The Brighter Side 7" flexi Safe Inside

Orange County, California is known as the birthplace of many classic hardcore bands. Take It To Heart is one of The OC’s newest offerings, who formed in the summer of 2019, with the goal of pursuing the fast and emotive sounds of the early 2000s-style melodic hardcore. 
While firmly rooted in the traditions of west coast tenacity, brought to you by groups like Chain of Strength and Carry On, the band also draws inspiration from the opposite coast via Boston hardcore stalwarts Have Heart, American Nightmare, and Bane. 
7" flexi, 6.00€


Closed Forever 7" flexi Safe Inside

Insecure is a hardcore punk band from Seattle, Washington. The group consists of Danté (guitar), Jake (drums), Kim (vocals), Clint (guitar), and Paul (bass). Members of Rookie Town and Traditions. Songs about Anti-LGBTQ+phobia, Anti-Racism, Anti-Rape, Anti-Pollution. For fans of rap, hip-hop, hardcore, and punk. 
7" flexi, 6.00€


Slow Violence 7" flexi Safe Inside

No Other Way exists in opposition to a world that is changing for the worst. Featuring current and former members of Break Away and Outsider, No Other Way released Slow Violence in early 2020. Where some might throw in the towel of conviction as times marches on, No Other Way still carries the banner of Vegan Straight Edge pride, leaving all those that have turned away in the dust behind them. Upon a return to a safer world, the band aims to leave a lasting impact on their hometown scene in Richmond, VA as well as the broader hardcore community through future tours and recordings, along with their new alliance forged with Safe Inside Records. 
7" flexi, 6.00€


Feel No Pain 7" Longshot

Inspired by equal parts Punk, Oi! and Metal, this is backstreet rock’n’roll that follows no rules and has no boundaries and that is what gives this the freedom to be unique and original. These New York City metal punks are back with a quick one-two punch for you on this simple but satisfying 7” single. Following up from the recent ‘Fvll Villain’ 12” LP, this is a little teaser to satisfy the fans until the next EP can be recorded in a few months for a planned release in the summer of 2021.

This is a tough band to put into any single category… Metal? Punk? Bootboy rock’n’roll? But does it really matter? It simply kicks ass!! Get your copy soon as this ultra limited pressing will sell out fast.
7", 9.00€


s/t 7" Blasphemour

Debut 7" from Lowest, a studio project featuring Rich Thurston (Treason, Blood Has Been Shed, Terror, Culture, and more) and Michael James Fisketti (Martyr AD, I Am Vengeance, and more). The music is what you would expect from a duo of this caliber. Down-tuned, heavy, nihilistic hardcore with double bass and beefy breakdowns. 7" includes digital download. On colored vinyl.
7", 8.50€


House Of Grief b/w Necropolis (City Of The Damned) 7" Upstate

"House Of Grief b/w Necropolis (City Of The Damned)" is the first release for Subzero in almost 16 years. This release is a prelude to their seven-song EP, "Beauty In Sorry," due out in late 2020. This 7" features the track "House Of Grief" on the A-side and a re-recorded version of band favorite "Necropolis (City Of The Damned)" as the B-side. 7" includes digital download.
7", 11.00€


Demonstration 7" Indecision

Fueled on a steady diet of European and Northeast U.S. hardcore and metalcore, guitarist Jesse Price (formerly of Seeyouspacecowboy) started writing the songs that would end up being Abrasion's debut EP before he even had a full idea of what or who would be the makeup of this band. It wasn't until moving back to California from the East Coast that the lineup solidified with drummer Adam Galindo (Berthold City, One Choice) and vocalist Angel Garcia (Dare), setting the band out on its current path. They quickly recorded three tracks of unforgiving, ferocious, metallic hardcore that serves as only a taste of what's to come in 2021. Limited edition of 500 copies on colored vinyl.
7", 8.00€


Brainfreeze b/w Gratitude 7" flexi Flatspot

Formed in 2018, Chicago, IL's Buggin is keeping hardcore fun. Buggin joins the Flatspot Records ranks with their new two-song release, "Brainfreeze," featuring the single of the same name that explores a lack of ability to express feelings for another person, while the B-side features a rip-roaring cover of the Beastie Boys' "Gratitude." Recorded, mixed, and mastered in the band's hometown of Chicago with Andy Nelson (Weekend Nachos) at Bricktop Recording, with the exception of the vocals which were recorded in Philadelphia with Aaron Heard (Jesus Piece), Buggin's crisp production and refreshing drive come across effortlessly. 7" includes digital download.
7" flexi, 6.50€


