Aggravated Mopery 7" Quality Control

Man, talk about deja vu all over again: I just saw Outburst last week and it was amazing to witness people go apeshit for them, some literally not born yet when I caught them last in 1989. This vibe continues upon listening to Big Cheese’s debut 7” on Quality Control HQ. The record is basically a love letter to the NYHC sound during the late 1980s: I hear a Killing Time/Leeway mosh part here, an Altercation/Warzone divebomb there, of course the aforementioned greats in Outburst, and how the hell does a northern UK lad sing a la Jeff Perlin from Breakdown?! These are all good points in my book as sometimes the implementation of retro styles can be a colorless, slavish reproduction of the past with no heart at it’s core. This is not the case here as the obvious affection for a particular time and place manifests itself in well executed grooves that both reflect and transcend their influences. Kudos to old friend Don Fury for a nice, crisp production and to Big Cheese for getting it right and flying the flag for an atavistic ethos that’s near and dear to my heart.” 
Freddy Alva, Wardance Records, New York and Author of Urban Styles: Graffiti in New York Hardcore.

Big Cheese fly the flag for the New Wave of British Hardcore and hail from various parts of ‘The North’ of the UK. Members are also currently in bands such as Higher Power, Blind Authority and Rapture, and have previously played in Violent Reaction and Shrapnel.
Comes with a black inner sleeve, black and white card outer sleeve, and full poster size double-sided insert 
7", 7.50€


Forgiving Man 7" Quality Control

“Stages in Faith live between the self disciplined genre expansion of mid to late 80s hardcore, and the surge of melody and reflection that evolved in the 90s, and manage to hold that small but crucial space beautifully and precariously. This is still HC but coming from a legitimate, and perhaps unintentional continuation of what bands like Leatherface, early Snuff, and the Jailcell Recipes were able to achieve in the UK as tides were turning, all while touching on stylised Americanisms not out of place on Government Issue's "Joy Ride" or American Standard's "Wonderland" LP. Powerfully sung vocals over high velocity and tuneful music that you can still slam and dive to." Jonah Falco, Fucked Up/Career Suicide
QCHQ is very excited to present new UK outfit, Stages in Faith. Hardcore alumni from bands such as Blind Authority, Mankind and Payday turn their attention to well crafted catchy post punk song-writing. Think 80s DC Revolution Summer bands or Boston's Moving Targets.
7", 7.50€


Promo 2017 CS Quality Control

Orange County’s Fury continue their unique blend of hardcore song-writing on this first release since their massive genre-defining LP ‘Paramount’, with two new tracks for their upcoming follow up LP and a cover of the often overlooked band, Ability. Fans of ‘Paramount’ will be pleased to hear more of those beautifully crafted elements of Burn, Outburst, Beyond every so subtly entwined. Track ‘America’ showcases the band’s ferocious side, with a guitar hook that catches you immediately, and huge crew back up vocals. Meanwhile ‘Lost in the Funhouse’ is more reflective and melodic, with the inclusion of sung vocals in the background that pull you into an expansive dynamic soundscape that Fury are known for. With that in mind, the cover is given such love, respect and attention, in its diverse parts, that one can be forgiven for not realising it was originally by a different band from LA in 2008, when a very different hardcore sound ruled the waves.
Whilst the American version of this tape, self-released by the band, is donating it’s digital and physical proceeds to Planned Parenthood, the European release on Quality Control Records is donating to WAR - Women Against Rape and BWRAP - Black Women's Rape Action Project.
200 white tapes. Professionally duplicated and printed, with a double sided printed card sleeve. UK pressing on Quality Control Records.
CS, 6.50€


Demo CS Quality Control

Brighton, UK is producing some of the most exciting bands in Europe right now and Imposter put their stamp firmly on the map with a sound drenched in early 80s Boston Hardcore for some stomping good times on the dance floor. Think hooks for days, and beats that know how to get you moving. This being NWOBHC however, there is also a touch of Voorhees, Oi and UK82 punk in the mix, tied together with a proper snotty vocal and lyrics exploring the psychology of power and violence.
200 black cassettes with colour printed stickers. Comes with colour card sleeve.
CS, 6.00€


