Time For Coffee CD Think Fast!

One of the most underrated hardcore bands of the past five years! Fast, raging hardcore from New Bedford, MA (Say Goodbye, XfilesX, RNR) in the vein of Krakdown, Straight Ahead, and Negative FX. This is the CD version of their 12 song debut ep with the complete 'Snitches Get Stitches' demo (11 songs) as a bonus, so you know it rules. Highly recommended.
CD, 6.50€


I Still Have The Drive LP Doppelganger

For the past four years Carpenter Ant has been blasting the thrashy skate rock hits. Carpenter Ant is not skate rock, instead it is 'skate core' - thrashcore about skating. They combine a more 90's style hardcore sound with the occasional bit of thrash. Influenced by bands as diverse as Ink & Dagger, I Hate You, Crud Is A Cult and the Ultimate Warriors. Twelve songs fueled by their unabated passion for skating and hardcore. Colored vinyl in stock. Skate or die!
LP, 9.50€


demo 2004 7-Inch Anger Management

Out of the remains of Thirty Seconds Until Armageddon and Voorhees comes Newcastle’s Break It Up. This isn’t a modern take on hardcore: this is no bullshit, no frills youth crew that sounds like it came straight out of 1987. The sold out demo gave a nod to Uniform Choice and Insted, and if you've missed it, this is your chance to chek it out.
7-Inch, 4.00€


7-Inch This Blessing

Phantom Pains (TX) and American Werewolves (OH) give us three new songs each highlighting the newest in horror styled punk and hardcore. Phantom Pains are ex-FFB, Final Plan, and My Luck and American Werewolves are ex-Final Plan (for the nerds out there) total Misfits style horror rock worship from these guys, which is quite awesome. I've been playing this for a few days straight now. On haunting purple or green vinyl.
7-Inch, 4.50€


The Working Dead LP Organized Crime

Plan Of Attack reminds me of both Black Flag and Cro-Mags with their angry pessimistic lyrics, very short and fast paced songs, cranked up overdriven guitars, and the occasional shredding solos. None of the tracks reach 2 minutes. About half of them are less than a minute long. There's absolutely no poetry here, more like monologues on paper waiting to be spat out with fury. No punches are held back either. Track 3, 'The Shepherd Returns (when the sheep won't follow)' is a direct attack at Youth Of Today's Ray Cappo.
LP, 10.00€


A Great Artist LP Deathwish

An album rich with machine-like rhythm, awe inspiring fret board gymnastics, and brutally demented vocals. All of these qualities combined create a heavy and textural full-length effort that is truly unique in today's independent music community. This is a limited LP picture disc version of their acclaimed album on Deathwish. Not my cup of tea, but nice to look at.
LP, 10.00€


Shore Style CD BrokenGlass

This is the digital version of the new full length from the Jersey Shore's own Get Real. The CD has the new 12 song full length plus the 17cm/Collapse debut ep, the super limited 'Fuck the Shore' ep, and their tracks from Lockin' Out's 'Sweet Vision' compilation. 19 songs total. Get Real play fast, agressive hardcore inspired by early NYHC greats such as the Cro Mags, Breakdown, and Raw Deal. This'll put them on the map.
CD, 10.00€

FxPxOx/ MY REVENGE split

7-Inch Third Party

My Revenge deliver 5 songs that fuse Straight Ahead and early Sick of It All with 200 lbs of raw punk spirit. This contains a couple songs off of their brand new CD and a couple of completely unreleased songs. FxPxOx blaze through 6 tracks of raging Eastern European hardcore. Early 80's hardcore on hyper speed. Cover art by Kevin McElligott. Very limited colored vinyl in stock!
7-Inch, 4.00€


7-Inch Organized Crime

One band on here named themselves after a Black Flag song and the other covers a Black Flag song so you already know that they've got good taste. Both bands play fast and angry, have great lyrics, and are from Richmond, VA. Dig It. Recommended for fans of Kill Your Idols and Black Flag. Colored vinyl available.
7-Inch, 4.00€


Anger Management comp. 7-Inch Martyr

Featuring new songs from Kill Your Idols, Holding On, Close Call, My Luck, Diehard Youth and What Feeds the Fire. Each band has come fourth with a exclusive or rare track. Features artwork by Mike Bukowski (Tear It Up, Rambo, Shark Attack). Colored vinyl in stock.
7-Inch, 4.00€


Complete Discography 1998-2000 CD Martyr

As the title suggests, this compiles all the releases from this aggressive youth crew group. CD contains their LP 'For the Cause', tracks from both the Bloodpact and Ensign split singles, the 'Pride Is Everything' ep, AND an entire live set. Clocking in at 32 songs, this is a good deal no matter what.
CD, 10.00€


Boys In The City 7-Inch Malfunction

Seven songs of anthemic, gritty street punk from Baltimore featuring members of No Justice, 86 Mentality und Longshot. Songs about drinking, the city, getting in fights, etc. Classic tattoo-styled cover for a record that should appeal to fans of Dropkick Murphys and Wretched Ones. The depature from the 'Malfunction mold' is due to the fact that this was released by founding member Eric Mann, who is no longer affiliated with the label.
7-Inch, 4.00€


10-Inch Element

Seven new songs from skate trashers LSS, hitting you like a well- placed kick in the ass. No frills hardcore including their response to hate crimes commited against people who looked like they could be middle eastern following the attacks of september 11th 2001. Bronson 335 offer up ten songs that can hold their own against LSS, especially in the speed department. In your face hardcore, covering a wide range of real world issues and hardcore topics.
10-Inch, 9.00€


Out Of Service MCD Martyr

This final EP is without a doubt Breaker Breaker's finest material, a step above their well received demo ep on Bridge 9 Records. Breaker Breaker was straight edge, but avoided being pigeon holed. Their mix of angry hardcore, and fast energetic punk rock set them apart from the pack. This record will give them the recognition they deserve. Too bad they're no longer around, I would've liked to see more vinyl (lyrics wouldn't have hurt either).
MCD, 7.00€


What's In Your Heart? 7-Inch Sell Our Souls

Finally the first record from these english kids has been released. Their debut vinyl release 'What's In Your Heart' gives you 4 tracks of great old school hardcore, influenced by bands like Chain Of Strength and melodic guitarwork comparable to Stay Gold or Champion. Add to that the fury from Striking Distance and you can't go wrong. Impressive. I have some copies on colored vinyl and some ltd. covers as well.
7-Inch, 4.00€


We Will Bury You LP DeadAlive

The long awaited full length from this Rhode Island powerhouse has seen its fair share of delays over the better part of the last year but it's finally out and ready for your turntable. Comprised of members from such legendary East Coast bands such as Dropdead, Paindriver, and Ulcer, Straight To Hell blast through twelve tracks of vicious hardcore punk influenced by the best Scandinavian and Japanese bands (Anti Cimex, Death Side, Gauze). 11 originals and a cover of Anti Cimex's 'Make My Day.'
LP, 10.00€


Our Will Is Done 7-Inch Vendetta

Never Enough's debut release is nothing short of excellent. Six songs of modern youth crew hardcore. Fast, heavy, and pissed off, while steering clear of the typical clichéd lyrics about backstabbing friends and bridges burned. This is hardcore for those that are fed up with a scene that has shifted from heartfelt songs and passionate people to fashion victims and blind acceptance of ideologies that wish to destroy any semblance of individuality. Intense, angry, outspoken and honest, this record is a 'fuck you' to all that is mundane and contrived.
7-Inch, 3.00€