We Are The Attack 7-Inch Deranged

Eight brandnew negative and brutal thrash songs from europes premier trash outfit. EPILEPTIC TERROR ATTACK play spastic songs about skateboarding, hating the world, and not giving a fuck. Played with a definite love for early '80s hardcore.
7-Inch, 4.00€


if you’re not now... CD Deranged

Featuring ex-members of Chokehold, Left for Dead, Swarm and Haymaker, Our War come at you with some pissed off straight edge hardcore from the frozen wastelands of Canada. They are angry, let down, and ready to explode. Songs about staying true, fallen friends, failed promises, and hardcore pride set to a rumble of brutal hardcore and screaming vocals. Straight edge, straight edge, straight edge. Did I mention that Our War are straight edge? Pissed and powerful. Vinyl coming soon.
CD, 12.00€


Both Feet Over The Line LP LP Element

My Revenge play a style of fast aggresive hardcore with lots of mosh parts that seems like it takes a lot of influence from the early 80's. The vocals are angry and the lyrics are about things like people getting caught up in drinking, skating, and just shitty people and things that suck. Can't argue with guys crazy enough to bring a chainsaw on stage. Did I mention they're straight edge as well? Skate straight!
LP, 10.00€


s/t 7-Inch Slow Gun

SCRIMMAGE HEROES are a great straight up rock ´n´ emo ´n´ punk band that needs to be heard. Imagine Jimmy Eat World, The Enkindels and Hot Water Music going into a good ol´ sauna and melting together. This is the perfect slab of vinyl for upcoming hot summer nights. On your favorite new yet unknown Slow Gun Records label outta California. And to finally satisfy all your collector needs it´s pressed on green marble vinyl and handnumbered to 300 copies. (review by tialid)
7-Inch, 4.50€


split 7-Inch Alone

The Assistant are back for more mayhem. Featuring ex-members of You and I and guaranteed to please the hordes of chaotic emo kids. The Scarlet Letter play more traditional straight forward aggressive hardcore. Both bands do a good job, and this single is sure to fly out the door.
7-Inch, 4.00€


The Power Of Ten comp. 7-Inch Excursion

Featuring Left With Nothing, Staygold, Himsa, Contingent, Screwjack, Spitting Teeth, Positively Negative, The November Group, The Entropy Project, and To See You Broken. This would be worth buying for Stay Gold alone, but there are some other good songs as well.
7-Inch, 4.50€


Why 7-Inch 625 Productions

Released for their West Coast tour... Lie return with four new scorchers that mark a return to their straight forward brand of fast thrash. Tons of beer and energy went into this EP and their California Tour, so smoke a joint, enjoy and lets fucking go! (Description by Max 625)
7-Inch, 4.50€


Tomorrow Is Our's 7-Inch 625 Productions

Hailing from Singapore, EDORA play some ferocious political fastcore not unlike POWER OF IDEA mixed with FxOxB. When I got their demo I was completely floored...some of the best HC coming out right now. I'm super excited about this release.(Description by Max 625)
7-Inch, 4.50€


Memories Of Tomorrow comp. CD Youngblood Records

Since the vinyl release was an instant sellout, here's your chance to get this awesome compilation. Featuring unreleased tracks by NO JUSTICE, LIFE'S HALT, H-STREET, NO REPLY, BEST OF TIMES, HOLDING ON, DIRTY DIRT & THE DIRTS, CARRY ON, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?, GAZPACHO, HANDPLANT, VITAMIN X, VARSITY, The GATE CRASHERS, COMMITTED and RANCOR. These will be the Memories Of Tomorrow!
CD, 11.00€