Demo CS Quality Control

Brighton in the UK, spiritual home of the Mods in the 60s, has exploded with hardcore punk energy and talent in the past two years, as a new generation of punks have started a multitude of bands championing a wide diversity of sounds. Part of this new squad is Vile Spirit, an apt name for a band who’s vocalist Ben is known for temporary possession with wild and unpredictable performances and a truly terrifying voice. A hardcore punk scene is only as good as it’s drummers in our humble opinion, and Joe’s precise and powerful thumping forms the solid backbone for Tallulah’s innovative guitar work best seen in the song L.O.S. Meanwhile Luke’s dreamy bass tone adds an element of early UK goth punk whilst as a whole fans of United Mutation can rejoice!
200 black cassettes with colour printed stickers Comes with colour card sleeve and A5 insert.
CS, 6.00€


Who Will Play? 7" flexi Quality Control

Sour metallic riffs touching on NWOBHM and Japanese ADK/Dogma back catalogue lineage, rumbling bass lines, thundering drums and gruff vocals sung in English and Polish produce a pastiche of influences from early hardcore punk's flirtatious relationship with what would become an even more extreme music alongside it. The New Wave of British Hardcore is at its zenith, now producing a soundscape in the context of London's strong sense of diversity despite being the seat of Tory power and surrounded by a firmly pro-Brexit countryside. Game is a confluence of ideas of four different cultures forcing themselves through the same prism - noise and velocity. Such is the cut and paste nature punk that we know and love.
300 black flexi with red foil stamp label. Comes with double sided full colour fold over sleeve in a poly bag
7" flexi, 6.50€


#5 fanzine CTM

In this issue:
How do you evaluate the work of Mental? An in-depth analysis of the history of Mental. Interview with Ambrose Nzams and Dylan Chadwick.
Things to check out in NYC, a hardcore-lover's guide (171A, A7, The Pyramid Club, CBGB, Tompkins Square Park, Ray's Candy Store).
Interviews with Nancy Barile, Tony Rettman, Firm Standing Law, The Accursed, Supertouch.
The unedited BOLD chapter ("Straight Edge: A Clear-Headed Hardcore Punk History")
The story of the infamous Buff Hall show (Minor Threat, SS Decontrol, Agnostic Front)
Cut'n'paste fanzine, A4 size, 32 pages.
fanzine , 4.00€


The Future Of... 7" Trip Machine

Former members of Pougkeepsie, NY's Living Laser build upon their previous sound of Bad Brains-meets-Leeway, New York-styled hardcore with the addition of crossover and thrash influences. Five New York-crossover anthems that showcase this band's ability to play at breakneck thrash speeds with quick guitar solos while retaining that classic NYHC groove. For fans of Leeway Cro-Mags, Bad Brains and Metallica. 7" includes digital download.
On colored vinyl.
7", 7.50€


Beton Nostalgie LP Sabotage

France’s Syndrome 81 started gaining momentum in the Punk scene with their 2013 demo tape, drawing comparisons to the plethora of great bands that defined the French Oi sound of the 1980s with a heavy stomp culled from classic USHC. The band has progressed since then, and the sound is more diverse but also more defined, having filed off some of the American influences and moved in a darker, distinctly French direction that is both melancholy and anthemic, with lyrics being influenced by growing up in Brest, France.The band comes from this dark place and write songs about their personal struggles growing up and growing old. These are songs about watching your friends lose sight and move on while you question why you are still here, haunted by your past and having to look your former self in the eye while you apologize for who you’ve become. These are songs about trudging through a desert you built yourself.
LP, 12.00€


