7-Inch Moo Cow

Great fastcore / thrash from these two bands on this split ep. FxPxOx hail from Macedonia of all places and have numerous compilation apperances as well as a split ep with MY REVENGE out on Third Party, so you should know these guys by now. They provide six new songs and a UNITY cover (PMA). SECRET 7 from Singapore have an ep out on 625, so you know that they like their hardcore fast and raw. Six new songs here as well. Kudos to Moo Cow for giving world hardcore a chance to shine! Limited to 500 copies.
7-Inch, 4.00€


Withstand 7-Inch Grave Mistake

Classic sounding posi-core from Virginia's Frontline. This is very California circa late 1980's (Chain of Strength, Insted, et al) sounding but lacks the cheese and Hallmark greetings factor that a lot of bands in this genre have brought to the table. Positive hardcore that hits all the right spots and even looks like a release from back in the day. Dedicated and passionate, that's exactly what I expect from a hardcore record. I love this like all the other Grave Mistake releases. Five songs on colored vinyl.
7-Inch, 4.00€


From The Start LP Crucial Response

You should think that there is little left to explore within the parameters of hardcore music and THE DEFENSE are here to prove you right, but in the best way possible. Their debut album 'From The Start', brings you 10 instantly memorable hardcore songs delivered with a combination of melody and emotion that gives this record an edge and make for a cool listen. These straight edge kids have their hearts in the right place and a keep sense of melody. The layout was done by Peter and is a mix of live shots and stone pillars that made no sense on the 'For The Sake Of Dedication' comp. LP, and are out of place here as well. Some kind of weird fetish maybe?
LP, 9.00€


Midlife Crisis 7-Inch Wintermute

There are 13 songs on this ep, but don't think you know what to expect. These are highly melodic tracks that have more in common with the DEAD KENNEDYS than 97A. Songs like 'Humans Disappoint Me' and 'Paula Abdul' serve to show their ability to address serious topics as well as their exceptional humor, another thing they have in common with DK. Very interesting.
7-Inch, 3.00€


7-Inch Still Holding On

Three new songs from each band on this split ep. South California's HIT ME BACK deliver crazy, high energy thrashcore/punk in the vein of Life's Halt, What Happens Next? and Heresy. CINDER play positive but pissed old school hardcore from the mean streets of Cleveland, reminiscent of bands like Nine Shocks Terror and Life's Halt. The cover sports a pretty rad drawing, so this is definitely a winner.
7-Inch, 4.00€


Aces And Eights 7-Inch Bridge Nine

Years after the 'Final Mosh', members of Floorpunch (Equal Vision) are at it again in a new band called Anger Regiment. Controversial vocalist Mark Porter continues where Floorpunch left off but this time with a more Burn-influenced brand of NYC Hardcore. Six songs on this ep, colored vinyl in stock.
7-Inch, 2.50€


Six Reasons To Drop Out 7-Inch Give Me Strength

Comprised of the members from Diehard Youth, With Or Without You don't follow the same ethics of Diehard Youth in being a posi band, nor are they a negative band, or a tough band. They're just a band with a realistic outlook, with music and messages written about what they want to hear and say. Unlike other bands, they draw from a variety of musical influences, making it impossible to pigeonhole their sound. This is the vinyl version of the Martyr CD and definitely their best release yet. Available on limited color vinyl.
7-Inch, 5.00€


Born To Lose LP Manic Ride

Finally available on limited edition vinyl!! Recorded almost four years ago, Full Speed Ahead’s swansong 'Born To Lose' has been sitting on the shelves due to artwork complications and the band’s untimely breakup. With a new full color piece by none other than Pushead in hand, this scorcher is ready to rip. Full Speed Ahead combine the anger and intensity of hardcore stalwarts Black Flag and Negative Approach with the skate punk energy of bands such as JFA and the Big Boys. This is one for the history books. I've been waiting for this to come out ever since I've heard the LP recordings, which was quite a while. So stoked on this.
LP, 10.00€


s/t 7-Inch Dead & Gone

Straight up, no bullshit straight edge hardcore. An uncompromising release from one of the UK's hardest working straight edge bands. These 6 songs blast out of your stereo like the 5-limbed mutant offspring of BOLD, SIDE BY SIDE and DESPERATE MEASURES. This could be as close to the perfect ep we'll ever get from the UK.
7-Inch, 4.00€


Power Of Ten Vol.2 comp. 7-Inch Excursion

Look out, Excursion records returns with a second volume of the ten band compilation ep! Ten more sxe hardcore bands contribute a track of the circle pit soundtrack: HARDESTY, ROSARY, BETWEEN EARTH & SKY, ANSWER, PISTOLS AT DUSK, MAV COMAI, BLUE MONDAY, 14 DAYS OF TERROR, CHAMPION and DEAD IN HOLLYWOOD. A good mix of new and established bands, lots of nice surprises.
7-Inch, 4.00€


War Journal 7-Inch Don Giovanni

Twelve song ep of fast, spastic hardcore from Boston. Goofy song titles make you think that Charles Bronson is a big influence. Fun filled, taking sarcastic stabs at a wide variety of topics, they even manage to include the occasional guitar solo in between short bursts of venom. Like SFA years before them, they reach a simple conclusion upon watching today's scene: 'Hardcore's dead'.
7-Inch, 4.00€


