War-Song LP Radio Raheem

Although bands such as the Crumbsuckers, Agnostic Front, Leeway, Carnivore, and Nuclear Assault are rightfully cited as progenitors of the genre from the area, there are a few who helped cultivate this sound who were lost to the annals of time. One such band is Brooklyn, NY's Sarcasm. In an attempt to right that wrong, Radio Raheem is slapping both of Sarcasm's demos onto vinyl for the first time ever, tying it together with a bevy of photos and flyers and titling it "War-Song."
LP, 20.00€


Bloodsport 12" 11 PM Records

Protocol is a band with a mission: destroy Tallahassee and take the rest of America with it. With "Bloodsport," Protocol releases a powerful blast of unrelenting, fast-driving hardcore punk that pulls you in and holds you captive until its final note. Originally released as a tape. Now available on vinyl. 12"ep includes a blank B-side and is limited to 300 copies on colored vinyl.
12", 17.50€


Heavy Vibe Music LP 11 PM Records

Tethered between two worlds: the real, and unreal; heaven and earth; hardcore and punk. Montreal, Canada's Gazm is the celestial link sent to meld and destroy. With vibes heavier than lead, their debut LP weighs down on all who hear it and forces listeners to slam or face their demise. Limited edition of 500 copies.
LP, 17.50€


I Remember 7" Bridge Nine

NYHC legends Agnostic Front are back with new music and have teamed up with Bridge Nine once again to release a limited-edition 7" EP. "I Remember" is a brand-new three-song EP that will feature two songs from their upcoming album, "Get Loud!," on Nuclear Blast and a B-side track exclusive to this release. Artwork was handled by Sean Taggart. 7" includes digital download. On colored vinyl.
7", 8.50€


Start Today LP Revelation

Gorilla Biscuits' "Start Today" is one of the most influential records in hardcore. Hailing from NYC, Gorilla Biscuits carved a niche within the NY hardcore scene. Blending the aggression and energy of bands like Agnostic Front with a sense of melody likened to Dag Nasty, Gorilla Biscuits still stands as a unique reference point for many hardcore bands that have come after them. New pressing now available on red vinyl. Vinyl version includes digital download of this record.
LP, 22.00€


Saviors 12" Hell Minded

Hailing from one of the most celebrated DIY music scenes in the country, Philadelphia, PA's Crossed Keys blend a perfect mix of melody and grit to create a unique, compelling sound that's often compared to Samiam, Grey Area, Boysetsfire, and Strike Anywhere. Featuring former members of Kid Dynamite, Ink & Dagger, Good Riddance, and more, this band of Philly hardcore elder statesmen offers up their debut 12", "Saviors," seven songs of upbeat, catchy hardcore/punk that's sure to make its way to the soundtrack of your daily life. Artwork by Jeremy Dean. 12"ep includes digital download and a silkscreened B-side. Limited edition of 350 copies
12", 18.00€


Moment Of Choice CS Patient Zero

What do you get when you cross Bryan from Rig Time and Kyle from Crafter? You get Dare To Be. Four songs of raw, aggressive straight-edge hardcore with a message everyone should take to heart. Limited edition of 150 copies.
CS, 7.00€


A Brief Memoriam 12" Deathwish

Frail Body is a hardcore/punk band from Rockford, IL, that embodies the spirit and soul of what many define as screamo. "A Brief Memoriam" combines a new four-song recording session with their sought after "At Peace" session into one proper album. Both sessions were recorded by engineer Zack Farrar at Choir Room Audio. Vinyl version includes digital download.
12", 18.00€


Dead To Me 12" Edgewood

Downfall is a hardcore band based out of Richmond, VA. With their new release, "Dead To Me," Downfall doesn't try to be anything except a true-blue hardcore band. They pay homage to the classics such as Madball and Death Threat, but present their sound in a way that feels contemporary and real. This is the blue with black vinyl version, exclusive to Rev and limited to 75 copies.
12", 16.00€


s/t 7" Atomic Action

Brother is the project of Trevor Vaughn (The Rival Mob, Wound Man) and his spouse Heather, who pull together ripping, powerviolence/hardcore inspired by Wound Man, Iron Lung, Mind Eraser, and Trevor's criminally underrated Breathing Fire. This 7" features all new tracks plus the band's demo. 7" includes digital download and is limited to 300 copies on colored vinyl.
7", 8.00€