The Road To Calvary LP Assault

Straight out of Antwerp, Belgium and featuring ex-members of Accept The Change, LOTUS brings you a harrowing exercise in self-reflection with its second full-length album ‘The Road To Calvary’. Ushering in their post-‘Israel’ era, TRTC is an unapologetically intense album with relentlessly straightforward riffs and brutally honest lyrics. This record gets deeply under your skin and does it in true LOTUS style: in and out, with little room to catch your breath. Order this record now to receive your daily dose of combativeness. Release is available in two colours and features a deluxe booklet.
LP, 12.00€


by Tony Rettman book Bazillion

Starting in 1981 via MINOR THREAT's revolutionary call to arms, the clean and positive straight edge hardcore punk movement took hold and prospered during the '80s, earning a position as one of the most durable yet chronically misunderstood music subcultures. Straight-edge created its own sound and visual style, went on to embrace vegetarianism and later saw the rise of a militant fringe. As the "don't drink, don't smoke" message spread from Washington, DC to Boston, California, New York City and, eventually, the world, adherents struggled to define the fundamental ideals and limits of what may be the ultimate youth movement.
book, 30.00€


A History Of Violence 12" Deep Six

The long lost NEANDERTHAL discography finally emerges from it’s cave to see the light of day. Eight anthems of destruction (5 tracks from the 1990 "fighting music" 7" on Slap A Ham, 2 tracks from the 1990 split with RORSCHACH on Vermiform, and one track from the 1991 "bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh" compilation 7" on Slap A Ham. Without NEANDERTHAL there would be not power-violence. NEANDERTHAL was Eric Wood (MAN IS THE BASTARD, CROSSED OUT) and Matt Domino (INFEST). One-sided vinyl with NEANDERTHAL-etching on b-side. Let the games begin!
12", 17.00€


As You Please LP Run For Cover

For their third album As You Please, Citizen is looking inward. Pairing up again with longtime producer Will Yip, the band presents twelve songs that fuse aspects of their entire catalog into one neoteric whole. While the cathartic melancholy of their debut Youth and the jarring intensity of 2015’s Everybody is Going to Heaven are both present, the most welcome addition to Citizen’s arsenal on As You Please is the range of auxiliary instrumentation and sonic experimentation on the album. This is most notable on “In the Middle of it All,” where vocalist Mat Kerekes is sampled singing the song title in a modulated, haunting chorus that echoes throughout the song. The addition of organs and unconventional drum effects on songs like “You Are A Star” and “Medicine” create shifting emphases on tension and frailty, while the huge choruses of songs like opener “Jet” and “I Forgive No One” are reminders that while Citizen dove headfirst into uncharted territory with their new album, the band is still as good as ever at writing emotionally-charged anthems. As You Please presents Citizen’s vision at the most focused it has ever been - it is delicately crafted to provoke at every moment. On colored vinyl.
LP, 21.00€


Never Had A Choice 7" Triple B

Hard to the core. With a new dialed in sound, "Never Had A Choice" serves as Freedom's most musically adventurous take on the honored and lovingly imitated NYHC sound. Think Henderson and Dijan rhythms keeping the songs fast but grooved out. Any fan of Set It Off or Freedom's "USA Hardcore" will leave this EP satisfied. On colored vinyl.
7", 7.50€


Swallow b/w Sweat 7" Secret Voice

Florida born GOUGE AWAY follow up their 2016 blistering debut LP ", dies" with this two song cassette and first release on Secret Voice. Recorded after doing tours with G.L.O.S.S., Touché Amoré, and Ceremony "Swallow b/w Sweat" dive deep into an abrasive and vulnerable place that few bands can explore without getting the bends on their way back to surface. Mixed and Mastered by Jack Shirley (Dangers, Loma Prieta, Deafheaven).
7", 8.00€


Live On BBC Radio 1: Vol.3 7 Deathwish

At the end of a six week European / UK tour in early 2017, Touché Amoré stopped by the BBC Studios in Maida Vale to record four songs from their newest album, Stage Four. Since the release of their sophomore LP  Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me , Touché Amoré has had the privilege and honor of returning for each album cycle. This recording originally aired March 12th, 2017 for The Rock Show with Daniel P. Carter on BBC Radio 1. This third installment of the Live on BBC series will be available on 7” vinyl and all digital outlets on September 15th 2017 via Epitaph Records. On limited RED vinyl.
7, 8.50€


