s/t 7-Inch Element

Do you remember when Hardcore was Hardcore, and not metal? The music that made you jump around your room and sing-along. That is exactly what you get here. Kind of a cross between DAG NASTY and CHAIN OF STRENGTH. This record doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Tomorrow's Gone evolved into FADED GREY.
7-Inch, 4.00€


Growing Up Moving Away LP 625

Can't even describe the ferocity of this LP, imagine MITB style song writing with the raw punk feel of BLAST. Watching them live is like studying how to play an instrument correctly....yet is so fierce that their vocalist walks away bloodied almost everytime. All covers show a bit of ringwear for some reason.
LP, 8.00€


split 7-Inch DeadAlive

They Live are Infest incarnate. Straight up Infest worship. Seriously. A lot of people could be fooled into believing that these are long lost Infest songs. Ruination play fast and hard, but they have a really catchy melodic element buried under the harsh façade and that makes for some really great songs. Quite good.
7-Inch, 4.00€

NK 6

Keep On Keeping On CD Deranged

Hailing from Japan, NK 6 dish out nine blasts of hard hitting hardcore. The style is pretty classic Japanese thrash with a bit of melody and a crazed approach (would you expect anything less?!). Produced by Fugu of Gauze fame.
CD, 9.00€