Collected 7" Trip Machine Laboratories

Raw Breed "Collected" captures all of the Denver, CO-based five-piece's recorded output from the year 2018. Imagine a mix tape that features the Breakdown '87 demo and Madball "Ball Of Destruction" 7" on side A, while side B features the dirtier side of hardcore from the likes of Devoid Of Faith, Citizens Arrest, and Think I Care. Raw Breed perfectly blends the sounds of street-sensible NYHC with the grinding edge of the late-'90s DIY movement. 7" includes digital download and is limited to 500 copies on colored vinyl.
7", 8.00€


Tied Down LP Touch & Go

Born in 1981 in Detroit, MI, Negative Approach was the undisputed champ of Midwestern hardcore in the early to mid-'80s. Led by John Brannon's hoarse wail, with O.P. Moore on drums, and brothers Rob and Graham McCulloch playing guitar and bass respectively, the band concocted an extreme sound devoid of frills. Their classic LP, "Tied Down," is still considered paramount by most hardcore fans new and old. Now available again on colored vinyl. LP includes a coupon for a free download of the entire album in MP3 format.
LP, 18.00€


In Totality LP Dropping Bombs

Toledo, OH's Blue Skies Burning was around from 1999-2002 and played an incredibly powerful brand of emotional hardcore. Borrowing as much from early-'90s emo giants like Current and Anasarca as from late-'90s metalcore gods like Zao, their sound fell somewhere in the territory of bands like As Friends Rust, Boysetsfire, Grade, etc. "In Totality" features both the original, four-song demo, which was recorded by Tim Pak (Thoughts Of Ionesco, Fordirelifesake, Hamilton, etc.), as well as the "Last Leg Of My First Race" EP, which was originally released on CD by One Day Savior Records and was recorded by Brian McTernan (Converge, 108, Bane, Thrice, etc.). Limited edition of 200 copies.
LP, 18.00€


Bringin' It Down LP Revelation

<span>To most fans of hardcore, Judge is a band that needs no introduction. The band took the ideals and positive goals of Youth Of Today and infused them with beefy guitar licks, introspective lyrics, and a hefty influx of New York style.New pressing available on colored vinyl.</span>
LP, 20.00€


One By One LP Flatspot

Long Island, NY's Hangman returns after two years of silence with "One By One," the crushing debut full-length on Flatspot Records. Fresh off the heels of non-stop tours with the likes of No Warning and Death Threat in support of their 2017 EP, "A Vile Decree," the LIHC quintet returns with their grooviest, most punishing release to date. "One By One" was produced and mixed by Greg Thomas and Chris Teti at Silver Bullet Studios in Connecticut, was mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering, and features guest vocals by Death Threat's Aaron Butkus on the title track "One By One." Vinyl version includes digital download. CD version includes five additional tracks. This is the yellow vinyl version.
LP, 17.50€


World Has No Pity For Fools 7" Bound By Modern Age

Debut EP by this Italian oldschool Hardcore Supergroup.
Crushing 90s Style Metalcore by (ex-)members of bands like When Ashes Are Rising, Absence, As Humanity Fades, Tigershot, Try Fail Repeat, …
Also consists guest vocals by many more notable scene personalities
FFO: Arkangel, Reprisal, Purification, …
7", 6.50€


Tarred And Feathered LP Bound By Modern Age

Titan (Belgium) is back. After a few demos and a very successful split EP with Witness The Fall, it`s time for a (Mini-)LP.
Melancholic, distressed hardcore with dischords – a.k.a. Crymosh 2000A.D. – with a political and misanthropic message.
Norma Jean meets early Poison The Well and Reveal.
TITAN is (ex-)members of bands like xHeartfeltx, Serenity Fails, Once… Never Again, Bourbon For Roses, …
LP, 12.50€


The Age Of Agony 7" Bound By Modern Age

OG 90’s Metalcore from Tokyo, with members of Statecraft, Loyal To The Grave, Canopus, …Matching the recently released Age Of Agony: Discography CD on Mark My Words Records, we just teamed up with Retribution Records/NERDS, to bring you their ’06 EP (originally released on CD by Lucifers Legions) for the first time ever on the 7″ Vinyl format. FFO: Morning Again, Culture &amp; the 90’s!
7", 6.50€


Hardcore Fanzine Anthology Book Shining Life Press

The complete collection of this legendary New Jersey fanzine with over 460 pages gathering all nine original issues plus the unreleased tenth issue combined with new writings, artwork, memories, flyers, photos, the history of In My Blood Records, and more. Over 70 pages of additional content. Original fanzine content created, edited, and designed by David Koenig and Brett Beach.
Book, 39.00€