XXX Demo CS War Records

With a sound that brings back memories of the '90s, metallic hardcore movement and appeals to fans of Unbroken, Strife, Magnitude, and Earth Crisis, Abstain is the new breed of San Diego, CA, straight-edge. This is Abstain's four-song demo.
CS, 8.00€


Demo CS War Records

Five-song, punk-influenced hardcore demo by React! from Medellin, Colombia. For fans of Youth Of Today, Muro, The Rival Mob, Raw Brigade, Warzone, and Big Cheese. Limited edition of 150 copies.
CS, 8.00€


Owe You Nothing LP New Age

Forming in 2017, The Dividing Line plays fast, unashamed hardcore blending the raw aggression of '80s-era hardcore punk and moral defiance of early-'00s straight edge. Featuring members from a consistent line of punk and hardcore bands (most recently Outlast, On Patrol, My Turn To Win, Fixation, New Heart, and Sunstroke), the band delivers a blow of jaded rage and unrelenting passion with each new track. For fans of Floorpunch, Trail Of Lies, and Ten Yard Fight. LP includes digital download.
LP, 20.00€


Hässlich und Stolz LP Superhero

Hässlich & Stolz (Ugly & Proud) presents the street kings from New York with a classic set in a never before heard clear sound, which goes right into your face and still doesn't lose any of its early nineties feeling!
It becomes immediately clear, the Rose Tattoo of hardcore is called Sheer Terror and everyone who loves the real old outsider and street dog sound should take it without hesitation!
Rerelease of the OOP "Ugly & Proud" album.
LP, 18.00€


Thank You For Leaving LP Assault

"Thank You For Leaving“ is the sixth LP from Mörser. In collaboration with their new label Assault Records, the new record is the continuation of their very own brand of Pure Fucked Up War Music. With their brutal amalgamation of Grindcore and Metal, Mörser have been the insider's tip for every wrecking party for 26 years (and still going strong).
US press on Immigrant Sun Records coming soon
LP, 16.00€


Keep Nothing LP Assault

<span>Originating from Berlin, Germany, LOVE HATE LOVE drop their debut release on Assault Records with their LP "Keep Nothing". The quintet’s sound is hard to label, yet clearly reminiscent of early 2k’s modern hardcore of bands such as „Modern Life Is War", mixed with aspects of grunge and progressive rock that feature raw verse work and despair-fueled choruses. The album’s artwork catches the eye due to its atypical minimalist design which focuses on nothing but the essentials as both songs and lyrics speak for themselves. The broad album theme could be, as the title already suggests, summed up in one word: Loss. The topics vary between suicide, depression, self doubt, breakup, volatility and trauma. Appearing seemingly out of nowhere, "Keep Nothing" is destined to leave a lasting impression. Don’t miss out on this one!Limited to 100 copies.</span>
LP, 17.00€


Thou Shalt Not Kill LP Radio Raheem

In addition to the legendary, eight-song EP, you get the band's first seven-song demo recorded in 1982 at Jerry Williams' infamous 171A Studios, plus two songs recorded shortly thereafter for the lost Bad Brains Records compilation, and a previously uncirculated, 12-song live set from 1983. The early demos feature original Antidote singer Jeff White (plus future Prong/Danzig axeman Tommy Victor on bass) and show the natural evolution from the band's punky roots to the well-oiled hardcore machine they became on their vinyl debut. This full-length also includes a 16-page, 12" x 12" booklet containing photos, flyers, and extensive liner notes by guitarist/founding member Robb "Nunzio" Ortiz, plus a reproduction of the band's original sticker design.
LP, 23.00€


Rage Of Deliverance 12" New Age

Vanguard is a metallic hardcore band based out of Houston, TX, formed during the COVID-19 quarantine of 2020. Vanguard is unapologetically a vegan/leftist band and actively supports and promotes a host of critical social and political causes, both lyrically and through the direct action and activism of its members. Their message and sound come exploding out of the gates with a style that nods to the storied militance and aggression of metallic hardcore from decades past, while injecting the sound with their own unique, modern ferocity and urgency. Vinyl version includes digital download and a silkscreened B-side.
12", 20.00€


