Ballet Of The Flexible Bullet LP Fields Of Hope

RED TAPE PARADE are influenced by bands like MINOR THREAT, DAG NASTY, GOOD RIDDANCE, LIFETIME, LAGWAGON or 7 SECONDS, only to pick a few. They try to play music they would enjoy listening to themselves, which is a mixture of melodic punkrock, old school hardcore and some pop-punk influences combined with meaningful lyrics ranging from very personal to political topics. Well done.
LP, 1.00€


s/t CD Assault

SHORT FUSE charge at you with 18 tracks of pissed-off old school hardcore in just under 20 minutes. These guys have been active in the scene for years and their love for early hardcore from the 80's is more than evident. Stripped down and raging Hardcore that serves as an outlet to vent frustrations, a way to deal with the pressures of the daily grind. Disillusioned and angry, this is where these four guys come alive, proud and passionate. Abrasive and in your face, they nevertheless manage to sneak in some melodies and sweet chorus parts every once in a while, creating a volatile mix that grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go. If you miss bands like the CIRCLE JERKS, got a soft spot for DISCHARGE and can't get enough FUCKED UP vinyl, SHORT FUSE will deliver the goods.Not concerned with crews and cliques, this is true Hardcore Punk, furious and reckless. This is a split release with Underestimated Records from the US. Don't miss SHORT FUSE tearing up the states this summer!
CD, 5.00€


Fruitless Efforts 7" Assault

Hot on the heels of their debut LP comes the new SHORT FUSE EP. Four new tracks of hardcore punk that showcases the bands progression. A little less trash, a little more melody and anger to spare- these songs will stay in your head after a few spins. These guys are still pissed and jaded, but they're also ready to fight, wearing their working class colors with defiance. They might hate their jobs, but they sure as hell are dedicated to this band, a vessel of their own creation, powered by anger and passion. For those of you who can't do without some comparisons, imagine early Fucked Up mixed with Dscharge and Poison Idea. Dirty and raw, this is SHORT FUSE and they're ready to explode. BLACK vinyl.
7", 2.00€


Blight 7" Assault

"Blight" has six new songs of hardcore punk for the working class. No gimmicks, no crews,no bullshit. Disillusioned, angry and pissed. Short Fuse are unafraid to voice their disappointment with their lives, their jobs and YOU. Not looking for approval, this is honest punk rock the way it was meant to be played, raw, abrasive and in your face. BLACK vinyl.
7", 2.00€


True Spirit 7" Commitment

The Miracle is a new old school hardcore band from the Milan area, Italy. Althought the band only started in the beginning of 2004, the members have been active in other bands (like Shotgun Formation, Fumbles In Life, Frontline and No More Fear) for many years. The Miracle sport a heavy old school sound, but keep it fast and energetic (think: Headfirst on their debut-7”). In their lyrics The Miracle address scene related, personal and political topics. The record is a benefit for Amnesty International.
7", 2.50€


Pure, Unadulterated-adultery 7-Inch Assault

Nine passionate tracks from New Jersey's The Scarlet Letter. The music is powerful and recalls the fury of '80s hardcore, while having some definite newer influences as well. Addding emotional and melodic parts to the mix of fast-paced, powerful and slightly psychotic punk rock, they’ve created their own blend of screamo hardcore that is highly original. What makes the Scarlet Letter stick out is their ability to successfully mix different styles. Ultra fast parts with melodic breaks, accentuated by different singers, and back to something else entirely. Somehow, they make this work again and again in songs that barely last a minute. Their musical complexity is matched by intelligently political lyrics that address serious issues. The 12-page booklet does not contain only the lyrics but explanations for every song, making it abundantly clear that these guys do not just play music- they have important things to say and want to be heard.
7-Inch, 2.00€