In The Dark 7-Inch Home Invasion

Brand new EP from Winnipeg's own BORN BAD, released just in time for their most recent. Four more tracks of ugly hardcore punk taking cues from early 80's USHC and generally all things negative. Absolutely vicious, mean, and any other adjectives that tip yer trigger.
7-Inch, 5.00€


s/t 7-Inch Fashionable Idiots

Vinyl debut from these Winnipeg, MB rippers. Members of UNDER PRESSURE playing early 80s US Hardcore you would expect. Violent hardcore for fans of NEGATIVE APPROACH, The STATE and mean and ugly hardcore like that. 6 songs that'll leave you wanting more. Yet another killer from Fashionable Idiots.
7-Inch, 3.00€


Moron Music 7-Inch Fashionable Idiots

These Winnipeg HC rippers offer up six more tracks of ugly hardcore punk taking cues from early 80's USHC and generally all things negative. Absolutely vicious, mean, and any other adjectives that tip yer trigger. This rips the piss out of all their previous efforts.
7-Inch, 3.00€


Tie One On 7-Inch Vinyl Addict

Vinyl Addict presents the vinyl release of Born Bad's 2005 demo, 'Tie One On.' On this release, the Winnipeg ragers doled out eight tracks of early-'80s inspired American Hardcore that sounds like it could have come out of the Midwest or Boston scenes, taking pages out of the books written by SSD, Negative FX or The Fix.
7-Inch, 3.00€


split 7-Inch Home Invasion

On probably Born Bad's final output, the Winnipeg, Canada band rips through two tracks of ugly, fast hardcore that doesn't play nice and brings to mind the most vile of the early-'80s Midwest hardcore bands. Duress bring two tracks of their own of filthy, fuzzy and fast hardcore. Limited edition of 500 copies.
7-Inch, 5.50€


Warfare 7-Inch Reaper

In a world that every day seems to be slipping further into disarray and chaos, Born From Pain challenge you to prepare yourself with a survival state of mind. Reaper Records presents to you the 'Warfare' EP. Five handpicked songs from their LP 'Survival' released on Metal Blade in November of 2008.
7-Inch, 5.00€


The New Future LP Reaper

In the two-and-a-half years between albums, Born From Pain has been busy touring and developing their sound, music and message. Co-produced by Rene Natzel and recorded and mixed by former Born From Pain drummer Igor Wouters, the band has made yet another step towards a more modern sound and message relevant in today's world and music scene. Adding basic dark electronics and all the keystone elements of Born From Pain's sound throughout the years makes this the band's best album so far. LP includes digital download. On colored vinyl.
LP, 12.00€


Dance With The Devil LP BeatDownHardWear

Dance With The Devil is a hearty throwback to early, pre-Perseverance Hatebreed – delivering eleven tracks of brutal, uncompromising hardcore plus one of the sickest (not so) hidden tracks ever. There’s a leaning towards metalcore, but only in the purist sense of the word, which is to say Dance With The Devil is the hardcore genre pushed to its destructive limit. On colored vinyl.
LP, 12.50€


Refuse To Beg 7" Reaper

Long, unforgiving winters in Albany, NY can breed a bold personality and raw perceptions of a world gone insane. “Refuse To Beg” is six songs full of New York hardcore essence and attitude, serving to expose the truth and realities of a city and world short on promise. For fans of Madball, Terror, Hatebreed and Death Before Dishonor. On colored vinyl.
7", 6.00€


Holding Cell 7" Schizophrenic

"Holding Cell," a frantic follow-up to their debut s/t 7", again harnesses the band's untameable live show. This steamroller never loses momentum as they charge through five angry and honest, mid-tempo rippers. "Born Wrong" proves hardcore doesn't have to be blown out and drowning in feedback to be aggressive. A smart, progressive, and agitating follow-up release.
7", 5.00€


s/t 7" Schizophrenic

Born Wrong continue the tradition of mean, nasty hardcore from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada with this 7" that is mostly mid-tempo with vocals that are delivered in the same venom-spitting style as Left For Dead and other local legends.
7", 5.00€


Art District 7" Schizophrenic

Born Wrong's third 7" finds these Hamilton, Ontario, Canada hardcore heroes plowing through more raw, aggressive hardcore punk that leans towards the early-'80s end of the HC spectrum with harsh, angry sounds akin to Negative Approach and local heroes Left For Dead.
7", 5.00€


Fire LP self-released

The Boston Strangler is a hardcore/punk band from Boston, MA formed in 2011 featuring members of The Rival Mob, Mind Eraser, No Tolerance, Failures, and many others. Fire is incredibly pissed, stripped down, no frills hardcore with a definite 80's flavor. Fire is the band's second LP, which was released via the band owned Fun With Smack records.
LP, 17.00€


Outcast 12" self-released

The band's long out of print 2010 demo tape finally gets the superior vinyl treatment. contains all five tracks and the previously unheard alt version of outcast as a bonus.widely considered a "modern classic" since day one, this is Boston Hardcore in it's purest, most perfectly executed form. It belongs in a museum.Mastered for vinyl by Carl Saff and dumped onto a one-sided 45 RPM 12", the outcast demo has never sounded this good.
12", 16.00€


