Escapism Is A Dying Art LP Assault

Taking their influences from a variety of bands such as Have Heart, Modern Life Is War, Verse or Defeater, ACCEPT THE CHANGE has come up with their very own mixture of modern hardcore. Listening to "Escapism", it's hard to imagine this to be their debut record, that's how strong it is. The songwriting is anchored by the passionate lyrics from singer Tom: "Escapism" is about the vicious circle of giving up and having to start over, only to hit the ground again. In these songs I talk about the things that I went through and how I felt about it. Starting out like all teenagers uncertain and anxious sinking to the blackest depths of major depression it's a journey through my mind. It will not be the most touching story you'll ever hear. But I can assure you it's real." "Escapism" is personal and deeply honest. There's no doubt that these five friends have poured their hearts into these tracks. They've come up with the perfect way to express their emotions through their music. Raw and sincere, you'll do more than hear these songs... you'll feel them. On colored vinyl.
LP, 10.00€


The God Complex LP Assault

Good things come to those who wait... After numerous delays (don't ask), the third and possibly strongest LP from ANOTHER BREATH is finally available. Eleven new tracks sees the band treading new ground musically and lyrically. A lot of thought went into creating 'The God Complex' and it certainly shows. You might be surprised to hear some rock influences, but make no mistake- 'The God Complex' is a hardcore record first and foremost, honesty and passion abounds. The sincere and personal lyrics dig deep in their search for answers in this world of uncertainty. They are the threads that hold everything together, providing a path for your journey into 'The God Complex'. Emotional and challenging, this is definitely more than the sum of its parts. ANOTHER BREATH are back and I couldn't be happier with the result. With a record like this, we decided to give it the deluxe treatment. 'The God Complex' has been pressed on colored vinyl, housed in heavy carboard covers. Each record comes with a poster/lyric insert and downloadcode.
LP, 10.00€


Not Now, Not Ever LP Assault

Hailing from Fulton, NY, ANOTHER BREATH play honest, sincere and intelligent hardcore with intelligent lyrics. Great riffs, powerful chorus parts and a keen sense of melody are the ingredients for their songs which are filled with raw energy and passion. They're probably the best band that you've never heard of. Their unique blend of fast, yet melodic hardcore has a definite rock influence to it, at times reminding me of The Disaster and maybe even a little Kid Dynamite, without being derivative. This isn't just another hardcore record, this is an expression of friendship and love for music. So much so, that you can actually feel their urgency and emotional involvement, making ANOTHER BREATH stand out amongst their contemporaries. Tracks 1-8 were recorded at God City in Boston with Kurt Ballou, songs 9-12 (exclusive to the vinyl version) were recorded at Watchmen Studios by Doug 'Pearly' White. Both recordings perfectly capure the bands essence and their joy at doing something that means the world to them. Limited colored vinyl while stocks last. CD version available from Rival records.
LP, 10.00€


Fathers & Sons LP Assault

We're happy to announce the sophomore full length release for South Carolina's own AT HALF-MAST. The new full length LP is a further improvement of their powerful sound and original songwriting. Comparisons aren't that easy to make, because they've developed a sound of their own, but if you imagine modern hardcore influenced by Shai Hulud and Comeback Kid you won't be very wrong about what AT HALF-MAST sound like. Split release with Goodwill Records. CD version available from Words Of War Records. Colored vinyl in stock.
LP, 9.50€


Bystanders LP Assault

Listening to "Bystanders", the sophomore release from BRIDGES LEFT BURNING, prepare to be surprised. Musically, this is a highly successful blend of modern harcore and old school sounds, bound by powerful melodies, infused with a sense of urgency and filled with passion. Imagine VERSE and JUST WENT BLACK rolled into one. Wearing their hearts on their sleeves, "Bystanders" is fiercely political. Favoring literate and intelligent lyrics over sloganeering, these guys make it abundantly clear that this is more than music. Covering topics like human rights and the plight of refugees, personal responsibility and the consequences of capitalism unbound, there's anger and rage aplenty. But this isn't a resigned acceptance of the status quo. It's a wake-up call to action, fueled by the unwavering belief in the power (of people) to change and transform themselves and others. Refuse. Revolt. Resist."Bystanders" features guest vocals from Greg Bennick (Trial) and is available on colored vinyl, housed in thick cardstock covers. To accomodate the lyrics and ideas explored, this LP includes a 28-page booklet with lyrics, essays and recommendations for further reading.
LP, 12.00€


