Decide On Change comp. LP Mountain

A benefit for the More Gardens Coalition of NYC, this 20 song LP features a slew of awesome bands: STRAIGHT TO HELL, SCHOLASTIC DETH, SELF DEFENSE, DIALLO, TOTALITÄR, SOMETHING IN THE WATER, LAST SECURITY, MELEE and more. The layout is reminiscent of a certain X-Claim classic.
LP, 10.00€


demo 7-Inch Malfunction/ Youngblood

As I'm writing this, I'm still waiting on the covers and lyric sheets for this- all I have is the (red) vinyl. The fact that two renowed hardcore labels join forces to present you this little gem should alert you to the fact that this is crucial no frills (straight edge) hardcore, played fast and with energy to spare. There's a whole bunch of songs on side one while side two holds a live recording that reminds me of Side By Side.
7-Inch, 4.50€


Less Slow, More Go! 7 7-Inch Go Home

Punk/hardcore the way it was meant to be done. Ten songs of fast, thrashy, catchy hardcore that is built upon a steady diet of Cokes, circle pits, and a disgust for all things Republican. Like a cross between Minor Threat and Black Flag, they combine socially conscious lyrics with the frustration of living in an age where everyone else thinks they know the best way for you to live your life. 9 originals and a cover of Black Flag's 'American Waste'.
7-Inch, 4.00€


Run And Hide demo CD self-released

SOLID GROUND features X-members of Crush My Calm playing crushing hardcore with some serious mosh breakdowns and sick chorus parts. All members have been active in the hardcore scene for a number of years now and their experience and expertise can be felt all through this impressive debut. These four songs leave you drained, but wanting more. Highly recommended.
CD, 2.00€


How Is Your Heart? LP Lights Out

Two singles, three split singles and several comp tracks later, The Scarlet Letter have finally released their full length. The incorporation of relentlessly fast and tight hardcore, double-bass, and [no lack of] screaming and growling will get thrashers going, while the somehow naturally flowing melodic aspects of what comes from this band appeal to what so many stifle. Their musicianship has further developed, as has their ability to lyrically articulate battle cries and furious laments. The variety of emotions expressed make this release feel complete, well- rounded and honest. These are the strongest songs they've put out and are heard through their best recording yet. A [perhaps] deceptively pretty layout (borne of all original artwork) brings their willingness to create without apology further to the surface. 25 songs, as diverse as human emotions.
LP, 8.50€


Dead Weight MCD Dead & Gone

Blending the melody of TURNING POINT with the crunch of IN MY EYES, this record puts Sheffield hardcore on the map. Six songs of awesome straight edge hardcore. Along with SPITFIREDOWN and THE LAST CHANCE, these guys are at the front of UK straight edge hardcore. If they would be from the US, kids would definitely sit up and notice them. Great record- I only wish that there'd be vinyl.
MCD, 6.50€


Can't Relate LP Havoc

Following up their debut single on Havoc and splits with Rambo and Intense Youth, Caustic Christ unleashes their first full length on the scene. They probably have one of the most unique 'sounds' in current hardcore because they mix the bass heavy drive of Swedish crust with the high octane rage of American hardcore. Lyrically, the straightforward agitprop of Aus Rotten has been replaced by a more bleak form of social commentary based on a desperate alienation. 11 originals and a well chosen Flipper cover.
LP, 10.00€


s/t LP Soul Is Cheap

15 song LP from the Memphis kings of fast and hard. Similiar in vein to Tennesse alumni Deathreat, No Parade, and Cop Out this LP is the equivalent of a very well spoken kick to the crotch. If you like old greats like Negative FX and Poison Idea you'll dig on this. Did I mention this is fucking fast?
LP, 10.00€


State College Hardcore 1984 7-Inch Vicious Circle

Obscure US hardcore from State College, PA, recorded in 1984. Two members later moved to Richmond, VA. to form Unseen Force, who shared a member with White Cross. Similar to the bands above, 2000 MANIACS have a snotty and pissed punk sound, that is definitely old school. At a time where punk still meant being an outcast, most lyrics deal with the alienation from mainstream society. 12 songs in ten minutes and limited to 600 copies on red vinyl.
7-Inch, 4.00€


All I Ever Loved MCD Dead & Gone

Their demo in early 2003 was awesome. 'All I Ever Loved' is better. This record has raised the bar for hardcore in the UK, with 9 tracks of old school hardcore influnced by the likes of Carry On, The Horror Show & Creep Division. Melodic vocals, bitter lyrics and amazing art combine to make sure this Newcastle band's debut will turn some heads.
MCD, 6.50€


Years, Months 7-Inch Deranged

With two solid ep's under their belt, this three piece swedish outfit joins the Deranged roster. This ep will turn some heads for sure, because it's a change for the well- known canadian label. Smalltown have been compared to the likes of Stiff Little Fingers and Newtown Neurotics and that's probably as good a comparison as it gets. Tuneful melodic punk rock with slightly raspy vocals.
7-Inch, 4.00€


s/t 7-Inch 625 Trash

Mid-paced and definitely skate influenced hardcore from Michigan. Appeared on the 'Possessed To Skate' and 'Element' compilations and following on the heels of their debut 7inch on Element, these kids have found a new home with Max and 625. Eight new songs, pissed and angry as ever. Cool cover artwork and colored vinyl too.
7-Inch, 4.00€


