The Power Of Ten comp. 7-Inch Excursion

Featuring Left With Nothing, Staygold, Himsa, Contingent, Screwjack, Spitting Teeth, Positively Negative, The November Group, The Entropy Project, and To See You Broken. This would be worth buying for Stay Gold alone, but there are some other good songs as well.
7-Inch, 4.50€


Why 7-Inch 625 Productions

Released for their West Coast tour... Lie return with four new scorchers that mark a return to their straight forward brand of fast thrash. Tons of beer and energy went into this EP and their California Tour, so smoke a joint, enjoy and lets fucking go! (Description by Max 625)
7-Inch, 4.50€


Tomorrow Is Our's 7-Inch 625 Productions

Hailing from Singapore, EDORA play some ferocious political fastcore not unlike POWER OF IDEA mixed with FxOxB. When I got their demo I was completely floored...some of the best HC coming out right now. I'm super excited about this release.(Description by Max 625)
7-Inch, 4.50€


Memories Of Tomorrow comp. CD Youngblood Records

Since the vinyl release was an instant sellout, here's your chance to get this awesome compilation. Featuring unreleased tracks by NO JUSTICE, LIFE'S HALT, H-STREET, NO REPLY, BEST OF TIMES, HOLDING ON, DIRTY DIRT & THE DIRTS, CARRY ON, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?, GAZPACHO, HANDPLANT, VITAMIN X, VARSITY, The GATE CRASHERS, COMMITTED and RANCOR. These will be the Memories Of Tomorrow!
CD, 11.00€


Deranged Records sampler CD Deranged

Meet the Deranged family of bands on this budget-priced promo CD. Songs from DS-13, OUT COLD, NK6, USV, TEAR IT UP, HIGHSCORE, LAST IN LINE, VOORHES and E.T.A.. Plus songs from the upcoming HAYMAKER LP, HACKSAW LP and OURxWAR. Can't go wrong here.
CD, 2.50€


s/t 7-Inch Element

Do you remember when Hardcore was Hardcore, and not metal? The music that made you jump around your room and sing-along. That is exactly what you get here. Kind of a cross between DAG NASTY and CHAIN OF STRENGTH. This record doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Tomorrow's Gone evolved into FADED GREY.
7-Inch, 4.00€