Solid Words demo CD Cycle

THE CHALLENGE deliver some sweet mid 90's influenced hardcore. Original? Not really. But this is done with passion and integrity and some very nice chorus parts that I can't help but love it. A promising debut.
CD, 3.00€


Ripping/Pulling/Tearing 12" Pure Noise Entertainment

Nashville, TN, metalcore outfit Chamber has signed to Pure Noise, and before cranking out their debut full-length, they present this compilation of all of their previously released material pressed onto vinyl and CD, along with a new track. Despite not having a full-length out yet, the band has already attracted attention, touring alongside Judiciary, The Acacia Strain, Year Of The Knife, Old Wounds, and Seeyouspacecowboy. Vinyl version includes digital download.
On colored vinyl.
12", 16.00€


Time Slips Away LP Bridge Nine

Champion's first two EPs, 2001's "Come Out Swinging" and 2002's "Count Our Numbers," long out of print on vinyl, are now collectively available as one LP. Originally released as a twelve-song CD collection in 2005, the songs are back on vinyl for the first time in over eight years. For fans of Have Heart and Verse. Vinyl version includes digital download. On colored vinyl.
LP, 13.00€


Different Directions CD+DVD Bridge Nine

This DVD is a six-camera angle, professionally edited documentary of the last time Champion hit the stage. The sold out El Corazon in Seattle boasted almost 1,000 people in attendance for their final show. Complete with interviews with kids at the show, the band members, past members, footage from their earliest days and the entire show start to finish, this is a comprehensive look at a band that defined positive, energetic hardcore and toured the world for years on their own terms. Take all those crappy VHS tapes and throw them away because this is the ultimate hardcore live video that captures the energy, excitement, passion, and the fun of a hardcore show clear and from the middle of the fury with the professionally mixed and mastered 24 track soundboard audio.
CD+DVD, 12.00€


Closer Still LP React!

"Closer Still" is the debut LP from Change, the Pacific Northwest straight-edge band made up of Aram Arslanian, Chris Williams, Jeff Caffey, Mike Jurek, and Matt Bertell. The record is 13 songs of urgent hardcore influenced by Youth Of Today, Uniform Choice, Insted, Sportswear, Turning Point, and Embrace. Lyrically, "Closer Still" was written over a year and at its core is about coping with loss, anxiety, depression, and trying to make the changes needed to find a better path. LP includes digital download.
LP, 22.00€


Closer Still LP Refuse

"Closer Still" is the debut LP from Change, the Pacific Northwest straight-edge band made up of Aram Arslanian, Chris Williams, Jeff Caffey, Mike Jurek, and Matt Bertell. The record is 13 songs of urgent hardcore influenced by Youth Of Today, Uniform Choice, Insted, Sportswear, Turning Point, and Embrace. Lyrically, "Closer Still" was written over a year and at its core is about coping with loss, anxiety, depression, and trying to make the changes needed to find a better path. Now available again on colored vinyl.
LP, 15.00€


split 7-Inch Monument

Sweden's The Change cut loose with two new songs of hardcore the way it was meant to be played- rooted in a classic style and with energy, aggression and heart. Path Of No Return are way more on the heavy side of things, playing metallic hardcore with gruff vocals and moshparts galore. Nice cover artwork.
7-Inch, 2.50€


split 7" Blasphemour

4 tracks of angry 90s influenced hardcore. Chaos Order play heavy, occult inspired hardcore that should appeal to fans of Integrity, Gehenna and Touche Amore while Werewolf Congress play more melodic hardcore ala Verse, Counterparts and Comeback Kid. Limited to 200 copies.
7", 6.00€


s/t LP Pirates Press

Charger is driven by a love for '70s hard rock as much as it is the ever-present East Bay-sound that has shaped these musicians lives for decades. Defying all genre expectations and just plain bringing the rock - this powerful three-piece will undoubtedly take these incredible songs far and wide. If you are someone who enjoys the best of Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Motorhead, Dio, AC/DC, Metallica, Neurosis, High On Fire, and, of course, Rancid (or even one of those bands), listen up. Vinyl version includes digital download.
LP, 15.00€


s/t LP Sandblaster

Vinyl-version of their brandnew MCD on FILLED WITH HATE Records including their debut MCD 'We´re all broken' as bonus on Side B. Comes as limited coloured wax edition. These are ass-shaking heavy NYC styled Hardcore tracks. Solid chugging NYHC riffs team up with rough outstanding vocals, a backpack full of 2-step breakdowns and an awesome production. For kids digging stuff like DEATH THREAT, KILLING TIME, MADBALL, TERROR or upcoming new sounds like BORROWED TIME and Co.
LP, 10.00€


