Find Your Way 7-Inch Six Feet Under

Hailing from Western Massachusetts, ALERT play classic youth crew inspired straight edge hardcore with a slight melodic touch vocally. Think Youth Of Today/True Colors meets Uniform Choice. FIND YOUR WAY is their second EP and features 5 new songs recorded at Dead Air Studios by Will Killingsworth.
7-Inch, 6.00€


2016 7" Warthog Speak

Second EP from hardcore's best-kept secret - Halifax, Nova Scotia's Alienation. Eleven tracks of venom-flinging, neck-snapping, raging thrash that's equal parts Negative FX, (early) Poison Idea and some ripping Swedish shit, taking the fury of 2015's 12" EP and ramping up the intensity without losing the riffs. Limited edition of 250 copies.
7", 7.00€


2015 Mini LP 12" Warthog Speak

Straight-up stunning follow-up to a couple great demos from this Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada HC unit. Thirteen flashes of brilliant hardcore that touches on the best of '80s US hardcore as much as it does the Hudiksvall scene (Missbrukarna, Totalitar, Huvudtvatt, etc.). The Alienation sound exists in a similar orbit as recent greats Gas Rag, but faster.
12", 14.50€


Bitter Reality 7" Warthog Speak

"Bitter Reality," the third vinyl psalm in the Alienation gospel is a harsher, faster, and more abrasive yoke than the Halifax bad bois have yet to strap into. Eleven tracks of raw-skinned, breakneck, stop-'n'-go, thrashing exhaustion with the hooks hidden a little deeper than on previous outings, resulting in a much deeper wound when the sharpest blades of quality riffage tear out of the screaming, steady darkness of this hellish blaze. It's bands like this and Nosferatu that really keep modern hardcore exciting. Limited edition of 250 copies.
7", 7.50€


My Shame Is True LP Epitaph

It's been 14 years since Alkaline Trio released their first full-length album, "Goddamnit." In that time, they've toured the world, sold over a million records and expanded their sound beyond their original straight-ahead punk style, incorporating more melody and production. Now with "My Shame Is True," their eighth studio album, Alkaline Trio has honed their songwriting craft to a new high, coming with their strongest set of songs to date. With producer extraordinaire Bill Stevenson (member of All, Descendents, Black Flag, producer of As I Lay Dying, Rise Against, NOFX, Against Me! and many more) at the dials, the album has all the crunch and verve of classic pop punk. Coming off the much-lauded "This Addiction," which the LA Times hailed as the "band's best album in years," Alkaline Trio will awe old and new fans alike with their continued quest for pop punk perfection. Vinyl version includes free CD of this entire album.
LP, 17.00€


Miles & Memories LP DRA

ALL FOR NOTHING, hailing from Rotterdam deliver a bombshell with their debut album with "Miles & memories". With 12 tracks of raw old-school Hardcore-Punk that rarely pass the 2 and a half minute mark, ALL FOR NOTHING stick to their strengths of writing short blasts of intense, passionate Hardcore that sway between melodic driving riffs and crunching metallic breakdowns."Miles & memories" is an energetic album, rife with sing-along choruses and anthems galore whilst oozing a positive vibe that will no doubt induce circle-pits, stage dives and destruction of venues all over Europe and the world. ALL FOR NOTHING draw on elements of all genres and blend them together to create a record that everyone can find something they can get into.
LP, 12.00€


split LP Emancypunx

The name NAKED AGGRESSION probably rings a bell or two in hall you punk rock fans. The band from Los Angeles was formed as a music protest and manifestation against the first Persian Gulf War. Some twenty years and another Gulf war later the band continue with their direct straight-in-the-face political punk rock fronted by the charismatic Kirsten Patches. Her energy gives you faith in your own strength in the ongoing fight against social inequalities, hegemony, corruption and conservative and religious bigots.Their a bit younger counterpart ALL OR NOTHING H.C. has been conquering the scene for the last ten years and equals their friends from Naked Aggression in terms of power on stage and social engagement. Coming from California, the band plays energetic hardcore punk accompanied by the strong vocals of Renae Bryant. In their music they don?t hesitate to deal with social and political problems affecting us all.
LP, 10.00€