The Worst Of The Worst LP Radio Raheem

Hailing from the Jersey Shore, The Worst began their career in the late 1970s playing frequent gigs at legendary New York City dives like Max's Kansas City and CBGB, drawing on the proto-punk sounds of The Stooges and MC5, and refining it into their own brand of proto-hardcore. Originally released on CD in 2004 by Parts Unknown Records, this vinyl version combines both of The Worst's incendiary vinyl releases with an eight-song live set recorded at legendary Max's Kansas City in 1979. Also includes a 12-page, 12" x 12" booklet containing rare flyers and photos, plus newly-penned liner notes by vocalist Do-It.
LP, 23.00€


Miles To Go LP Blackout!

Finally back in print and on vinyl, the classic 1989 EP from Outburst was a great snapshot of the NYHC scene of the late-'80s, with a hard, punchy sound similar to Breakdown and a streetwise attitude. This reissue features the full 7" on the A-side plus the 1987 demo and two tracks from the "Where The Wild Things Are" compilation on the B-side.
LP, 20.00€


Selective Punches: A Collection Of Ballads And Battle Hymns 12" Hell Minded Records

Featuring Tim Singer of seminal metalcore band Deadguy as well as Kiss it Goodbye, along with Steven Crudello of crucial New Jersey hardcore band Turning Point, No Escape returns with six killer, new songs that feature their unmistakeable brand of classic metal-tinged hardcore which was recorded and mixed by Arik Victor at Creep Records and mastered by heavy music maestro Alan Douches at West West Side Music. As one of the most influential bands at the forefront of the burgeoning metalcore scene in the late 1980s, along with other seminal acts such as Integrity, Ringworm, and more, No Escape has widely been considered one of the creators of the genre. Their 1990 demo and subsequent split 7" with Turning Point on Temperance Records are still revered as two of the most recognizable releases of the era and sound as menacing and current now as they did almost 30 years ago. 12"ep includes digital download. On colored vinyl.
12", 19.50€


Between The Richness Lp Run For Cover

Formed in what singer Pat Flynn describes as "a deeply, deeply, laughably depressing part of my life," Fiddlehead was born with modest intentions. "Springtime &amp; Blind" was a hit for many reasons, but chief among them was Flynn's open-hearted exploration of his father's passing, which saw him use his lyrics as a means of relating to and understanding his mother's grief. Opening with "Grief Motif," "Between The Richness" effectively picks up where "Springtime &amp; Blind" left off, as Flynn dives headfirst into that same subject matter.
Lp, 23.00€


Life In Your Glass World Lp Run For Cover

Citizen has always eluded definition. The Toledo, OH-based three-piece has been making dynamic, wide-ranging guitar music for over ten years, challenging expectations with each new album and refusing to fit neatly in a box. On their fourth full-length, "Life In Your Glass World," Citizen has crafted their most singular work to date completely on their own terms - proving that only the band themselves can define their identity. On colored vinyl
Lp, 23.00€


Millenarian Spectacle Book Shining Life Press

The official companion to Mil-Spec’s World House&nbsp;12”,&nbsp;Millenarian Spectacle&nbsp;is an 88-page, full-color, literary-visual extravaganza unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Suffused with gorgeous design and lively original writing by Mil-Spec members and friends, the book includes a long-form interview, fully annotated&nbsp;World House&nbsp;lyrics, a comprehensive merchandise archive, and much more. This is the publishing event of the year.A portion of the proceeds of book sales will be donated to Dallas Hope Charities in memory of Riley Gale and to the SIMS Foundation in memory of Wade Allison.
Book, 18.00€


L.O.V. 12" Bridge Nine

Midwest hardcore outfit Spine returns with their follow-up to 2018's acclaimed album "Faith." This nine-song 12"ep entitled "L.O.V." sees the band embracing their power-violence roots a la Crossed Out and Man Is The Bastard, while still retaining their NYHC influences. "L.O.V." was recorded and mixed by guitarist Alex Tunks in a true DIY effort, with mastering handled by Brad Boatright at AudioSiege (Obituary, Poison Idea, Integrity). 12"ep includes digital download and a silkscreened B-side.