Home Wrecked 7" Revelation

Recorded in the same session as the four songs that came out as the "Build And Break" 7" on Revelation Records, these three tracks were intended for an ill-fated split but are now being released on their own. Two of the tracks are Torso originals delivered in the same mean, D-beating, dirty, hardcore-punk style as "Build And Break" and their classic "Sono Prona A Morire" full-length on Sorry State Records, along with a cover of "You're X'd" by The Faith. For fans of Urban Sprawl, Nausea, and Youth Of Today. On colored vinyl.
7", 9.50€


Concrete Altar 7" Revelation

Born from the same Bay Area, CA, scene that has spawned Torso, Primal Rite, Look Back And Laugh, Punch, and countless others, Urban Sprawl is here to play some of the dirtiest hardcore the city of San Francisco has ever witnessed. Featuring members of the aforementioned Torso as well as Profile, Wound Man, and even Joyce Manor, Urban Sprawl tackles issues plaguing the Bay Area like gentrification and inequality. The band has played weekends with Torso and done local shows with Agnostic Front, Mass Arrest, Mutilated Tongue, and many others, and, prior to the COVID meltdown, were slated to do a California weekend with Gorilla Biscuits and appear at Sound And Fury and Manic Relapse fests. First pressing 7" covers feature metallic gold printing, limited to 600 copies. On colored vinyl.
7", 12.00€


s/t 7" Patient Zero

Over thirty years ago, Four Walls Falling from Virginia released their self-titled EP forever embedding the straight-edge philosophy into the hearts and minds of the youth across the country. Now the band has teamed up with Patient Zero Records to finally re-press this hardcore classic with all new artwork and layout. 7" includes digital download and is limited to 350 copies. On colored vinyl.
7", 12.00€


Vicious Existence 7" Flatspot

Formed in 2018, Choice To Make is living proof that true hardcore is alive and thriving in the new decade. Fresh of the heels of a 2018 demo from 12Forty Records and a 2019 promo released through Streets Of Hate Fanzine, Choice To Make is marching bravely into 2020 with a new EP, "Vicious Existence." For fans of Underdog, Agnostic Front, and Biohazard. 7" includes digital download. On colored vinyl.
7", 8.00€


Negative Space 7" Youth Attack

One can glean some indication of VEIL II's intensity from the fact that it is a collaboration between Matthew Adis and James Trejo, both of whom can only produce music that expresses their total and complete contempt for the world. Yes, the makers of menacing hardcore classics like SALVATION'S "Mortality Interactions" and CADAVER DOG'S "Dying Breed" finally found themselves in the same bedroom studio and, upon pressing record on the 4 track, the magic instantly occurred. The results speak for themselves. The music, though possessed of overwhelming ability, is delivered in a straightforward manner as if to clarify, 'yes, you all suck—everything sucks.' Their audacity is shocking, and it has the effect of giving the music both a pleasant disgust and a cathartic rage, which is then pleasingly subverted in the final song when the music abruptly switches to ripping off your face in a different but equally satisfying denouement. What's more, there is a science fiction element to VEIL II that leaves one with a depressing feeling of what's to come. It is as if Negative Space abandons one to endlessly wander through a smoky, post-apocalyptic urban setting under an icily-colored lighting scheme and expecting to make it out alive. If you feel your world is about to end, at least be listening VEIL II when it does. On colored vinyl.
7", 15.00€


Freedom Dreams 7" Triple B

As you may expect from song titles like "Beyond Reform" and "Righteous Unrest," Boston, MA, hardcore band Move was formed to represent and give a mouthpiece to the black experience in hardcore and do not hold back from making their stance on cops, the prison system, capitalism, and other corrupt aspects of American society clear. Their politics are front and center on this debut EP for Triple-B Records (following a 2020 demo), and the venom in their lyrics is matched by the sonic assault of their music. Limited edition of 500 copies.
7", 9.50€


A War Outside An Within 7" Life & Death Brigade

When FOUNDATION asked, "who will march forward?" a new crop of straight-edge bands stepped up and RAIN OF SALVATION is one of those bands. RAIN OF SALVATION brings a level of honesty and sincerity that is so refreshing for straight-edge kids, young and old. For fans of FOUNDATION, early THROWDOWN and TURMOIL.
7", 8.50€


Join The Fight 7" Revelation

Before they were called Bold, this K-Town mosh crew was originally known as Crippled Youth. "Join The Fight Fight" was their debut EP as well as the first release for up and coming West Coast hardcore label New Beginning Records (Underdog, Halfoff, P.H.C.), recorded in late 1985 and released in 1986. With song topics covering the positivity of their scene, being straight edge, and friends sticking together, this record was the catalyst for a thousand sing-alongs. Includes 28 page color booklet with liner notes from people involved with the band and the original release of the 7" with lots of photos and other artwork from that period in the band's history. New pressing now available on silver vinyl.
7", 13.00€


