7-Inch Rok Lok

Deathcycle come raging at you with the guitar duties being handled by none other than Gary from Kill Your Idols fame, and a sound a little more crusty and metal than KYI. Solidarity Pact contain members of Contra and Latterman and provite a bit more of a melodic approach, having played with MDC, Modern Life is War and more. Colored vinyl while stocks last.
7-Inch, 4.00€


Only The Strong Survive 7-Inch A389

Do you remember a time when hardcore was fast, furious and ugly? Let Bring It On take you back to a time when bands like Killing Time and Sheer Terror ruled the CBGB matinees. Blue collar, old school hardcore is whats in store when you cross paths with these Baltimore hardcore veterans. Six tracks of brutal late 80's style NYHC, best described as a cross between Killing Time, Breakdown and Sheer Terror with a little bit of Last Rites thrown in for good measure.
7-Inch, 4.50€


Getting Even 7-Inch Endwell

Five new songs of fast, aggressive straight edge hardcore from these Seattle boys. Hard hitting, anthemic and intense, their new ep builds on their debut release and shows again why it would be foolish to disregard THE ANSWER as 'just another straight edge band'. Colored vinyl available, slick looking layout too.
7-Inch, 4.50€


Never Forget CD Courage To Care

Straight out of the UK comes Affirmation, playing straight edge-styled hardcore in the vein of recent favorites Carry On and Count Me Out. Intelligent, melodic hardcore from Birmingham reminiscent of Turning Point (there's a cover of 'Broken' on here as well). This CD includes the new EP and their demo, 11 songs total.
CD, 8.00€


The Single 7-Inch Broken Glass

This two track single features: 'The More They Stay the Same' b/w 'If it's Here When We Get Back it's Ours' (a Texas is the Reason cover). Over the past three years One Up has matured and become more than just a generic 'edge-band', by adding melody and emotion without losing the aggression and anger that is hardcore. This single marks the end for this Philadelphia, straight edge band. They will be missed. Colored vinyl in stock.
7-Inch, 4.00€


Nobody Laughs Anymore CD Painkiller

THE TROUBLE are trouble, indeed. Tearing apart the Boston punk and hardcore scene from 1995 to 99, THE TROUBLE paved the way for Boston hardcore cornerstones AMERICAN NIGHTMARE, PANIC, and many more. Nobody Laughs Anymore is THE TROUBLE's first LP, first released on GMM records and long since out-of print. But the people have spoken. This record needs to be heard. It is a perfect blend of sweaty punk anthems and in-your-face hardcore, with lyrics telling the tales of disenfranchised Boston youth growing up in a world that doesn't understand them. Although it's 2005, THE TROUBLE's impact can be felt throughout the Boston scene, in the sound of today's band as well as the members themselves. Singer Gibby fronted Boston hardcore outfit PANIC for two years. I listen to this daily.
CD, 10.00€


Pissing On Your Grave 7-Inch Six Feet Under

The new single of fast, rambunctious hardcore from members of Tear It Up and Down In Flames. Similar in style to both bands, early `80s US Influenced hardcore, but with a bit of a harder, tougher sound and more of an 'I Hate You' than 'I Hate Myself' attitude. If you've been unfortunate enough to catch The Rites at one of their handful of shows you know exactly how intense this band is. Screenprinted covers.
7-Inch, 5.00€


7-Inch Gratitude

Alright! The people that brought you the VAN DAMAGE ep are back with their second release and it's a doozy. TWR come at you with three tracks of powerful and fast hard- core with an angry shouter, nice hooks and just enough melody to keep things going in between the breakdowns. Actually reminds me of Atari at times. Keep your eyes on these guys, they're awesome. ON COURSE hold their own on the split side with four songs of fast and passionate straight edge hardcore. You know where they're coming from with titles like 'Hold On' 'Stand Strong', 'My Friends' and 'An Effort Made'. Good split (hideous cover) and a perfect track record for Gratitude so far. Colored vinyl available.
7-Inch, 4.00€