12", 16.50€


Discography 2xLP 6131

Discography collecting all recordings from Renee Heartfelt (members of Count Me Out, Time Flies, American Nightmare, Cloak/Dagger, Memorial, etc.) with all but three tracks never before on vinyl. Pure, intense post-hardcore/alternative done in the way only those with their hardcore roots can truly accomplish. Includes their cult-classic album "The Death Of The Ghost," debut "Magdalene" EP, and four previously unreleased tracks including an outtake from the album sessions. 2xLP includes download code. On colored vinyl
2xLP, 31.00€


We Are Always Alone LP Closed Casket Activities

To say Portrayal of Guilt write grim songs is an understatement. Since forming in 2017, the Austin trio has been a flowing fountain of fatalism, spewing harsh and brutal sentiments across their releases. Now, on their second album, We Are Always Alone (Closed Casket, January 29th, 2021), the band turns the nihilism inwards and explores the notion of eternal isolation.&nbsp;

We Are Always Alone was written and recorded ahead of schedule. In March, Portrayal of Guilt was on tour in Atlanta when they realized the looming COVID-19 was about to render the remainder of their dates unsustainable. They packed up and drove home, where they immediately got to work crafting and recording nine new tracks with producer and frequent collaborator Phillip Odom (Code Orange, Turnover, La Dispute, Ceremony), with mastering by Grammy nominated engineer Will Yip. The album boasts vocal cameos from Matt Michel and Chris Taylor of Majority Rule and pageninetynine, two seminal bands to whom Portrayal of Guilt has often been deemed the heir apparent.&nbsp;

The album sees the band continuing to perfect their gritty style of charred punk that seamlessly fuses together a broad array of styles, from the piercing ferocity of screamo to the thick gnarls of black metal, underlined with chilling and ominous industrial samples. The LP is a climatic listening experience that never really lets the light peek through, instead building up to a cathartic final track that hammers home the bleak desolation that runs through it.&nbsp;

We Are Always Alone comes off the heels of the band’s 2019 EP, Suffering Is a Gift, and their celebrated debut full-length in 2018, Let Pain Be Your Guide, which earned the band praise in outlets like NPR, Revolver, and Kerrang!. Even though it was birthed under the spectre of a global pandemic, it’s hard to argue that We Are Always Alone is any more dire than the rest of the band’s catalog. For a Portrayal of Guilt release, it seems par for the course.&nbsp;
On colored vinyl.
LP, 22.00€


One Time For Unity 12" Revelation

"One Time For Unity" is the new five-song EP from World Be Free, the Los Angeles, CA-based band formed in 2014 and comprised of vocalist Scott Vogel (Terror, Buried Alive), guitarist Joe Garlipp (Envy), guitarist Andrew Kline (Strife, Berthold City), drummer Sammy Siegler (Judge, CIV, Rival Schools), and bassist Alex Barreto (Chain Of Strength, Excel). Since releasing their debut full-length album, "The Anti-Circle," in 2016, World Be Free played a handful of shows, but were sidelined by everyone's schedules, including frontman Vogel's neck surgery. During this forced hiatus, World Be Free continued to write new material and when the moment presented itself, they focused on the five tracks which eventually became "One Time For Unity." 12"ep&nbsp;includes digital download and a laser-etched B-side. On colored vinyl.
12", 19.00€


Sex With A Terrorist CS Convulse

S.W.A.T., AKA "Sex With A Terrorist," features Regional Justice Center mastermind Ian Shelton teaming up with Self Defense Family and Drug Church frontman Patrick Kindlon, plodding through four tracks of urgent, biting, satirical hardcore punk.
CS, 12.00€


Destroyer 7" Safe Inside

Sunset was born out of a necessity to protest. Well over a year ago, a couple friends from Minneapolis, MN, aligned their beliefs and purpose: to start a band that needed to react to the ever-increasing threats of political and socioeconomic decline and to resist against a culture that is becoming more ignorant and complacent. The debut EP is titled "Destroyer." Limited edition of 500 copies. On colored vinyl
7", 9.00€