Memories Of Tomorrow comp. CD Youngblood Records

Since the vinyl release was an instant sellout, here's your chance to get this awesome compilation. Featuring unreleased tracks by NO JUSTICE, LIFE'S HALT, H-STREET, NO REPLY, BEST OF TIMES, HOLDING ON, DIRTY DIRT & THE DIRTS, CARRY ON, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?, GAZPACHO, HANDPLANT, VITAMIN X, VARSITY, The GATE CRASHERS, COMMITTED and RANCOR. These will be the Memories Of Tomorrow!
CD, 11.00€


Deranged Records sampler CD Deranged

Meet the Deranged family of bands on this budget-priced promo CD. Songs from DS-13, OUT COLD, NK6, USV, TEAR IT UP, HIGHSCORE, LAST IN LINE, VOORHES and E.T.A.. Plus songs from the upcoming HAYMAKER LP, HACKSAW LP and OURxWAR. Can't go wrong here.
CD, 2.50€


s/t 7-Inch Element

Do you remember when Hardcore was Hardcore, and not metal? The music that made you jump around your room and sing-along. That is exactly what you get here. Kind of a cross between DAG NASTY and CHAIN OF STRENGTH. This record doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Tomorrow's Gone evolved into FADED GREY.
7-Inch, 4.00€


Growing Up Moving Away LP 625

Can't even describe the ferocity of this LP, imagine MITB style song writing with the raw punk feel of BLAST. Watching them live is like studying how to play an instrument correctly....yet is so fierce that their vocalist walks away bloodied almost everytime. All covers show a bit of ringwear for some reason.
LP, 8.00€