Truth In The Age Of Lies LP Organized Crime

Formed in 1991, All Out War quickly started releasing demos and EPs to much praise in the underground scene, but it was not until 1995 that the band recorded their debut full-length, "Truth In The Age Of Lies." Soon after the release of this groundbreaking album, their label folded and it became a highly-sought after underground rarity. Now 15 years later, Organized Crime Records is proud to be able to re-release this crossover classic with expanded packaging and bonus tracks. Vinyl version includes digital download of LP plus five additional tracks and is limited to 500 copies. On colored vinyl.
LP, 13.00€


Hymns Of The Apocalypse 7-Inch Trip Machine

This is the long awaited repress of the out of print 7" originally released on S.U.R. Records. These 2 songs from NY's All Out War were originally intended for an Astor Records NYHC compilation that never saw the light of day. All Out War is a punishing display of the aggression of hardcore crossed with the brutality of metal while avoiding the shortcomings of both genres. To get a taste of All Out War's musical style, envision Carcass colliding head on with "Age Of Quarrel" era Cro- Mags.
7-Inch, 4.50€


Assassins In The House Of God LP Victory

Inspired by late-'80s crossover bands such as Cro-Mags, S.O.D. and Slayer, All Out War rose out of the East Coast hardcore scene and trampled the world with its blend of scathing thrash metal and crushing hardcore. "Assassins In The House Of God" reaffirms their brand of speed metal riffs, chest-pounding blast beats and floor-clearing, pit-enducing breakdowns. Now available again on colored vinyl. Vinyl version includes a free MP3 download.
LP, 15.00€


Into The Killing Fields LP Victory

Inspired by late-'80s crossover bands such as Cro-Mags, S.O.D. and Slayer, All Out War rose out of the East Coast hardcore scene and trampled the world with its blend of scathing thrash metal and crushing hardcore. "Into The Killing Fields" reaffirms their brand of breakneck speed metal riffs, hard-as-nails blast beats and floor clearing, pit-inducing breakdowns. As expected, All Out War's lyrical content provides scornful commentary on religious corruption, society and politics. Now available again on colored vinyl. Vinyl version includes a free MP3 download.
LP, 15.00€


Condemned To Suffer LP Victory

New York's All Out War is a punishing display of the aggression of hardcore crossed with the brutality of metal while avoiding the shortcomings of both genres. To get a taste of All Out War's musical style, envision Slayer's "Reign In Blood" colliding head on with "Age Of Quarrel"-era Cro-Mags. Now available again on colored vinyl. Vinyl version includes a free MP3 download.
LP, 15.00€


Give Us Extinction LP Organized Crime

For over 25 years, All Out War proves that age has only honed the band's capabilities on "Dying Gods" and drove the band to look toward to the next chapter in "Give Us Extinction." "Give Us Extinction" continues in the assault, but strives to unleash even more pummeling brutality. "Give Us Extinction," like the timelessly brutal albums "For Those Who Were Crucified" and "Dying Gods," was engineered and produced by Steve Evetts (Hatebreed, Turmoil, Buried Alive, Suicide Silence) and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Studios in New York. Vinyl version includes download card. On colored vinyl.
LP, 17.50€


Young Love 12-Inch Panic

Born under the influence of bands like California predecessors The Nerve Agents and emotional hardcore trailblazers American Nightmare, All Teeth have forged their own brand of unabashedly emotional, heavy music. Gut wrenching accounts of desperation, loneliness, detachment and hopelessness characterize "Young Love" from start to finish. Perfectly positioned over diversely intricate and equally heavy melody, All Teeth's lyricist David Kelling's moving words are delivered with such cunning honesty that it is impossible for even the most jaded critic to deny his sincerity. Now available on vinyl with a hand screened B-side. Vinyl version includes digital download.
12-Inch, 11.00€


s/t 7-Inch Clue#2

Looking to return to the music and ideals that brought them to punk and hardcore in the 1st place, ALL THROUGH A LIFE play driving, impassioned, stripped down hardcore, drawing influence from bands like SHOTMAKER and ORCHID, this is a return to the '80s and '90s emotional hardcore that inspired them to pick up instruments and have a voice in music to begin with. Featuring an original cover painting by Jeremy Forson, on heavy gram, green colored vinyl.
7-Inch, 4.00€