Volume 1: Souvenirs and Evidence LP Mad At The World

Following hot on the heels of EPs on Livewire Records and High Anxiety 416/ No Idea Records, Cheap Tragedies wastes no time in dropping an absolute rager of an LP. Comprised of some well- seasoned clevo vets, including a maniacal Tony Erba delivering his best vocal performance ever, they tear through 12 tracks of amped up, hardcore punk rock n roll on their debut Volume 1: Souvenirs and Evidence the way only Cleveland miscreants can. Recorded by Bill Korecky at Mars Studio (Face Value, Integrity, 9 Shocks Terror, Terror, etc), the sound is incendiary and justifies their reputation as 'hardcore arena rock destroyers'. First press packaged in a gatefold sleeve.
LP, 11.50€


EP 17 7" Irish Voodoo

What started off as an idea by a group of friends to kill time and have fun, manifested itself into a much needed and overdue Orange County punk revival movement. For over five years now, Chemical X has gathered a loyal following and spread their influence all over SoCal, not only to bring life back into a scene dominated and oversaturated by withering legends, drunk punks, and jocks disguised in camo shorts and band t's, but to also prove that punk's not dead, just evolving. Bringing a fresh, new sound that simultaneously pays homage to those who came before them, Chemical X is ready to take on the world. 7" includes digital download and is numbered out of 300 copies on colored vinyl.
7", 8.50€


We Set Fire To The Sky LP Vendetta

Children of god from california feature ex-members of graf orlock and seven generations; those guys play a brutal mix of neurosis styled slow music and grind and aggressive hardcore… it’s sick !
"We Set Fire To The Sky is different in more ways than I can describe. Not only has their sound evolved into something bigger and better but the way of writing lyrics was different. The theme of the record is isolation; feeling isolated as a human, feeling isolated as a species, and embracing that feeling."
listen to the children at:
LP, 10.00€


At Night 7" 6131

Some might not consider St. Louis, MO a hotbed for captivating music, yet Choir Vandals is among a new crop of bands from the city challenging such a notion. Their brand of alternative/indie rock caught the attention of many with the release of the impressive "Darker Things" EP in late 2013 and the momentum hasn't let up since. Soon after their debut surfaced, the band signed with 6131 Records and began crafting what would become their sophomore effort "At Night," an EP with four songs that all equally merit notice for their great songwriting and brooding catchiness. 7" includes download code. On colored vinyl.
7", 6.50€


Spent 7-Inch Seasick

Boston, MA basement favorite Choke Up is back with "Spent," a new, aggressive, frantic, yet melodic, 7". After numerous weekend tours and a full U.S. tour in support of their self- titled demo, Choke Up has begun planning multiple tours for the coming summer months. The new five-song record released by Seasick Records covers a lot of ground in a short amount of time. Ranging from abrasive punk with screamo sensibilities to stripped down folk with pop infusions, this young four-piece is sure to strike a chord with fans of Comadre, The Lawrence Arms, Rites Of Spring, Glass & Ashes, punk rock and hardcore.
7-Inch, 4.50€


s/t LP A389

The self-titled collection of early material acts as a companion to the Chokehold LP reissues. Compiling all of the band's early EPs and splits (completely remixed/remastered) alongside unreleased, compilation and select demo tracks available on vinyl for the first time. Completely remastered by Audiosiege. On colored vinyl.
LP, 17.50€


Prison Of Hope LP A389

The classic sophomore album by Canadian hardcore legends Chokehold is available once again. Thirteen tracks of politically charged metallic hardcore including a completely remixed version of the "Tooth And Nail" EP as bonus material. All completely remastered with a brand new layout and huge poster insert. On colored vinyl.
LP, 17.50€


Content With Dying LP A89

"Content With Dying" is thought to be the most crucial of Chokehold's releases as the nine songs were a staple of the '90s metallic hardcore scene, all delivered with the band's signature radical politics. The release has been completely remastered with an updated layout. On colored vinyl.
LP, 17.50€


With This Thread I Hold On LP Good Fight Music

The seminal, '90s-hardcore band Chokehold will release their first new material of the 2000s this spring via Good Fight Music. 1994's "Prison Of Hope" floored the hardcore scene when it was unleashed. Lyrics, replete with fury, tackled political and socio-political topics with a rage that immediately demanded attention. Now available on colored vinyl. Vinyl version limited to 300 copies.
LP, 21.00€


Demo 2019 CS Safe Inside

Chopping Block is a brand-new hardcore band from Seattle, WA. Paying homage to the traditions of Pacific Northwest Hardcore of the past and present, the band is continuing the region’s tradition of fast, straight ahead hardcore. Featuring former members of Seattle’s Clarity, Red Scare, Moving On, and It Follows, this group is setting out to make a name for themselves as the Seattle Hardcore’s new linchpin and Safe Inside Records’ first release from a band out of the Pacific Northwest. With an explosive force reminiscent of the early React! Records sound of the mid-2000s and that of 1980s youth crew, Chopping Block’s demo tape, to be released in early 2020. 
CS, 7.00€