinyl version includes free digital download of this record.
LP, 16.00€


Demo CS Cut The Cord

Hailing from Münster, Germany are a hardcore four-piece consinsting of guys who have been or are involved in Short Fuse, Annotation or Beneath The Wheel. After their debut 7" here's their latest cassette release, that delivers four brand new tunes. This band plays a really primal brand of hardcore, that's all about anger and frustration. Isolation are the opposite to the modern sound of intellectual post-rock and screamo influenced hardcore. Their songs are fast, but not too fast and they definitely know, who how to add groovy and crushing midtempo parts. The recordings offer a slight Oi! influence and they are fronted by some super gnarly vocals. If you dig Iron Cross, 86 Mentality und Sheer Terror. you'll probably also be digging this.
CS, 4.00€


Sei Vivo, Sei Morto A Nessuno Importa CS Flophouse

I met a few of the guys from Komplott when they toured America with their other band, Holy. Once I heard Komplott I was blown away by the relentless d-beat buzzing chainsaw guitars, furious drums, driving bass and harshly shouted vocals with the reverb at 11. As an Italian man, myself, I was extremely excited to hear something of this quality coming out from my homeland. This release is simply brutal.
CS, 4.50€


Demo CS Tapes From Texas

New St. Louis band featuring current and ex members of THE EFFORT, CARDIAC ARREST, PERFECT PEOPLE and a million other St. Louis bands. Six songs of 90's influenced hardcore in the vein of Converge with hints of MLIW and Fugazi. These tape are out of 25.
CS, 4.50€


Demo CS Take It Back

Members of Lions playing 80s Boston-style straight edge hardcore. For fans of Negative FX, SSD, Negative Approach, and Last Rights.Originally released in 2014 on Power and Equality, this demo got re-mixed and re-mastered by Paul Miner in 2015. The new version comes in an all new packaging too.
CS, 5.00€


Promo CS Undertone

This tape features two unreleased tracks and a cover from Chicago, IL's Lurk. Their sound is hardcore punk that oozes grit and grime and emphasizes the punk. No mosh, just mid-tempo stomp and reverb-soaked vocals that could easily land this band on gigs aside Hank Wood and the like. Limited edition of 100 copies.
CS, 6.00€