Do You Remember When 7-Inch Sell Our Souls

Hailing from Sacramento, the capital of sunny California, ACTIONS ASIDE play dedicated and full of passion hardcore. Great sing along parts, driven melody and energy to hold it all together. The impressive chors parts are another standout of this impressive debut. Green splatter vinyl in stock.
7-Inch, 4.50€


Traditions LP Indecision

This release is comprised of all the missing pieces in the Adamantium puzzle. This has all the recordings outside of their full lengths made with the original line up. It includes several compilation tracks, their debut 7", and 3 tracks that were never before released.
Limited to 200 copies.
LP, 25.00€


s/t CS Flatspot

Adrenaline arrives with six new anthems on their debut, bursting with intense grooves and explosive energy, and heavily influenced by the likes of iconic hardcore veterans Vision Of Disorder, Bad Brains, Crown Of Thornz, and Burn. The band's style surges with the vibrant but streetwise sound of their hometown scene, citing Trapped Under Ice, Turnstile, and Queensway, the latter of which shares three of Adrenaline's four members - vocalist Jack Compton, guitarist Alex Fuller, and drummer Phil Hanle - the lineup completed with guitarist Joseph Scott. Adrenaline was recorded and mixed by Len Carmichael at Landmine Studios, produced and mastered by the band. Cassette includes digital download.
CS, 6.50€


s/t 7" Vitriol

On Adult Books' debut 7", they bust out four songs of power-poppy, Ramones-y, Marked Men-ish radicality. Coming from a different angle than their Los Angeles, CA, rock 'n' roll contemporaries in that they can actually tune their guitars, play their instruments and write killer songs, this three-piece has been playing around for some time and shares one member with Children of God. Limited edition of 400 copies.
7", 6.50€


Unfinished Business LP Standards

On "Unfinished Business," their debut 12" EP, Adult Crash plays a powerful brand of hardcore with the dramatic, rhythmic build-ups of Bl'ast!, the concrete-thick guitar work of SS Decontrol, the blunt vocal delivery of early Agnostic Front and some left-of-center thrash flourishes a la Septic Death. Far more than just a Frankenstein monster of well-tread influences, Adult Crash has a seamless, naturally flowing sound that can only come from veterans who have truly internalized the craft of hardcore songwriting. Featuring a cadre of San Diego/Chula Vista, CA HC veterans, including Tim Gonzalez of Amenity and House Of Suffering, Adult Crash has the credentials and musicianship to convincingly deliver their unique sonic onslaught in spades. 12" EP includes digital download.
LP, 11.50€


book book & 7" Vicious Circle

Adult Crash 2 is the follow-up to 2008's Adult Crash hardcore/punk photobook. This second book is bigger than the first, with 144 pages of photos and anecdotes, compared to the first Adult Crash that was only 88 pages. The first book was all photos taken by Dave Brown, starting in the late '80s. The new book is a compilation of photos taken by photographers from both coasts, going back to the early '80s. The book also contains anecdotes written by musicians, photographers, and other notable people from the punk/hardcore scene. Eerie Von from Samhain/Danzig, Kevin Seconds from 7 Seconds, John Stabb from Government Issue, Ron Guardipee from Brotherhood/Overkill Records, Theo Kogan from The Lunachicks, Matt Warnke from Bold, Chris Daily from Smorgasbord Records, and other folks wrote about what the adult crash means to them. Also included with the new book is a four-track 7" featuring Violent Reaction, Barge, Night Birds, and Government Warning. Each band covers a song by an older band that influenced their sound and all songs are unreleased/exclusive to this EP.
book & 7", 25.00€


Pain & Suffering 12" Bridge Nine

Six years since calling it quits, North Carolina's Advent has returned and are as fierce as ever. Originally rising from the ashes of Beloved, Advent churns out brutally heavy, metal-infused hardcore. "Pain & Suffering" is their first recorded output since 2009's "Naked & Cold" (Solid State Records) and proves that Advent is back and more focused than ever. Vinyl version includes digital download. On colored vinyl.
12", 16.00€


Clear My Head With You 7" No Sleep

Pittsburgh, PA's Adventures features members Jami, Reba and Joe from reputable Deathwish Records hardcore band Code Orange Kids who, along with friends Kimi and Dominic, formed in early 2012. While Code Orange Kids is known for their torrential hardcore, Adventures dial back the ferocity by blending their punk and hardcore roots with passion-fueled indie-punk riffs and Reba and Joe's raw vocals, resulting in an emotionally cathartic experience. Adventures will release their second EP, "Clear My Head With You," via No Sleep Records. 7" includes digital download. On colored vinyl.
7", 6.00€


Rest Your Head 7" Mayfly

"Rest Your Head" is Ages' follow-up to their debut LP, "Sleep On It." This release sees Ages add an indie rock influence to their blend of pop punk and melodic hardcore. 7" includes digital download and is limited to 500 copies on colored vinyl.
7", 6.00€


Morgengrauen LP Adagio830

"born out of frustation or pure boredom afterlife kids will deliever you with their own brew of angst laden 90's worshipping hardcore with a tip of good old mosh. no tough guy images, no rockstar shit, no fashion ... just songs that they need to play. coming from diy bands such as henry fonda, eyedestroyed, jane hoe, call me betty, theory joe, a bit of braindead and the mustard chronicles, these 4 nerds know their shit and play it well. this reminds of the wave of brutal 90s bands from germany ( loxiran , linsay , abyss , aclys , lebensreform ... ) without being a copycat."
LP, 10.00€


