Coastal Flooding comp. 7-Inch Endwell

The first of two coastal themed compilations knocks you on your ass with a dazzling display of talent from the West Coast. New songs from: CHAMPION, ALLEGIANCE, FIND HIM & KILL HIM, BLUE MONDAY, MIRACLE MILE and WHERE EAGLES DARE. These babys will be gone soon, so don't let it slide.
7-Inch, 4.50€


LP Teenage Bloodbath

This new full-length record features two brutal political hardcore bands. Female-fronted Raise The Curtain have arrived just in time to deliver some much needed smarts and refreshingly personal music to the moshy hardcore genre quickly getting bogged down in retro trendsets and redundant macho aphorisms. Old sarum speed things up with blistering fast drums and chaotic guitar licks. Their pattented 'Party thrash' takes you through 9 thought provoking and sing-along inducing songs while juxtaposing Raise the curtains chugs with blast beats and two step parts. RTC features members from And I Can't Wait, most noticable their awesome singer. Each cover is hand screened and each record comes with a Raise the Curtain lyric poster and an Old Sarum lyric zine. Colored vinyl available as well.
LP, 10.00€


The Hourglass 7-Inch 17cm

With a pedigree that boasts members of Tear It Up and The Survivors, Forward To Death, are playing the same brand of spirited hardcore punk that the East Coast is noted for. Taking the speed and aggression of early 80's hardcore and mixing it with a little melody borrowed from the Descendents and more modern influences, FTD have written an 8 song ep that will no doubt be filed alongside the best of their contemporaries. Way better than their demo, don't sleep on this.
7-Inch, 4.50€


CD self-released

Get on the ground floor with what will definitely be one hardcore band to watch out for in 2004. With their upsoming Martyr release in the works, these guys will turn some heads with their blend of aggressive and fast, yet undeniably melodic hardcore. Great stuff, limited quantities.
CD, 2.50€


Straight To The Bottom 7-Inch Havoc

Second ep from the Twin Cities new Hardcore insurgents. 8 tracks of positively charged aggressive Hardcore thrash. Musically similar to bands like Tear It Up, No Time Left, Infest, or Shark Attack. Lyrics deal with political corruption, all ages shows, dancefloor injustice, and the erosion of the rights of the individual in the face of corporate globalization. Features extremely sick artwork by Critical Colin and Bill Hauser.
7-Inch, 4.00€


Breaking Point CD Fight Fire With Fire

It's been out for a while, but I just got it in. Coalition hits hard on their debut full-length. Their music has its roots in 80's straight edge hardcore, but with a more modern, new school approach, adding a heaviness and punch that will undoubtedly have you kickboxing in your room. 12 songs with all the breaks and mosh parts you could ask for.
CD, 10.00€


The Few The Proud The Crucial CD Indianola

Featuring past and present members of Evergreen Terrace, Casey Jones takes everyone back to when straight edge hardcore was fast and fun with their own new school approach to the style. Recommended for fans of Minor Threat, Stretch Armstrong, Good Riddance, and Terror. Casey Jones are hard at work fusing metallic new school hardcore with fast and furious old school parts. Powerful and tight, with an abundance of great chorus parts. Includes a bonus Indianola sampler CD.
CD, 10.00€


7-Inch State Of Mind/ War Machine

Stillborn Records's Dead Wrong return with 2 songs of that hard, brutal early `90s hardcore that remind me of bands like Integrity and the Cro-Mags, but are a letdown due to their questionable pro war lyrics.NJ's The Banner serve up 2 songs of chugga-chugga metallic hardcore with anguished, screaming vocals, a slightly melodic undertone, and emotional, poetic lyrics. Colored vinyl available
7-Inch, 4.00€


Defy False Authority LP Six Weeks

Thrash metal guitars at full throttle acceleration and tough vocals hell bent on blood, combine for a avalanche of bone-crushing remorseless hardcore. This coul've easily come out twenty years ago, if not for the mandatory Bukowski cover (again). DFA are not to be missed if early raging hardcore is what you're in to.
LP, 10.00€


Decide On Change comp. LP Mountain

A benefit for the More Gardens Coalition of NYC, this 20 song LP features a slew of awesome bands: STRAIGHT TO HELL, SCHOLASTIC DETH, SELF DEFENSE, DIALLO, TOTALITÄR, SOMETHING IN THE WATER, LAST SECURITY, MELEE and more. The layout is reminiscent of a certain X-Claim classic.
LP, 10.00€


demo 7-Inch Malfunction/ Youngblood

As I'm writing this, I'm still waiting on the covers and lyric sheets for this- all I have is the (red) vinyl. The fact that two renowed hardcore labels join forces to present you this little gem should alert you to the fact that this is crucial no frills (straight edge) hardcore, played fast and with energy to spare. There's a whole bunch of songs on side one while side two holds a live recording that reminds me of Side By Side.
7-Inch, 4.50€