Time's Up, You're Dead LP Bridge Nine

Four of some of hardcore's most important names from both coasts got together to finally bring back that early '80s hardcore sound, and this sound is called The Alligators. Featuring members Roger Miret (Agnostic Front), Rich Labbate (Insted), Steve Larson (Insted) and Barret Burt (Insted), The Alligators sound a bit like something that might've been filed in between Agnostic Front's landmark efforts "United Blood" and "Victim In Pain," and is undoubtedly an old-school hardcore band. The Alligators wear their influences on their sleeve, tipping their hats to bands like SSD, Antidote, Negative Approach, Poison Idea, Scream and more. Vinyl version includes digital download. On colored vinyl.
LP, 13.00€


Kiss Dreams Goodbye 7-Inch Refoundation

Four songs (and a intro) of passionate modern melodic old school hardcore in the vein of Inside Out / The Get Up Kids / Verse / Turning Point / Unbroken. Alone could be a ringer for SIRENS, so if you like their sound, check this out. Intense, melodic and sincere. They're touring soon!
7-Inch, 4.00€


s/t 7" Atomic Action

Finally reissued on yellow vinyl exclusive to Rev and limited to 300 copies, this 7" is the only output from the legendary Alone In A Crowd, who featured Jules from Side By Side on vocals and Lars of Judge and Uppercut fame among others. They played one show at The Anthrax in Connecticut with Judge and Chain Of Strength and then vanished, leaving behind nothing but memories and this 7" recording whose original pressing fetches tall sums on online auctions. 7" includes digital download. On colored vinyl.
7", 6.00€


Sink 7" Bridge Nine

"Sink" is the first taste of Alpha And Omega's forthcoming full-length, No Rest, No Peace, a metallic hardcore juggernaut. This 7" single is a one time pressing of 500 copies on clear vinyl with a 2 color screenprinted B side. This looks awesome.
7", 6.00€


No Rest, No Peace LP Bridge Nine

Los Angeles, CA's Alpha & Omega was formed in 2007 by a group of friends who shared a mutual admiration of hardcore and metal such as Cro-Mags, Crowbar, All Out War, Stigmata, Integrity, Leeway and Metallica. Alpha & Omega will be releasing their second studio full-length produced by Chad Gilbert (New Found Glory). Alpha & Omega doesn't hold back on "No Rest, No Peace," this album is packed with riffs, chugs and sing-alongs. Vinyl version includes digital download. On colored vinyl.
LP, 14.00€


s/t 7" Katorga

Originating from Newbridge, NJ, Altered Boys play a supreme brand of hardcore that's heavily inspired by fast, early 2000s NJHC (Tear It Up, Down In Flames) that has helped rejuvenate a once (temporarily) stagnant scene into something that is, once more, interesting and vital. This EP, their vinyl debut, builds upon the sound of their demo and their appearance on the legendary Omegas' "Joy Boy Mix Part Three" comp with superior recording quality and songwriting.
7", 5.00€


Left Behind b/w Choosing Sides 7" Mad At The World

In the spring of 2013, New Jersey's Altered Boys quickly followed up their debut 7"s on Katorga Works and Deranged with a two-song cassette on New Jersey cassette label Bleeding Edges. It was limited to 250 copies and sold out quickly. But damn was this a good package: incredible artwork and two bona-fide ragers - a mid paced stomper on side A and a fast thrasher on side B - now available on vinyl. If you're not already familiar with Altered Boys, they play a raw and vigorous style of hardcore that recalls the period of the early 2000s when the likes of Tear It Up and Shark Attack sped things up and reinjected a healthy dose of punk into your hardcore. Limited edition of 500 copies.
7", 6.00€