Tragedy 7-Inch Assault

The follow-up to their debut LP 'Black Friday' brings us five new tracks of hardcore fury from this Michigan powerhouse. They've added a little more variety, without losing their trademark sound that should appeal to fans of modern hardcore. Powerful and in your face, they've got plenty of sing-alongs and enough melodies to make this a worthy successor to 'Black Friday'. This is a split release with Saw Her Ghost Records from the US. FINALLY IN STOCK!
7-Inch, 4.00€


Tragedy MCD Assault

The follow-up to their debut LP 'Black Friday' brings us five new tracks of hardcore fury from this Michigan powerhouse. They've added a little more variety, without losing their trademark sound that should appeal to fans of modern hardcore. Powerful and in your face, they've got plenty of sing-alongs and enough melodies to make this a worthy successor to 'Black Friday'. This is a split release with Saw Her Ghost Records from the US.Colored vinyl, limited to 250 copies.
MCD, 4.00€


Black Friday LP/CD Assault/ SHG

Eleven tracks of amazingly powerful old school hardcore with a new school flare. Positive lyrics compliment traditional breakdowns with intense, melodic, and catchy riffs. This is their incredibly accomplished debut release and is strongly recommended for fans of modern hardcore like MLIW or DEAD HEARTS. Hailing from Michigan and featuring ex-members of Comeback Kid, BROTHERS come at you with nothing less than the perfect mix of brutality, energy, and melody. Passionate, moving and full of energy, 'Black Friday' demands your attention and leaves you breathless. Yes, it's that good. On colored vinyl.
LP/CD, 10.00€


Finding A Balance LP Assault/ Blackjaw

Hailing from Glen Burnie, Maryland, Counting The Days give us 'Finding A Balance.' 12 tracks and 31 minutes of passionate, aggressive and inspiring modern hardcore. At once you realize that these songs come straight from their hearts, as they're filled with passion. Angry and desperate, but never losing hope. 'Finding A Balance' is nothing less than a treasure trove of hardcore anthems filled with tons of sing-along’s, grooves, and breakdowns. Lyrical subjects range from skateboarding to alienation to hating work and struggles with everyday life, issues we all can relate to. Heartfelt, moving and (in the end) uplifting, 'Finding A Balance' is emotional hardcore at its best, as fast as it is furious. If bands like American Nightmare, Count Me Out and Another Breath float your boat, you'd be a fool to miss out on COUNTING THE DAYS. Limited colored vinyl is available from Assault and Blackjaw Records.
LP, 10.00€


Perspectives CD Assault

DOTD's new full length entitled 'Perspectives', sees the band moving forward into a darker and heavier sound, both musically and lyrically, while keeping their trademark classic raw yet melodic hardcore/punk sound. Imagine Unbroken's heaviness, Tragedy's sense of urgency and Kid Dynamite's melodic sensibility rolled into one. Top it all off with the political and social awareness so much alive during the 90's hardcore scene and you get the idea of what 'Perspectives' sounds like. Coloed vinyl in stock! Split release with We Love Pandas Records, CD version available from Anchors Aweigh Records.
CD, 0.00€


A New Healing Process LP Assault

The debut full lenght from Portugal's Day Of The Dead finds the band picking up where they left off with their previous efforts. They've upped the ante and go for the throat with 12 tracks of explosive and unrelenting modern hardcore. Honest and sincere, 'A New Healing Process' eschews sloganeering and empty phrases in favour of socially relevant and intelligent lyrics. Laced with slick melodies and infused with the passion of five guys who never lost their faith in Hardcore as a medium to affect change, Day Of The Dead made sure that this is the record they'll be remembered for. Pissed off and politically aware, their aural assault will appeal to fans of everything from American Nightmare and Envy to Modern Life Is War. Get ready to dance, sing along and start to think about the decisions you make. The limited colored vinyl comes wrapped in thick gatefold sleeves.
LP, 10.00€