Never Forget CD Courage To Care

Straight out of the UK comes Affirmation, playing straight edge-styled hardcore in the vein of recent favorites Carry On and Count Me Out. Intelligent, melodic hardcore from Birmingham reminiscent of Turning Point (there's a cover of 'Broken' on here as well). This CD includes the new EP and their demo, 11 songs total.
CD, 8.00€


7-Inch Dine Alone

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION JACKSON are a piss-take hardcore thrash band whose music has all the snotty attitude you could ever hope for. If you dig bands whose middle fingers are waving at all time but still know how to wield their instruments and rip through some first-rate thrash, this is for you. Almost everyone of these songs was recorded on the first take and the raw delivery is the icing on the cake. Instead of the hyperthrashing sound that is all the rage today, AAJ are more reminiscent of the early 80s sound that would later be known as power violence. SOUND OF FAILURE deliver screaming emo hardcore songs that bring to mind Usurp Synapse and early era Jeromes Dream. The SKEWBALD cover points the way.
7-Inch, 4.00€


All Hallows 10" Nitro

Originally released in 1999, AFI's "All Hallow's E.P." has long been the Holy Grail among fans of the band. Out of print since its initial, limited edition release, it has been the subject of countless, daily "when will 'All Hallow's' be re-released on vinyl?" inquiries, with fans even going so far as to circulate a petition campaigning for its release. This special orange vinyl reissue commemorates the 15th anniversary of the title and includes a cover of the Misfits song "Halloween."
10", 14.00€


AFI (The Blood Album) LP Concord

 AFI returns with their tenth studio full-length, marking over two decades since the release of their first album. Over the decades their sound has progressed from fast, juvenile hardcore to a more mature, textured sound influenced by '80s greats like Bauhaus, Depeche Mode and The Cure as much as it is by hardcore and punk classics. LP includes download card. On colored vinyl.
LP, 24.00€


Dedication LP Bridge Nine

After The Fall has emerged with their fifth and best album to date, an earnest and proficiently played strain of technical, speedy melodies that hit that sweet spot between skate-punk and melodic hardcore. Recorded at The Blasting Room (Rise Against, NOFX, Alkaline Trio), the veterans pen a riffy and dynamic love letter to their influences and friends come and gone. For fans of Propagandhi, Descendents, Bad Religion, All and Black Flag. Now available on colored vinyl. Vinyl version includes digital download.
LP, 14.50€


Geisterhand 12" Twisted Chords

Born out of frustation or pure boredom afterlife kids will deliever you with their own brew of angst laden 90's worshipping hardcore punk with a tip of good old mosh. no tough guy images, no rockstar shit, no fashion ... just songs that they need to play. coming from diy bands such as henry fonda, eyedestroyed, jane hoe, call me betty, theory joe, a bit of braindead and the mustard chronicles, these 4 nerds know their shit and are burning for new places to discover and making new friends along the road.
12", 9.00€


Dumb And Unaware 7-Inch Grave Mistake

Like the bastard child of Sheer Terror and the Teen Idles, this is hardcore in all it's raw, ugly, depressive glory while staying true musically to the bands that laid the foundation for harDCore. I got a few more copies of their debut release on yellow vinyl.
7-Inch, 4.50€


Reinventing Axl Rose LP No Idea

"Against Me!'s Reinventing Axl Rose is an impressive debut that manages to combine fist-in-the-air singalong choruses, lagered-up rhythms, and urgent drumbeats with the underground, raw intensity these punks are known for live. It's a dynamic record that not only stands firm in its own right, but also hints at a propensity for songwriting in Tom Gabel -- the group's hoarse, politically conscious singer/songwriter -- just starting to be fully realized. From the rowdy, country-influenced drinking anthem "Pints of Guinness Make You Strong," to the somber closing notes of "8 Full Hours of Sleep," Against Me! performs every track with the passion of those who truly believe a song among friends can start a movement for change. The band's leftist political agenda is often offset by empowering social lyrics boasting sentiments of unity, individualism, and self-awareness. Tracks like the lively and rebellious "Those Anarcho Punks Are Mysterious..." declare that "We rock/Because it's us against them/We've found our own reasons to sing," while the album's title track urgently professes, "Everyone would leave with the memory that there was no place else in the world and this was where they always belonged." Often deviating from the standard punk musical blueprint, Against Me!'s blend of energetic folk/punk rock is nothing short of refreshing and engaging. Reinventing Axl Rose is a true classic that brings listeners right into the dirty basements and dive bars that birthed the band -- and serves as the foundation to where they would head next." -
LP, 12.00€


Transgender Dysphoria Blues LP Total Treble Music

Recorded at Studio 606, Earth Sound Studio, Motor Studio, Total Treble Studio and mixed by Billy Bush, "Transgender Dyphoria Blues" is an insightful and highly provocative 10-song offering written by frontwoman Laura Jane Grace, whose material examines one's grappling with gender dysphoria, the loss of a young friend and pure self discover, as well as love and ultimate acceptance. Featuring Grace's signature, explicit songwriting and dominant vocals, the album also features longtime guitarist/vocalist James Bowman, drummer Atom Willard and Fat Mike of NOFX on bass for "FUCKMYLIFE666" and "Unconditional Love."
LP, 16.50€


Awake In Their World 7-Inch Run For Cover

'Awake In Their World' is the follow-up to Agent's highly regarded 2006 debut. Ambitiously brimming with equal parts Long Island, NY hardcore, midwest emo, and melodic punk, it's clear Agent are treading uncharted waters in today's music scene. For fans of Promise Ring, Silent Majority, Crime In Stereo and Get Up Kids. Colored vinyl in stock.
7-Inch, 4.50€