Unoriginal Songs 7-Inch Feelin\' It

Toronto's Keep It Up play fast and aggressive hardcore punk that was kept a secret until they were featured on Revelation Records' 'Generations' compilation. Now with this (their second) ep, they have built upon their early youth-crew sound and dropped five songs of skate-inducing hardcore, shredding everything in their path.
7-Inch, 4.50€


When The Shit Hits The Man LP Sabotage

Finland's hardest working and touring thrash unit, Hero Dishonest, has released its 4th and by far the strongest album of its 7 years long career. After around 300 shows the band is tighter than ever and what also sets it apart from the grey mass of today's hardcore thrash, smart in its song writing. 'When The Shit Hits The Man' consists of 26 minutes and 21 tracks of raging hardcore punk thrash that doesn't limit itself to just being fast at all times but also knows when to slow down and to bring in the widest influences from the 30 years of punk history. The band doesn't just speed up the old school Black Flag riffs but also nods its head towards both old and new innovators like Big Boys and Wrangler Brutes.
LP, 9.00€


A New Healing Process LP Assault

The debut full lenght from Portugal's Day Of The Dead finds the band picking up where they left off with their previous efforts. They've upped the ante and go for the throat with 12 tracks of explosive and unrelenting modern hardcore. Honest and sincere, 'A New Healing Process' eschews sloganeering and empty phrases in favour of socially relevant and intelligent lyrics. Laced with slick melodies and infused with the passion of five guys who never lost their faith in Hardcore as a medium to affect change, Day Of The Dead made sure that this is the record they'll be remembered for. Pissed off and politically aware, their aural assault will appeal to fans of everything from American Nightmare and Envy to Modern Life Is War. Get ready to dance, sing along and start to think about the decisions you make. The limited colored vinyl comes wrapped in thick gatefold sleeves.
LP, 10.00€


Give War A Chance 7-Inch No Way

9 songs of thrashing hardcore that is sure to rip your face off. This is their debut ep, and hopefully with this they can stir up trouble in other places than the Bay Area of California. Guaranteed fast as fuck, dirty, sick hardcore.
7-Inch, 4.00€


DVD Under Pressure

This is the premiere issue of this hardcore documentary video series. It features a Betrayed video biography, an interview with Jamie Sciarappa of SSD and Slapshot, and 40 minutes of archival footage and photographs of Project X. Directed, edited, and produced by Anthony 'Wrench' Moreschi of Ten Yard Fight. NTSC version only.
DVD, 10.00€


The Beginning Of The End LP Superhero

The reigning kings of Queens, NY thugcore come back with a new full length. What you expect is exactly what you get. The only thing harder than their breakdowns and beatdowns is the lyrical content. Ushering in a new age of crossover, paved by acts such as Anthrax, Agnostic Front and other New York vets, you can now add Sworn Enemy to the list of bands forming a caustic hybrid of thrashy, intense metal with the thud and grit of hardcore.
LP, 10.00€


Live On WERS 7-Inch Lifeline

In march 2003, Suicide File stepped into the studio at WERS in Boston to perform live on the radio, with the session being recorded and seven songs being pressed onto this colored vinyl ep courtesy of Lifeline Records. The Suicide File played an innovative style of rock and roll influenced hardcore punk, releasing what are now classic recordings for Indecision.
7-Inch, 4.50€


Nobody's Laughing LP Mike Fitzgerald

With many EPs and splits under their belt, Baltimore's The Spark finally come roaring out with their first (and last) full length. 'Nobody's Laughing' is fifteen tracks of raging hardcore punk that is a sure pleaser for fans of Dead Nation, The Rites, Cut The Shit and Tear It Up. Both the label and the band have called it quits, this LP being the last record for both of them.
LP, 10.00€


How To Survive A Zombie Attack 7-Inch Sherwood

Shed For You is a four piece grind hardcore band based out of Tarpon Springs, FL. Fueled by their love for music and annoying things like shitty people and shitty jobs, they blast you with four tracks that have interesting song titles (Blades don't need reloading), but I just wish that you could make out what they're singing about. Colored vinyl in stock.
7-Inch, 4.00€


Coup D'Etat 12-Inch Indecision

The brainchild of former In Control guitar player Zack, Oxnard, CA's Retaliate take a further step toward heaviness than Zack's previous projects, with influences being drawn from bands like Madball, Integrity and Strife. Furious and heavy hardcore on this limited edition pressing on colored vinyl!
12-Inch, 9.00€


s/t 7-Inch Indecision

Hardcore was in full swing in the late '80s in Orange County, as was represented by Pushed Aside. This vinyl pressing of their demo from 1989 is a glimpse into this under-rated band's brief existence as they played such legendary shows as 'The Icemen Cometh' with Slapshot, No For An Answer, and Hard Stance which was released as a live ep on now-defunct Nemesis Records as well as gracing the 'Generation Of Hope' compilation alongside Chain Of Strength, Brotherhood, Against The Wall, and others. Featured original Ignite vocalist Randy Johnson on vocals as well as a future member of the Jokers hockey team. Six songs on colored vinyl.
7-Inch, 4.50€