Demo 7" Assault

Six tracks of 80s inspired hardcore in the vein of SSD, Void, ect. Nasty, raw, pissed Boston area straight edge. Check this out if you're into bands like No Tolerance. Limited vinyl pressing of their amazing demo.
7", 5.00€


Black And White And Red All Over LP Assault

Lyrically dark and desperate, The Disaster come out of New York City with a blast of powerful and melodic hardcore with raspy forced singing. The music is classic hardcore with melodic sensibilities. THE DISASTER sound like the most incredible combination of KID DYNAMITE, IN MY EYES and AMERICAN NIGHTMARE. The hoarse vocals are hard and harsh. They fuel the music with angst-ridden lyrics about depression, death and other dismal outcomes. Great lyrics, fast-paced drumming, blazing guitars, and thumping bass propel this into a fireball of fury. Every song is short, unyielding, and lethal. While banging out straight-ahead adrenalized rhythms, The Disaster is capable of sneaking in gusts of catchy melody. Aggressive and vicious, THE DISASTER have delivered one emotionally fantastic release that emphasizes all that is right about having passion for hardcore ('color me colonial'), and all that is true about fatalistic thoughts in moments of utter despair ('an ode to a dawn that will never come'). Jaw-dropping artwork and packaging, along with the vibrant production top off a release that will turn some heads.
LP, 5.00€


s/t 7" Assault

Stemming from Oakland, Ca, DISCOURAGE is out of the gate, not with a bang, but with an explosion. The quartet draws influences from early 2000's hardcore such as CARRY ON, GO IT ALONE and VERSE. Their first proper EP, this self titled 7" promises six songs for fans of fast, pissed off, true to roots hardcore. A joint release between CoinToss Records (US), State of Mind Recordings (US), Assault Records (EU), and Speedowax Records (UK) this recording was done with Charles Chaussinand (Spirits, Test of Time, The Distance) and features hand drawn art by Bill Hauser complete with unique packaging thought up by the band. Each label has an individualized B-side label.
When asked about the single, Thoughts and Prayers, vocalist Eric Pocock said "Thoughts and Prayers is a call to action regarding gun control in America. We have mass shootings almost monthly, and it is now more important than ever that we don't let it become the norm. The focus of Discourage is social awareness and taking a stand against apathy, and that is reflected in Thoughts and Prayers. Musically, the track is straight forward, fast, and angry, mirroring the lyrical content."
This record is a split label release between 4 labels, CoinTossRecords and StateofMindRecordings in the US and Assault Records and SpeedoWax over seas. All the records are on black vinyl each label and band have a different stamp on the center B-side of the record.
7", 6.00€


The Rise LP Assault/ Cobra

The long awaited vinyl release of 'The Rise', the first full-length album from EMPTY VISION! Brought to you as a collaboration between ASSAULT RECORDS and COBRAXRECORDS, 'The Rise' contains eleven tracks of modern hardcore. After establishing themselves as an intense live band by playing shows all over Germany, EMPTY VISION are poised to take the world by storm with their latest recordings. From start to finish, this is a powerhouse of passionate and inspiring hardcore to rival the very best. Recorded in early 2006 at 'Die Tonmeisterei' studios (Just Went Black, A Traitor Like Judas) 'The Rise' is no slouch in the production department either. Add to that a slick looking gatefold cover with artwork done by 'Desperate Days design' (Just Went Black, Crucial Response, Ritual), and you know that this record will turn some heads and deservedly so. It's gonna be a HOT winter! Colored vinyl available through XSentientX.
LP, 10.00€