Rise >From The Ashes 7-Inch Not Just Words

Starting out in 1997 as five 16-year old kids that wanted to play the music that their NYHC heroes had played in the early days of hardcore, NO TURNING BACK gradually evolved to playing a unique style full of fast breaks, grooving riffs and massive singalongs accompany the personal and tortured lyrics. CD version available from Bridge Nine Records
7-Inch, 3.50€


Worst Kid Ever 7-Inch SWpecimen 32

Cleveland, Ohio's Names for Graves' sound can be described as nothing like the metal- tinged Cleveland bands that preceded them, but rather taking cues from hardcore's past and present without rehashing the youth crew era. Ex members of Committed, In The Red and Good Clean Fun. The first package is MIA, so sorry about the price tag.
7-Inch, 4.50€


s/t 7-Inch High Fidelity

Fortunate Son is a collective of former members of Try Harder, Wear the Mark, Miracle Mile, and As Hope Dies - current members of Final Fight, 7-Generations, and Graf Orlock. Fortunate Son sets itself apart from their other projects with a more Rock n' Roll influenced sound sucessfully mixing Bars, YOT and Panic. Colored vinyl in stock now.
7-Inch, 4.50€


7-Inch Bridge Nine

The long awaited split from two of Massachusetts' favorite punk and hardcore sons. R'N'R hail from Winchendon Mass and bring their trademarked rock and roll / hardcore mix to the table, finally following up their excellent full length. Fit For Abuse, featuring Matt Kelly (drummer of Dropkick Murphy's) on vocals bring two songs aptly titled 'hellbent' and 'mindless violence' - if you can't tell from the titles alone, Fit For Abuse is the absolute must for fans of classic early 80's hardcore, ala Negative Approach and Agnostic Front. Colored vinyl in stock!
7-Inch, 4.00€


CD Cycle

Three huge monster tracks of sing-a-long, fist in the air, East Coast punk rock with razor sharp melody and vocals pumped out with power and passion. Hey, but what more would you expect from a band that consists of former and current members of Lifetime, Ensign, Ex Number Five, The Scarlet Letter, Vision and Strength 691. A perfect pick if you like Dag Nasty, Rise Against, Lifetime, Strike Anywhere, Bad Religion, etc.
CD, 3.00€


No Sides LP Dead & Gone

Out of the remains of Thirty Seconds Until Armageddon and Voorhees comes Newcastle's Break It Up. This isn't a modern take on hardcore. This is no bullshit, clean youth crew that sounds like it came straight out of 1987. 12 tracks of early O.C.-sounding hardcore in the vein of Insted and Uniform Choice. Way better than their debut ep.
LP, 10.00€


1987-1991 discography CD Bridge Nine

From 1987 until into the '90s Wrecking Crew ruled the Boston and East Coast hardcore scene. Wrecking Crew was a hardcore / metal crossover style band that collapsed upon themselves before breaking up. Most of the bands releases are long out of print, and their debut LP (released originally on Hawker Records, a subsidiary of Roadrunner Records, is out of print AND locked away). This collection is twenty-four songs, composed of rare, out of press and previously never heard gems from demo, live, and EP recordings, as well as a re-recorded version of the classic track 'Why Must They'. Learn another chapter of Boston (and East Coast) hardcore by checking out Wrecking Crew.
CD, 12.00€


Taking You Down With Me LP Havoc

Taking You Down With Me was originally intended to be a 7inch, but the amount of material proved to be too long and the band decided to release it instead as a 45 RPM 12ich. These seven new songs combine the fast thrash that Dead Nation and early Tear It Up were known for with more hard rock/late Black Flag influenced heavy riffage on a few slower numbers. The result is absolutely crushing, like alternating between burst of high energy and a slow relentless pounding.
LP, 10.00€


What The Hell? 7-Inch Western Front

'What the Hell' is the debut record from Drop It's debut record. Word has it that these guys covered Black Flag and the Circle Jerks in the same set and won the hearts of the Western Front family right away. Drop It seamlessly blend the best aspects of mid 90's hardcore with what's going on today for a sound of their own- Snotty and angry hardcore with greath breakdowns.
7-Inch, 4.50€