Don't Stop The Youth 12" Closed Casket Activities

"Don't Stop The Youth" is the debut 12"ep from Southern California's own Fireburn. Featuring Israel Joseph I (formerly of Bad Brains), Nick Townsend (currently/formerly of Deadbeat, Knife Fight), Todd Jones (currently/formerly of Nails, Terror) and Todd Youth (currently/formerly of Bloodclot, Warzone, Danzig, Murphy's Law), this 12"ep displays five songs of punk-influenced hardcore recorded at NGR Studio in North Hollywood. This record features cover art by artist Tim Lehi and additional design by Jon Contino. 12"ep includes digital download. On colored vinyl.
12", 15.00€


Torture Culture LP Bad Actors

After nearly a decade away, NO WARNING returns with "torture culture," a 3rd album that is as scrappy, self-assured and unrelenting as it was once unthinkably improbable. The new album is grimy, pulverizing and antagonistic street-punk in a mind-meld with menacing metalcore, comprised of towering riffage, blistering solos and raw vocals. NO WARNING don't so much as borrow hooks from the past as they've studied the very essence of what's come before, from Bay-Area thrash-metal to New York hardcore, from melody to melancholy balladry and back again. Vinyl includes a digital download card.
LP, 24.00€


Demo LP self-released

Official re-pressing by the band. It's a classic NYHC demo in the same way the BREAKDOWN '87 demo or THE ALCERNATION demo are classics. If you're into the mid to late '80s NY hardcore sound, it's essential. This is the orange vinyl version, exclusive to Revelation Records and limited to 260 copies.
LP, 22.00€


Brightside LP self-released

After being out-of-print for decades this classic (originally released on In Effect Records in 1989) is repressed official as a deluxe vinyl edition by the band itself. "brightside" was the 1st of three full-length albums released by New York hardcore band, KILLING TIME. The band had previously gone by the name of RAW DEAL, until a threatened lawsuit by another band of the same name caused them to change their name as they were entering the studio to record this release. This is the orange vinyl version, exclusive to Revelation Records and is limited to 260 copies.
LP, 22.00€


Ataraxia 10" Orbiter

Die In The Light: Two '90s-hardcore dudes, Chris Logan (Chokehold, Seventy-Eight Days, Longest War) and Dave Buschemeyer (New Day Rising, Spread The Disease, The China White, The Abandoned Hearts Club), have come together to release some vicious, blackened hardcore. 10" includes digital download and is limited to 327 copies on colored vinyl.
10", 18.00€


s/t 7" Society Bleeds

Rashomon is one of the best, new hardcore punk bands to emerge from Washington, DC. Fulfilling the promise of the NWODHC set by Pure Disgust, Rashomon comes roaring out the gates with this four-song demo that is one of the best hardcore releases of the year, thus far. Fronted by Japanese national Kohei, the band takes elements all over the international, '80s hardcore punk spectrum with touches of metallic guitar leads and insane drumming.
7", 7.50€


I Can Tell You About Pain b/w Eve 7" Deathwish

Epitaph and Deathwish are proud to announce “I Can Tell You About Pain b/w Eve” from aggressive music pioneers, Converge. This two song 7”EP/Digital release is the first new music from the band since their highly regarded 2012 album “All We Love We Leave Behind”. Upon first listen it’s apparent that Converge has evolved exponentially in those years. The raw emotion and anger of “I Can Tell You About Pain” is truly unsettling. While the seven and a half minute epic “Eve” shows the band pushing their melodic leanings to an incredible new level. On colored vinyl.
7", 8.00€


We All Die Alone 12" First Letter Press

We All Die Alone is the debut single by ANTHONY (of CEREMONY) and limited to 300 copies.
Written, Produced and Performed by Anthony Anzaldo 
Photography and Addition Vocals - Melissa Farley 
Drums - Valeriano Saucedo 
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Jack Shirley at the Atomic Garden in 2016 
Layout by Randy Mordecai
12", 19.00€