Something We Can Build... 7-Inch Assault

Five tracks of powerful straight edge hardcore from these nashville locals. The songs are direct and to the point, and you'll be fingerpointing and singing along in no time flat. If you're missing bands like THE FIRST STEP and YOUTH OF TOADY, look no further than ENOUGH. This urgent, no frills youth crew hardcore that leaves you wanting more. Available on yellow or black vinyl.
7-Inch, 4.00€


Discontent 7" Assault

Proudly sticking out like a sore thumb in the sludge-saturated hardcore scene of the Southern United States, Nashville, TN's ENOUGH return with a new four song 7" EP of fast Straight Edge Hardcore. These are the band's tightest songs to date, and while they are undeniably influenced by genre pioneers such as Youth of Today, Bold and Turning Point, the material is executed with a sense of urgency and sincerity that sets it apart from the seemingly endless array of carbon copies. With the Discontent EP, ENOUGH are poised to not only breathe new life into Youth Crew the same way that In My Eyes and The First Step did in the not so distant past, but become the torch bearers of the genre for a new generation of X'ed up misfits. Glued pocket sleeves and colored vinyl make this a standout release.
7", 5.00€


s/t LP Assault

Hailing from Braddock/Brooklyn and featuring current and former members of CREEM, Natural Law, and R.A.M.B.O., Hounds Of Hate play unrepentantly straight edge hardcore. The sounds on their debut LP are reminiscent of NYHC in the late 80's, bringing to mind bands like Sick Of It All, Life's Blood and Warzone. This is bleak and  stomping midtempo hardcore with some Oi influences and a strong "us vs them" attitude. Don't miss out if you're into HARDCORE.
LP, 10.00€


Desperate Fight LP Assault

The sex positive, queer, vegan straight edge and vehemently anti-capitalisthardcore band from Malmö strikes back! With a mouth full of war on the scene they're a part of, and of course also on the rest of our damned society, IRON sets the wheels of change in motion with the pureness of fast and political hardcore punk. "Desperate Fight" is the follow-up to their "Sex Positive Hardcore" EP and it packs a punch. This release will knock everyone down. For fans of: Final Exit, D.S.-13 and Vitamin X."Desperate Fight" is brought to you by the solid cooperation between Monument, Assault, Mosh Potatoes and Judas Cradle.
LP, 11.00€


Dead Ends 12-Inch Assault

Six new tracks of heartfelt and passionate hardcore from jaded old men. Following the trail of dead bands, these guys still got what it takes to write intense songs laced with their signature melodies. Eventhough this is their fifth record, their songs are as passionate as ever, maybe even more so. These new tracks serve as a reminder of what makes Just Went Black so special. It's the ability to express feelings of angst and despair in beautiful and emotional songs that pull the listener into their world. You're invited to be a part of this, so journey with them down into these "Dead Ends". To make this extra special, all records come housed in custom-made covers, on clear vinyl and with a silkscreened B-side, making this a pleasure for ears and eyes alike.
12-Inch, 10.00€


Crossroads 7-Inch Assault

Four new tracks of passionate and melodic hardcore from JWB are definitely a cause to celebrate. They've managed to create their own sound and the new tracks are no exception. Haunting melodies, harsh vocals and a sense of urgency- these tracks hit all the right spots. If you're familiar with these guys, you owe it to yourself to check this out, and if you've just crawled out from under a rock, this is your chance to discover what's hailed by more than a few as germany's best hardcore band. Colored vinyl in stock!
7-Inch, 4.00€


Embracing Emptiness 10-Inch Assault

After their highly acclaimed full length release 'Tides' in 2005, Hamburg’s Just Went Black return with their brand new 10inch EP, 'Embracing Emptiness'. Passion is the name of the game and these six new songs leave nothing to be desired: raging fury and sheer power, as well as fragile melodies and moments packed with pure emotion. This is pure hardcore punk rock, and nothing else. Or wait a second - maybe it’s a lot more?! Devastating, ugly…and stunningly beautiful. We're doing out best to give this the deluxe vinyl treatment: heavy cardstock covers and printed inner sleeves. Colored vinyl in stock!
10-Inch, 8.00€