Unifying Themes Redux 2xLP Garden Of Exile

"Unifying themes redux" is the band's long out of print collection of early 7" material, compilation cuts and other rarities and provides an incisive look at the germination of Seattle's legendary ass-kickers. It features 16 ferocious tracks that only BOTCH could deliver, complete with weird samples, post-modern anxiety, and unstoppable riffs. Few bands took as many chances and everyone from NORMA JEAN to EVERY TIME I DIE basically owes them a huge royalty check (or at least major props). Just remember BOTCH = God!
2xLP, 20.00€


Sink To The Depths 10" Good Fight Music

Comprising members of The Gaslight Anthem, Ensign, Gates and more, Bottomfeeder delivers an impassioned, melodic brand of hardcore, drenched in the spirit of New Jersey's DIY scene - the scene of New Brunswick basement shows and late-night diners made famous by bands like Thursday. On "Sink To The Depths," Bottomfeeder charges out of the gate with a sound that is both raging and melancholy, explosive and world-weary. Frontman Derek Reilly screams with the voice of veteran who still gives a damn.
10", 15.00€


II 7" Get This Right

The band seems to be mostly influenced by NYC and Clevo bands and this EP shows that. Bottomfeeder favors gritty metallic hardcore that falls somewhere between Merauder and Ringworm which results in a truly menacing sound. But don’t get it confused with some cheap Holy Terror wannabe band. This shit is for real. Heavy and dark and straight up evil. There’s also some All Out War influences here and there, but it makes this shit heavier and better.

That dirty sound quality on this EP works magic as every song sounds strong and brutal. This is metallic hardcore how it should be done. The best track is ‘On Our Own’, it features Chris of Shattered Realm fame and is crushing concrete with its heavy ass beat. But all the songs are of highest quality and it shows that the band really focused on making the Ep consistent all way through. On colored vinyl.
7", 5.50€


Lost Songs 7" Warthog Speak

This record contains two songs from the Bound 7" session that, for whatever reason, went missing for 24 years - "Triplet" and a pre-Hatchet Face version of "Killian Church" - as well as the track "Cain Rose Up," which originally appeared on Aaron Dalbec's "Soundtrack To The Revolution" comp 7". The download accompanying this record includes tons of photos; a live set; .mp3s of the '93 demo; remixed, remastered, and revived versions of the entire 7" session by Will Killingsworth that reveals nuance and clarity hidden from the world in the original mix; a couple of rehearsal tapes; and even more odds and ends. For the statisticians, members of Bound were also active in Fit For Abuse, Entropy, Dive, Get High, and another band that you've definitely heard of. Limited edition of 250 copies. 7" includes digital download.
7", 7.50€


When A Nation Sleeps LP Bridge Nine

Boysetsfire has been a band for nearly two decades. After seven years of silence, Boysetsfire has delivered an album that is more intense, more fragile and more brutal than anything they've ever done before. "While A Nation Sleeps..." stays true to their political, post hardcore essence that should entice new fans while keeping old fans excited. Now available on colored vinyl with a gatefold cover. Vinyl version includes digital download.
LP, 14.00€


The Day The Sun Went Out LP End Hits

Originally released on Initial Records back in 1997, "the day the sun went out" has been out of print for years, and is now available again in a remastered and completely repackaged form through End Hits Records. BOYSETSFIRE's 1st full-length was an instant hardcore classic and has since gone on to become a genre-defining record that helped pave the way for the popularity of bands like POISON THE WELL and THURSDAY. Emotionally charged, heartfelt and honest, BOYSETSFIRE mix aggression and thought-provoking ideas into a positive blend of melody and abrasive music. Vinyl comes with gatefold-sleeve and includes a digital download card.
LP, 16.50€


split 7" End Hits

Bonded by a deep friendship that’s lasted throughout the years, BoySetsFire and Funeral For A Friend have shown the ultimate admiration for one another by covering each other’s music. The record features BoySetsFire’s take on Funeral For A Friend’s classic track “10:45 Amsterdam Conversations” from their EP Between Order and Model and Funeral For a Friend covering BoySetsFire’s quintessential song “Rookie” from their album After the Eulogy. On colored vinyl.
7", 5.50€


s/t LP Bridge Nine

The captivating euphoria that has been building for years around long-running Delaware, post-hardcore veterans Boysetsfire has been channeled into 13 songs that contrast with the rage of their previous album, 2013's comeback effort "While a Nation Sleeps...," with rousing optimism seeping from every pore. Boysetsfire is a reawakening of all the strengths within the band, conveying sociopolitical unrest and personal joy through powerfully anthemic rock power and hardcore intensity. For fans of Snapcase, Thursday and Rise Against. Vinyl version includes digital download. On colored vinyl.
LP, 15.00€


This Crying, This Screaming, My Voice Is Being Born 12-Inch Magic Bullet

To kick off its 15th year as a label, Magic Bullet Records is going all the way back to release #1 and giving "This Crying, This Screaming, My Voice Is Being Born," by Boy Sets Fire, its just dues on vinyl format. Covers are one-color print on chipboard material and inserts are photocopied in an attempt to recreate the atmosphere of the original release. LP includes digital download. On colored vinyl.
12-Inch, 14.00€