split LP Twisted Chords

New songs from AMEN 81 and NEIN NEIN NEIN are living proof that hc/punk with german lyrics can actually work. Six new tracks from AMEN 81, fast, pissed and punk as fuck. Angry and feral without compromise, but above all, authentic. NEIN NEIN NEIN hold their own by offering their fastest tracks yet, a little more hardcore, but still punk, their tracks are direct and to the point. These guys know how to write kick-ass songs with heart and brains and enough anger to keep it all together. Very well done.
LP, 10.00€


Forever After Nothing LP Victory

A scathing blast of early Agnostic Front meets Negative Approach mayhem from this Southern California group featuring members of Outspoken, A Chorus Of Disapproval and Insted. Now available on colored vinyl. LP includes a free MP3 download.
LP, 19.50€


Dear Furious LP Victory

A18 took everything that made late 1980s hardcore special and added new depth to it. Each song was a testament to a life-long struggle of personal growth and self-acceptance. Always focusing their own trials and tribulations on to creating a positive outlet for their pain, the message of A18 was not to wallow, but to face your problems head on and never give in to obstacles. Now available on colored vinyl. LP includes a free MP3 download.
LP, 19.50€


DVD Rhino

'The History Of American Punk Rock 1980-1986' Inspired by Steven Blush's book of the same name, 'American Hardcore' features never-before-seen live footage from Black Flag, Minor Threat, Bad Brains, MDC, SSD, DOA, DRI, The Adolescents, 7 Seconds and many more, plus exclusive interviews with punk icons like Henry Rollins, Ian MacKaye, Keith Morris and H.R. Special features on the DVD include an audio commentary with the filmmakers, deleted scenes, bonus musical performances, and a photo gallery. I'm gonna special order these, but I need your preorder now.
DVD, 25.00€


s/t LP Rise

Forming in 1998, American Nightmare was a staple in the Boston, MA, hardcore community. After a long 15-year wait, fans are ecstatic to know that American Nightmare is back with new material. "American Nightmare" is the band's third full-length album and some of their strongest work to date. Vinyl version includes digital MP3 download card. On white vinyl.
LP, 24.00€


Life Support b/w Left For Dead 7" Deathwish

"Life Support" is a brand-new, two-song release from hardcore legends American Nightmare. The A-side contains the title track and confidently expands upon the jangly proto-punk leanings hinted at on previous releases while retaining their trademark angst. Having covered MC5, Black Flag, and the Germs, this should come as no surprise, while the B-side features a fantastic rendition of the classic "Left For Dead," originally recorded by Boston, MA's Lemonheads.
On colored vinyl.
7", 9.00€


State Of Grace b/w Should Have Died Young (Playing Rock And Roll) 7" Fat Wreck Chords

American Steel is back yet again with their first new music in nearly a decade. "State Of Grace" is quintessential American Steel - penetrating songs, soulful choruses, and smart, constantly progressing guitar work; guided by honest lyrics that melt into irresistible hooks which refuse to leave the listener's head. The one-two punch that is "State Of Grace" gives fans precisely what they have spent a decade yearning for.
7", 6.50€


7-Inch This Blessing

Phantom Pains (TX) and American Werewolves (OH) give us three new songs each highlighting the newest in horror styled punk and hardcore. Phantom Pains are ex-FFB, Final Plan, and My Luck and American Werewolves are ex-Final Plan (for the nerds out there) total Misfits style horror rock worship from these guys, which is quite awesome. I've been playing this for a few days straight now. On haunting purple or green vinyl.
7-Inch, 4.50€


Nasty Witch Rock LP La Vida Es Un Mus

After two 7" singles (on Sacred Bones and Toxic State), a flexi and demos galore, Nuke York's ANASAZI finally unleash their debut album on La Vida Es Un Mus in Europe and Toxic State in America. 'Nasty Witch Rock' comes from the dirty, rotten and seedier side of New York. The album is built on raw energy, passion and intensity. The sound is blown out with distorted and echoey guitar work akin to Fire Of Love era GUN CLUB , pounding tribal drum patterns and a vocalist who oozes violence and desperation. If you have 'In The Flat Field' era BAUHAUS, TSOL or CHRISTIAN DEATH in your collection or loved it when the early 80's UK anarcho bands added a bit of goth edge to their sound then ANASAZI is a must hear.The 180 gsm vinyl comes housed in a heavy weight sleeve including a 16 page small booklet and an A1 poster. 
LP, 14.00€


Recovery LP Refuse

Hailing from the punk, metal and hardcore hotbed of Sweden/Norway, Anchor bring a heavy, aggressive hardcore sound with howled vocals and devastating mosh parts, but not without its speed and urgency, taking cues from bands like Judge, Entombed, Skitsystem and Verse. Members have done time in The Smackdown, Balance, Dead Vows, Damage Control and Set My Path, and their message is one of compassion and awareness. Brand new full length "Recovery" is a natural progression from their previous work. The new ground entered with Relations of Violence (Refuse Records, 2009) has been further explored. The outcome is a record that sounds harder, filthier and yet more emotional than anything they done before. 11 new songs were recorded Studio Bengt in Lund, Sweden. Guest vocals by Sean Murphy (Verse) and Johan Hurtig (Balance). "Recovery" LP is coming out in a solid gatefold with a 20-page full color booklet.
LP, 11.00€