Pain Game 7" Youth Attack

Exploding out of the deep San Antonio, Texas underground, CREEP STARE drops a bombshell of pure hardcore misanthropy with their astounding 10 song EP, "Pain Game." Taking a no-frills, classic approach steeped in modern world misery, they deliver a high-impact barrage of throttled riffs and gruff vocals, aided by an unhinged performance by session drummer and Denver HC legend, James Trejo (Cadaver Dog, Life Support). At it's most honest, hardcore shows us that life is inevitably about dying. Therefore, we must learn to suffer, because, as vocalist Josh Everett declares, your reality's fucking caved in. 
7", 15.00€


The Unquotable A.M.H. LP Revelation

Following the youthful energy of "Sixteen" and the melodic precision of "Facetious Folly Feat," Shook Ones check those boxes and more on "The Unquotable A.M.H." Their attempt at the "difficult third record" displays the band's development as songwriters as much as it delivers a familiar restless energy. "The Unquotable A.M.H" captures the band hitting their stride, embracing new sonic territory and dynamics as they push the concept of "pop-punk" beyond its stereotyped confines. LP includes an 11.75" x 23" poster. On colored vinyl.
LP, 18.50€


Paint My Memory LP Triple B

Long Island’s Somerset Thrower returns with their sophomore full-length, Paint My Memory. The 10-track follow-up to 2018’s Godspeed finds the band digging further into their influences to craft a sound that ranges from concise and melodic alt-rock to dissonant post-hardcore riffing. Take a listen to "Too Rich To Die", the lead track off the new record.
LP, 20.00€


Reign Of Terror 7" flexi Triple B

Can't get enough Mindforce? Here's a track to tide everyone over following 2020's "Swingin' Swords Choppin' Lords" 12"ep. This track is textbook Mindforce with the riffs and power that has propelled the band into hardcore superstardom. Picture flexi disc.
7" flexi, 6.50€


A Tale Of Sudden Love And Unforgettable Heartbreak 7" Triple B

This 7" is the vinyl pressing of the "A Tale Of Sudden Love..." cassette that was originally released on New Morality Records and most recently on 12" by Trip Machine Laboratories. While reminiscent of '90s NYHC, Chicago, IL's Life's Question finely balances elements of heavy breaks, shredding solos, and fast parts that are all their own.  For fans of Crown Of Thornz, Leeway, and Cro-Mags. 7" includes digital download. On colored vinyl.
7", 10.00€


s/t 7" Triple B

Premier Swedish hardcore band Speedway has teamed up with Triple-B to drop the US edition of their debut, "s/t," 7" EP. The band brings a fast, fresh, and sometimes melodic brand of youth-crew inspired hardcore and appropriately shared the stage with Youth Of Today in Stockholm. 7" includes digital download and is limited to 500 copies on colored vinyl.
7", 9.00€


From Me To You 12" Triple B

"From Me To You" is the debut 12"ep from Wilkes-Barre, PA's One Step Closer. The A-side of the record contains six tracks of melodic hardcore that are influenced by bands that embodied the transition of hardcore from fast and moshy to melodic and introspective, most notably the latest era of Turning Point but with some of the modern twists of "Songs To Scream At The Sun"-era Have Heart. Now available again on colored vinyl with updated cover artwork. 12"ep includes digital download and an etched B-side. On colored vinyl.
12", 22.00€


Atonement LP Street Survival

EXPOSURE is a hardcore band from Mannheim, Germany, that pays homage to the metal-infused sounds of bands like INTEGRITY, RINGWORM and RISE AND FALL as well as Japanese hardcore legends BASTARD or DEATH SIDE. The 10 tracks clocking in under half an hour.
Atonement deals with themes like penance and forgiveness set against a mythological backdrop and accompanied by a fittingly heavy score. Musically riffs that carry the momentum of a freight train, blistering guitars, and tortured screams are all essential to the apocalyptic sound that EXPOSURE generates with their innovative blend of hardcore and metal. 

LP, 15.00€


Four On The Floor LP Epitaph

DAG NASTY's classic album released in 1992. With Brian Baker (BAD RELIGION) and Dave Smalley (ALL, DOWN BY LAW and DYS). This is the 1st european pressing ever - 1st repress since its release of the original pressing. DAG NASTY manages to recapture their original musical intensity and simultaneously spotlight Dave Smalley's continued growth as a writer. "four on the floor" revisits staple DAG NASTY themes of frustration and betrayed trust and sounds as aggressive and fresh as any of their early work. Colored (yellow) vinyl is limited to 1000 copies.
LP, 21.00€