The Glory Of Nothing CD Goodwill

Screaming, horror inspired HC with plenty of melody and choruses. Incredibly mature and unlike anything else. Great artwork by Kevin Cross (of Pitch Black, Revelation records artists). This actually reminds me of a cross between Pitch Black and AFI and comes recommended.
CD, 9.00€


Misanthropy 7-Inch Western Front

'Misanthropy' picks up right where Say Goodbye's LP left off. Bringing their intensity to a whole new level, they offer six new rippers on this e.p. If you've like anything about this band, you'll love this record, because this is their best offering yet and that is counting their awesome full length LP.
7-Inch, 4.00€


debut 7-Inch Grave Mistake

Finally available is the debut EP from Syracuse's NO IDOLS. Featuring ex members of THE DISASTER and THE FUNERAL, NO IDOLS deliver five chaotic bursts of noisy, hardcore punk rock insanity, combining the driving power and aggression of contemporary genre defying bands such as BLACK CROSS and SUICIDE FILE with the emotion and intensity of older groundbreaking bands such as UNBROKEN. A stunning debut release, well worth picking up.
7-Inch, 4.00€


Wig Out At ASA's 7-Inch Collapse

Six songs of piss and vingear from this young band from Brick, NJ. Wearing influences from bands such as the Cro Mags, Outburst, and Raw Deal on their sleeve this band plays authentic sounding mid-late '80s NYC style hardcore. No tough guy posturing here though, just mean sounding hardcore.This is the second coming of the Snobs. The oldest member is only 15! Orange vinyl, limited to 400 copies.
7-Inch, 4.00€


s/t 7-Inch Feelin\' Fine

Keep It Up are a five-piece outfit hailing from Southern Ontario (Canada), featuring members of Rise Over Run and A Day & A Death Wish. They play classic old school influenced hardcore punk and specialize in being confused for a straight edge band. Five awesome and quite pissed songs and a YOT cover (Thinking Straight). This could've come out on Youngblood records easily and everyone would want it.
7-Inch, 4.00€



Hot off the presses, this is the second issue by this fine skate-punk magazine. Read the final YAGE interview, The Saddest Landscape, Guy Picciotto (of Fugazi/Rites Of Spring), Tom Knox (and yes, he ist still straight edge!), Against Me!, From Monument To Masses, a report about the Decay Skateboards tour in the Czech Republic, photographer Peter Beste and his documentation of Norwegian Black Metal, the rise and fall of Mark 'Gator' Rogowski, and the DIY lingerie label la fille d'O. Plus uncountable record reviews and photos. 100 pages, all on glossy, colored paper.
fanzine, 3.00€


Unwired 7-Inch Not Just Words

Inspired by classic hardcore-bands like Judge, Killing Time, Agnostic Front and Side By Side, DOWNSLIDE from the Netherlands deliver their final ep. With power, speed and aggression being the main ingredients, DOWNSLIDE proves why they will be sadly missed. Their final ep has that specific old NYHC feeling they were looking for. Limited to 600 copies.
7-Inch, 4.00€


7-Inch Dine Alone

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION JACKSON are a piss-take hardcore thrash band whose music has all the snotty attitude you could ever hope for. If you dig bands whose middle fingers are waving at all time but still know how to wield their instruments and rip through some first-rate thrash, this is for you. Almost everyone of these songs was recorded on the first take and the raw delivery is the icing on the cake. Instead of the hyperthrashing sound that is all the rage today, AAJ are more reminiscent of the early 80s sound that would later be known as power violence. SOUND OF FAILURE deliver screaming emo hardcore songs that bring to mind Usurp Synapse and early era Jeromes Dream. The SKEWBALD cover points the way.
7-Inch, 4.00€


Keep Our Beaches Clean 7-Inch Trash Talk

Eigth fast and spite-filled trash anthems by these SoCal boys. Fed up with yuppie tourists clogging 'their' beaches and filling the streets of their 'town', WTSE are quite territorial and pissed. They also lament the lack of passion in hardcore and the scars that ebay and downloads leave on the scene. Showing how it's done right, these songs are hardcore destilled. Chorus parts, angry vocals and a powerful delivery, questioning the status quo that smothers us daily. A very pleasant surprise indeed.
7-Inch, 4.00€


It's Over, I'm Done 7-Inch High Fidelity

The Wrath is a straight edge hardcore band based out of Salinas CA. They formed in early 2003 to have fun, put out a good message and have kids punch the floor. Fans of Terror, Earth Crisis, and Bury Your Dead won't be disappointed. Awesome vocals and outspoken straight edge- something I can definitely live with. 'Straight Edge, one voice, one heart.' Limited colored vinyl in stock.
7-Inch, 4.00€


Assault City comp. 7-Inch Reaper

This awesome hardcore compilation features Syracuse's best new hardcore bands. A total of six bands offering up one song each: BLACK SS (awesome hardcore ala Kill Your Idols/ Negative Approach), ATTITUDE (pissed posi core), NO IDOLS (featuring members of The Disaster and Funeral), HIT THE LIGHTS, DAGGERS RULE (awesome) and AWOL. Comes with a friggin' huge lyricsheet (which is rad). Well worth checking out to see what's coming your way in 2005.
7-Inch, 4.00€


Wake Up 7-Inch Collapse

After their split ep with VICTIM (still available), TARPIT return with six songs of fast modern hardcore punk with old school infuences. Raw and straight forward songs for fans of Infest and early NYHC, like Straight Ahead.
7-Inch, 4.00€