Raw Tracks 2000 7-Inch Deranged

Fantastic japanese hardcore band following in the footsteps of the almighty GAUZE and doing a great job too. 4 tracks which were originally recorded for various domestic comps. Tight, speed, well-directed music and all around great delivery - should please every fan of the genre. They're now working on new records for Ugly Pop and Deranged.
7-Inch, 4.00€


s/t 7-Inch Havoc

From the St. Paul streets comes Any Last Words. High energy fast hardcore which brings to mind recent bands like Lifes Halt and No Justice and the faster late 80's SE bands like early Youth of Today or No For an Answer. The songs on this record are the best from their demo and some new tracks all recorded by Tim Mac and produced with his trademark crunch. (Mac recorded Damage Deposit and Holding On as well). Critical Colin who does double duty in Damage Deposit provides some great artwork on the front and back cover. Lyrically, Any Last Words are a sincere and thoughtful band with current political commentary while still being incredibly pissed off at everything. ALW takes on GW Bush and his war, emo, work, fashioncore and society and still finds time to contribute the uproarious song 'I wish I could skate'. Twin Cities Hardcore!
7-Inch, 3.00€


Histeria Vol 2 comp. LP Lengua Armada

The second volume of this star studded compilation series gives you new songs by Vitamin X (3 tracks), Punch In The Face (3 tracks), Amdi Petersens Arme (3 tracks), I Quit (3 tracks), Scholastic Deth (2 tracks), Bruce Banner (2 tracks), Disidencia (3 tracks), Regress (3 tracks), Tomorrow (4 tracks), Conga Fury (3 tracks) and Fuerza X (3 tracks). A nice mix between known and lesser known (but equally good) bands here. The insert is once again a giant newspaper with some huge photos that can be unfolded into posters!
LP, 10.00€


7-Inch Dead Serious

Described by the label as the hardest and angriest band to surface from the south-west in years, Bleed Into One are back with two new songs and a sound that transcends Hardcore stereotypes. Mix up DEATH THREAT and HATEBREED with the spirit of INSIDE OUT and the CRO-MAGS. Music is plain and simple hardcore with a frontman that must be MIKE JUDGE's brother.Teamkiller have managed to turn the european hardcore world on it’s head in the past few months. The result of a coalition of current Sidekick & Absidia members brings us a mixture of hard, moshable and uncompromising hardcore with and old school touch. Nice packaging job and on colored vinyl.
7-Inch, 3.50€


7-Inch Vendetta

New tracks from The Scarlet Letter are always a cause for celebration if you're willing to be sucked into their bastard hybrid of fast hardcore and awesome musicanship. The lyrics are more sophisticated than most out there, and manage to retain a lyrical quality that elevates all their tracks to something very personal and passionate. Music that comes from the heart. The split side features three blasts from Suicide Party who play fast hardcore in a more traditional (but intensive) way. No lyrics for those though.
7-Inch, 3.00€


Nervour Wreck MCD Martyr

Debut EP featuring ex-Dead Serious and current Down to Nothing members. Expect an eleven minute anger management session with elements pulled from the late '80s NYHC scene into modern day hardcore. Tough, no frills hardcore heavy enough to punch through whatever's in your way. Their 'take no prisoners' approach definitely works for me- I've liked this more than expected Vinyl might be in stock later, but will have less songs.
MCD, 7.50€


Holy Ghost Can Suck It MCD Disaster

Yet another great band that broke up to soon. They've laid down five new songs for this self-released (and sold out) CD before embarking on their summer tour. Listening to this makes me wish that they'd still be together, because these guys move my heart as well as my feet. How come they're no longer around while some crappy bands last forever? Filled to the brim with sadness, despair and an overwhelming energy as well as a feeling for catchy hooks, they leave behind a proud legacy. Screenprinted covers.
MCD, 6.50€


City Of Hope 7" Rival

This is the last recording from the Damage Done. Upon deciding to break up, they went into the studio and emerged 2 days later having put down 5 unreleased songs of hope, anger, love, life, and laughter. This record blows away all prior releases. Disregard heavy production, these are 5 raw tracks of phenomenal hardcore to remember them by. On colored vinyl.
7", 4.00€


No Fight, No Get 7-Inch Deranged

Finally the repress from this Japanese classic. Previously realeased on Devour in 1996, it's been a while since this has been in press. This is their first vinyl release and believed by most to be their best. Four top notch Japanese hardcore punk tracks.
7-Inch, 4.00€


The Time Is Now demo CD Third Party

The first Third Party demo release in years, xWITNESSx play fast straight edge (of course) hardcore with a passion. 'Never Again' is a veg(etari)an song, which has become a rarity these days and is therefore all the more apprechiated. Dedicated is the one word to describe xWITNESSx.
CD, 3.00€


Here's Your Warning comp. CD Excursion

This 23 song/ band sampler showcases the very active Northwest Hardcore scene. Among established acts such as STAY GOLD, CHAMPION, THE ANSWER, HIMSA, LEFT WITH NOTHING, BLUE MONDAY, COLD SWEAT, BOTCH and WAXWING, you're introduced to a bunch of new band of which you'll see records soon (PISTOLS AT DUSK, HARDESTY, ROSARY, SCREWJACK, ENTROPY PROJECT, DEADSURE, THE HIT, POSITIVELY NEGATIVE and more. This is a solid introduction to a very productive scene that has a bunch of rad bands. Budget priced (and containing some unreleased songs), there's no reason not to check out some of the bands.
CD, 2.00€


Cleaver 7-Inch Youngblood

Texas' My Luck lay down tracks that document the tumultous emotions that have rendered the band one of the most chaotic and aggressive live acts in the hardcore scene today. Five new songs on colored vinyl.
7-Inch, 4.50€