Your Arsonist 7-Inch Specimen 32

Integrity front man Dwid returns with members of Congress, Death Before Disco, Empathy, and Liar for the latest in European Hardcore. Appropriately named Sledgehammer, this four- song debut is hard, heavy and can make a forceful blow to your skull. Four Tracks of brutalizing hardcore, featuring Dwid From Integrity and the boys from Congress and Liar. Straightforward hardcore to punch holes in the wall to, be careful not to skip the record while room moshing.
7-Inch, 4.50€


s/t 7-Inch Koi

There's a punk rock revolution marching down your street and these guys are singing the anthem and waving the flags! Two huge monster tracks of sing-a- long, fist in the air, east coast punk rock with razor sharp melody and vocals pumped out with power and passion. Do you remember when shows were fun? Remember the dancing? The finger pointig? The sing-alongs? That's what FLAME STILL BURNS are all about. Featuring past and current members of Lifetime, Vision, Ensign and the Scarlet Letter, FSB has a very early 90's melodic punk/hardcore feel in the vein of DAG NASTY, STRIKE ANYWHERE and LIFETIME. This limited vinyl release is needed for any fan of honest, pure, catchy and heartful melodic punk rock. Colored vinyl in stock.
7-Inch, 4.00€


Under Attack CD Straight On

FINAL FIGHT breaks out of the usual clich'd hardcore to bring you their debut full length Under Attack (CD only, what a bummer). 12 fast blistering tracks that will leave you breathless. FINAL FIGHT attacks serious issues with lyrics that laugh at broken hearts and school yard squabbles, to tackle real problems that people deal with. For fans of COMEBACK KID and WITH HONOR.
CD, 12.00€


7-Inch Impact Zone

Hot on the heels of their amazing debut ep, Drop It seamlessly blend the best aspects of mid 90's hardcore with what's going on today for a sound of their own- Snotty and angry hardcore with great breakdowns and a positive vibe. This also marks the vinyl debut of Starting Point, who play passionate hardcore with melodic guitars and an emotional core. 'What happened to the dedication? What happened to giving this our all?'. Cool artwork makes this a record hard to pass up. I'm sold. Colored vinyl available.
7-Inch, 4.00€


It's Fucking Prime Time 7-Inch Rumble

Dispute are a new band from northern California featuring members of Carry On, Breaker Breaker, Duckhunt, and more. Five songs on this debut ep, midtempo to fast, at times crunchy hardcore with singalongs. The song 'Love And Heartache' reminds us that no matter what, hardcore will be there for us. Which is what makes being a part of all this so special and important. Fans of Carry On and In My Eyes check this out. Colored vinyl in stock.
7-Inch, 4.00€


The Final Chapter 7-Inch Don Giovanni

The very last release from the awesome Degenerics. Started in Central New Jersey in the mid 90's the Degenerics started out playing simple hardcore punk paying ohmage to the Bad Brains and transformed into something more intense. Hardcore punk with melodies and agression, this made me dig out their previous releases again. Too bad that this is their last release, two demo'd songs pressed onto wax. A worthy legacy, as good as anything they've done.
7-Inch, 4.00€


7-Inch Prime Directive

Four new tunes from Orange County's The Mistake and three from Carry The Casket. Both bands are pissed and stray from the mold with their angry rants against their government, god and all kinds of 'fucks'. Ready to raise hell and not afraid of making enemies. Fast hardcore and mosh parts for fans of LOS CRUDOS and LEFT FOR DEAD. Songs include 'Pretty Much Fuck You All', 'Fuck', 'God Fucked You', 'Fuck You And The Horse You Rode In On'- and no, I'm not talking about the Dwarves here. On crucial colored wax too.
7-Inch, 4.00€


The Search: 1985-1989 CD Revelation

The Search: 1985-1989 fittingly illustrates the journey of BOLD from the raw energy and passion of the Crippled Youth EP, to the milestone straight edge hardcore album Speak Out, and finally to their vastly progressed swan song, Looking Back. This complete discography allows for some insight into the development of BOLD as a band and as people - the lyrics and music move together, a synchronicity that marks the growth of the band. Drawing influences from the bands that came before them like MINOR THREAT, SSD, and DYS, BOLD burst out on the scene with something to prove, and more importantly, something to say. Having the Crippled Youth ep on CD is really cool.
CD, 12.00€