Welcome To Bremen shirt self-released

To commemorate the recent CAROL reunion and the release of their "1996 reconstructed" record, the band will return to the stage for the first time in 22 years to support MANTAR on april 18, 2109.To mark the occasion, plans were hatched to print red on black shirts with the now classic "Welcome To Bremen" design from their 1997 split EP with STACK.Shirts will be available from the band at the show, but for anyone unable to make it, here's your chance to get a shirt anyway.This is a PREORDER, shirts will ship sometime in the second half of april.
shirt, 12.00€


Iron Cross shirt Assault

We've made some of these for their record release show and got some leftovers. White ink on heavy black shirts featuring the (slightly altered) artwork from the classic 'Hated And Proud' ep by IRON CROSS on the front and an Assault logo on the back. Provocative and very cool looking. All sizes (except XL and larger).
shirt, 12.00€


Foundation 7-Inch New Age

Originally released in 1997, this now-classic 7" from Seattle, WA's straight edge powerhouse Trial has been repressed on colored vinyl. This four-song recording is heavy, heartfelt '90s hardcore at its best with both passionate and compassionate lyrics and features their classic song "This Is Not A Trend." On colored vinyl.
7-Inch, 5.00€