demo 7-Inch Third Party

This is their 2006 demo pressed on vinyl. Five songs of late 80's NYHC inspired hardcore that gives nods to bands ranging from early SICK OF IT ALL to RIGHTEOUS JAMS to INFEST and NO FOR AN ANSWER. Featuring members of THEY LIVE, NO TIME LEFT, HOW WE ARE, WITNESS, and OPPRESSED YOUTH. This is the last recording with Eric Ellman on vocals. After years of vocal chord abuse the doctor said no more. That's what happens when your singing style draws blood! Another winner from Third Party, the one label that only releases straight edge bands.
7-Inch, 4.00€


split 7-Inch Lucifers Legions

Two new tracks from More Than Ever, playing melodic and passionate new schoiol hardcore. Turn Away from Stuttgart delivers intense and catchy hardcore combined with amazing punkrock tunes. Aggressive and driving old school hardcore that doesn't disappoint. Sweet Bukowski cover artwork and on colored vinyl.
7-Inch, 4.00€


Unrestrained 7-Inch Triple B

Imagine this: a Texan No Warning. The music reminds me of much of the late 90's hardcore from Buried Alive to American Nightmare. This ep is six songs on topics that you might expect from angry kids playing angry music: fear of enviromental destruction, frustration with religious simpletons, concern for overpopulation, the confusion and chaos of life, etc. Massive points for acutally making a point or conveying an idea in their lyrics instead of playing out cliches of unity and friendship. Concerned about the enviroment or the religious right? Like your music pissed off? Get into it (and do it now, because this is limited)! Colored vinyl in stock! The band has recently changed its name to 'Lie and Wait'.
7-Inch, 4.50€


7-Inch Trashed

And Down Goes Frazier, from Virginia Beach, VA is an old-school youth crew-flavored hardcore band that plays a style similar to that of Youth Of Today, Floorpunch, SSD, etc. Hailing from Washington, DC, In My Way play an angry style of old school hardcore for fans of Judge and Blacklisted, playing countless shows and fests on the East Coast and have previously released a now-out-of-print EP on A389 Records.
7-Inch, 4.50€


Reactive 7-Inch Go

After 15 years GO! has reunited to record this 14 song, 12 minute EP of its usual fast, loud, socialy relevant and fun songs. Topics covered include same-sex marriage, the political divide in the US, wildlife conservation, personal loss, political bullshit and record collecting. New York Hardcore, but a notch above in terms of lyrical content. You won't hear about being 'stabbed in the back' - but you'll still mosh your boots off.
7-Inch, 4.00€


Dangerous Fumes 7-Inch Hate

Two songs recorded at the same time than their brand new 'Hidden World' 2xLP that bring back the early FUCKED UP releases spirit, sounding like a hybrid between the best UK early punk and the more caustic POISON IDEA. This time around they give us 2 new songs about raising chickens in the suburbs and betting on the races. Total FLAG with Jerry A-esque vocal madness. Pure hardcore with punk structures and more hooks than a butchers shop. Featuring 'Fixed Race' on the B-Side.
7-Inch, 4.00€


The Fire Still Burns LP Indecision

Following up their wildly successful demo, Orange County CA's Force Of Change are set to give the straight edge a new foothold in their hometown. Their debut for Indecision Records is ten tracks of metallic hardcore served up mid-'90s style in the vein of Strife and Integrity. Outspoken straight edge hardcore for fans of The Promise and others. Gatefold cover and on colored vinyl.
LP, 10.00€


...Hate The Living CD Ratpack

Münster´s finest, but still underrated hardcore sensation strikes back with an incredible CD-only release! After their highly recommended limited debut album 'Anthems to world domination', the four piece is back from the dephs of hell to deliver an high-energie and explosive hardcore cocktail. 12 brandnew tracks ready to make your ears bleed. THE DEAD combine their old 80's hardcore influences (NEGATIVE APPROACH, THE FIX etc.) with a pissed off punkrock drive and some nice catchy melodies. The production is even more powerful than on the previous releases. Definitely a must have for fans of old Boston and DC stuff. Real, authentic hardcore how it was meant to be!
CD, 7.00€


Breaking The Silence CD Burning Season

The Members of Dance Floor Justice read like a who's-who of the South Florida hardcore scene over the last few years, with members doing time in Until the End, Where Fear and Weapons Meet, and All Hell Breaks Loose, and will have no problem fitting in alongside today's biggest acts such as Comeback Kid, Bane and Terror. Twelve songs of powerful hardcore with some sweet moshparts.
CD, 10.00€


s/t II 7-Inch Fashionable Idiots

Chronic Seizure embrace the early '80s hardcore punk sound with open arms on their sophomore ep. This follow up to their 'Brainsick' debut is four tracks of blistering beats and low-fi guitars with members of The Repos and Fourteen Or Fight in tow, carrying the torch for the current state of Midwest hardcore.
7-Inch, 3.00€


Get Over It LP Doppelganger

Carpenter Ant is a skatecore band from PA. Drawing influences of various bands from the 90's hardcore scene with some thrash mixed in, stir it all up and you have the Ants. Eleven songs of skate/ hardcore. Members of RAMBO and PISSED JEANS are involved here and you just know that this is something they have a lot of fun doing. Skate.destroy.vomit. Never stop skating! Limited colored vinyl in stock.
LP, 10.00€