The Singles Collected LP Stae Of Mind

From the ashes of Damage Control and Set My Path, Sweden's Anchor play a heavy and aggressive blend of '90s-style metal/hardcore that brings to mind bands like Trial and Refused. This record compiles 11 songs of passionate, straight edge, heart-filled hardcore culled from their "Relations Of Violence" 7", "Captivity Songs" EP and split with The Kind That Kills. LP includes digital download.
LP, 12.00€


Captivity Songs 7-Inch Drastic Actions

Sprung from, and deeply engaged in the independent music community as well as the anarchist and animal liberation-movement of Gothenburg, here’s Sweden’s new hope: ANCHOR! Their first release manifests a band with an alarming need, to not only be creative and scream and shout but more importantly also to reach out and communicate ideas and feelings in an adequate way. All of this together makes ANCHOR a band to be reckoned with for a long time in the future. Reinstate your hearts!
7-Inch, 4.00€


Recovery LP React!

Anchor is a hardcore band with members spread out all over Scandinavia, yet keeping up a relentless tour schedule, always with an urge to do and see more. I’ve know these guys for years and have the deepest respect for their message, passion, and integrity so I’m amped to have them on the label. Recovery is Anchor's second full length, and the band’s debut release on React! records. This is the North American version of the album, with the European version already out on Refuse Records. Call it 90's hardcore if you will, and you might be right, but there are hints here and there of the Scandinavian heritage. Weather it's a catchy melody a'la Millencolin, or a crushing riff flirting more with the Swedish death metal scene than anything else, Anchor is bringing it all together nicely on this LP.
LP, 12.00€


Captivity Songs 7" Drastic Actions

From the ashes of Damage Control and Set My Path, Sweden's&nbsp;ANCHOR&nbsp;play a heavy and aggressive blend of '90s-style metal/hardcore that brings to mind bands like Trial and Refused.&nbsp;<span>This is their first release!USED item, preorder version /100</span>
7", 15.00€


split 7-Inch Monument

Two new songs from vegan straight edge powerhouses ANCHOR is a cause for celebration and all the incentive you should need to add this split ep to your collection. But guess what? TKTK are worth a spin as well. They're a hardcore quintet hailing from Stockholm, Sweden playing a style of contemporary hardcore with plenty of melodies that brings to mind bands like Betrayed, Champion and Count Me Out. Available on colored vinyl!
7-Inch, 4.00€


split 7" Monument

<span>The Kind That Kills and Anchor got together to prove a point: hardcore is more than just tags and labels. The members of both groups have known each other for almost ten years, playing in different bands together, sleeping at each other's houses and going to the same shows. Anchor, a metallic hardcore powerhouse, and The Kind That Kills, with their fast paced hardcore, prove that there is a new breed of hardcore coming out of Sweden.USED copy on white w/ black splatter vinyl.</span>
7", 2.50€


Both Demos 7" Climbin' Aboard

For the first time on vinyl, BOTH demos from Toronto's Ancient Heads. No muss, no fuss, just fast and intense youth crew styled hardcore made by true believers. As seen in Mosher's Delight. For fans of Chain of Strength, Floorpunch and the Beyond demos. We can't wait to see what these slammers come up with next. On colored vinyl.
7", 6.00€


It Can't Rain Forever 7" React!

Ancient Heads formed in Toronto, Canada in 2012 with a simple but ambitious goal: to play straight edge hardcore that's as direct as Floorpunch, as ineffably powerful as Chain Of Strength and as timeless and durable as both bands. "It Can't Rain Forever" is the achievement of this goal, capturing seven tracks of pure hardcore with no pretense. 7" includes digital download. I have a few copies on colored vinyl.
7", 7.00€


split 7" Trashed

And Down Goes Frazier, from Virginia Beach, VA is an old-school youth crew-flavored hardcore band that plays a style similar to that of Youth Of Today, Floorpunch, SSD, etc. Hailing from Washington, DC, In My Way play an angry style of old school hardcore for fans of Judge and Blacklisted, playing countless shows and fests on the East Coast and have previously released a now-out-of-print EP on A389 Records. 2nd hand
7", 3.00€


A.D. LP React!

Angel Dust is an American hardcore band from Baltimore, MD formed in 2012. Traces of influence from bands like Bad Brains, The Stooges, Poison Idea, Black Flag and Misfits are apparent, yet Angel Dust manages to contribute something truly unique that could have only come out of Baltimore. Their first full-length, "A.D.," is due for release on Reaper Records; twelve tracks recorded with Brian McTernan (The Explosion, In My Eyes, Polar Bear Club) that blur the lines between punk, hardcore, rock and pop. Now available on vinyl. Vinyl version includes digital download. I have a few copies on colored vinyl, but those are 15 Euros.
LP, 13.00€