Less Slow, More Go! 7 7-Inch Go Home

Punk/hardcore the way it was meant to be done. Ten songs of fast, thrashy, catchy hardcore that is built upon a steady diet of Cokes, circle pits, and a disgust for all things Republican. Like a cross between Minor Threat and Black Flag, they combine socially conscious lyrics with the frustration of living in an age where everyone else thinks they know the best way for you to live your life. 9 originals and a cover of Black Flag's 'American Waste'.
7-Inch, 4.00€


Run And Hide demo CD self-released

SOLID GROUND features X-members of Crush My Calm playing crushing hardcore with some serious mosh breakdowns and sick chorus parts. All members have been active in the hardcore scene for a number of years now and their experience and expertise can be felt all through this impressive debut. These four songs leave you drained, but wanting more. Highly recommended.
CD, 2.00€


How Is Your Heart? LP Lights Out

Two singles, three split singles and several comp tracks later, The Scarlet Letter have finally released their full length. The incorporation of relentlessly fast and tight hardcore, double-bass, and [no lack of] screaming and growling will get thrashers going, while the somehow naturally flowing melodic aspects of what comes from this band appeal to what so many stifle. Their musicianship has further developed, as has their ability to lyrically articulate battle cries and furious laments. The variety of emotions expressed make this release feel complete, well- rounded and honest. These are the strongest songs they've put out and are heard through their best recording yet. A [perhaps] deceptively pretty layout (borne of all original artwork) brings their willingness to create without apology further to the surface. 25 songs, as diverse as human emotions.
LP, 8.50€


Dead Weight MCD Dead & Gone

Blending the melody of TURNING POINT with the crunch of IN MY EYES, this record puts Sheffield hardcore on the map. Six songs of awesome straight edge hardcore. Along with SPITFIREDOWN and THE LAST CHANCE, these guys are at the front of UK straight edge hardcore. If they would be from the US, kids would definitely sit up and notice them. Great record- I only wish that there'd be vinyl.
MCD, 6.50€


Can't Relate LP Havoc

Following up their debut single on Havoc and splits with Rambo and Intense Youth, Caustic Christ unleashes their first full length on the scene. They probably have one of the most unique 'sounds' in current hardcore because they mix the bass heavy drive of Swedish crust with the high octane rage of American hardcore. Lyrically, the straightforward agitprop of Aus Rotten has been replaced by a more bleak form of social commentary based on a desperate alienation. 11 originals and a well chosen Flipper cover.
LP, 10.00€


s/t LP Soul Is Cheap

15 song LP from the Memphis kings of fast and hard. Similiar in vein to Tennesse alumni Deathreat, No Parade, and Cop Out this LP is the equivalent of a very well spoken kick to the crotch. If you like old greats like Negative FX and Poison Idea you'll dig on this. Did I mention this is fucking fast?
LP, 10.00€


State College Hardcore 1984 7-Inch Vicious Circle

Obscure US hardcore from State College, PA, recorded in 1984. Two members later moved to Richmond, VA. to form Unseen Force, who shared a member with White Cross. Similar to the bands above, 2000 MANIACS have a snotty and pissed punk sound, that is definitely old school. At a time where punk still meant being an outcast, most lyrics deal with the alienation from mainstream society. 12 songs in ten minutes and limited to 600 copies on red vinyl.
7-Inch, 4.00€


All I Ever Loved MCD Dead & Gone

Their demo in early 2003 was awesome. 'All I Ever Loved' is better. This record has raised the bar for hardcore in the UK, with 9 tracks of old school hardcore influnced by the likes of Carry On, The Horror Show & Creep Division. Melodic vocals, bitter lyrics and amazing art combine to make sure this Newcastle band's debut will turn some heads.
MCD, 6.50€


Years, Months 7-Inch Deranged

With two solid ep's under their belt, this three piece swedish outfit joins the Deranged roster. This ep will turn some heads for sure, because it's a change for the well- known canadian label. Smalltown have been compared to the likes of Stiff Little Fingers and Newtown Neurotics and that's probably as good a comparison as it gets. Tuneful melodic punk rock with slightly raspy vocals.
7-Inch, 4.00€


s/t 7-Inch 625 Trash

Mid-paced and definitely skate influenced hardcore from Michigan. Appeared on the 'Possessed To Skate' and 'Element' compilations and following on the heels of their debut 7inch on Element, these kids have found a new home with Max and 625. Eight new songs, pissed and angry as ever. Cool cover artwork and colored vinyl too.
7-Inch, 4.00€