Magnolia LP Run For Cover

Two acclaimed releases into their short career - a debut EP and a split 7" with Citizen - Turnover quickly grabbed the attention of a scene of angst-filled teens and twenty-somethings who grew up on Drive-Thru Records classics and '90s grunge radio. Their debut full-length fulfills the promise set forth in their prior releases - contemplative, brooding pop-punk songs written with a somber, yet undeniable catchiness. "Magnolia" will soon take its place as a timeless and enduring record with a depth and breadth rarely seen in today's punk scene. Now available on colored vinyl. Vinyl version includes digital download.
LP, 17.50€


Altogether LP Run For Cover Records

There is a closeness at the heart of Turnover's aptly titled new album, "Altogether." Though it's the first collection the trio has written while living on opposite coasts, the record actually represents the group's most collaborative and connected work to date, showcasing the intuitive, near-telepathic relationship frontman Austin Getz has developed over the years with his bandmates. On colored vinyl.
LP, 21.00€


Good Nature LP Run For Cover

The album's unique blend of musical and spiritual growth is immediately audible on the opening track "Super Natural," a late-summer idyll of intertwined guitar parts and laidback vocals. Listening to how the leisurely "Nightlight Girl" melts into a more propulsive selection like "Breeze" and the way "Good Nature" flows together as a seamless whole, it's also evident that the foursome has been paying closer attention to how artists from earlier eras made full-length albums: the range of textures, tempos and dynamics on "Good Nature" are influenced in part by bossa nova, cool jazz, electronic music and psychedelic grooves. This influx of new influences and inspiration, navigated by "Peripheral Vision" producer Will Yip, results in the band's best album to date. Vinyl and cassette versions include full album download card. On colored vinyl.
LP, 24.00€


World War LiVe LP Closed Casket Activities

Recorded live in the Van Nuys, CA stadium called The Pit in front of twenty screaming fans, this is (not) a true testament to the event that occurs when this band hits the stage. The band was tired of hearing "they're better live," so here it is. With a setlist comprising mostly songs from their latest LP, "In Love There Is No Law," as well as previous material, the record almost doubles as a best-of the band's current stage. Vinyl version includes digital download and a 24" x 36" poster.
LP, 14.00€


In Love There Is No Law LP Closed Casket Activities

Relentlessly savage, utterly memorable and at all times compelling, the sophomore LP from Twitching Tongues takes all of this devotion to the next level. With nearly forty minutes of uncompromising crossover fury, "In Love There Is No Law" melds elements of Carnivore, Obituary, Celtic Frost, Life Of Agony, Sam Black Church, Elder, Cro-Mags and Sheer Terror into an instantly mesmerizing, morose and wholly distinctive alloy of metal, hardcore and beyond. Modernizing the works of the masters from two decades or more ago, with each hook and chorus the band's punishing and primitive stylings grow more memorable than the last and will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression after a solitary listen. Vinyl version includes digital download.
LP, 15.00€


Catch 22 7-Inch Adult Crash

New Umeå hc/punk outfit with a bunch of well known hc/punx. Taking cues from early DCxHC, this rager is the follow-up record to their debut on Deranged. All four songs waste no time, just like quality bank robbers. It's in and out. If you don't play with you'll get played on. The vocals are booming with charisma, knack, and mischief. The type of yelling and snarling that will make you wanna get beat up by some assholes. As ridiculous as that might sound. The lyrics are simple, much like early 80's hardcore lyrics were. Short and far from fancy, packed with apathy, disillusionment, pessimism, but never bordering on nihilism or fatalism. A solid rager.
7-Inch, 4.50€


s/t 7" Painkiller

Nothing safe or user friendly from these Chicago lifers. A frontwoman in the mold of Donna Damage (of No Thanks), riffs that tread a similar path as Die Kreuzen ("Cows & Beer" era) or Mecht Mensch, and a recording ugly enough to match. Hardcore and nothing more.
7", 7.00€


Ugly 7" Painkiller

Udusic's second EP offering is titled UGLY, and as advertised, delivers an earful of gunk-and-grime-caked hardcore firmly planted in the tradition of Die Kreuzen, Mecht Mensch, No Thanks, and even some Greg Ginn styled guitar pyrotechnics. Sounding more blown out and unhinged than previous recordings, this is definitely the best and ugliest Udusic offering to date.
7", 7.00€


Taste 7" Mind Melt

New Jersey's own Ugly Parts, who feature members of Seasick and Bible Thumper, have been hard at work traveling up and down the East Coast and even did a quick flyout to the Pacific Northwest bringing a dark, deranged brand of hardcore punk that's described by the label as Rollins singing for a surfier Bl'ast!
7", 4.50€


Wet CS Bleeding Edges

Ugly Parts from New Brunswick, NJ released a demo and 7" previously. They took some time to focus on this new EP, and it is worth the wait. "Wet" perfectly captures their sound like My War era Rollins joined Negative Approach, did drugs, then moved to Japan and X-claim released the end result. The production is raw, and contains samples and feedback to flow the whole thing together. Members also currently play in Razorheads.
Limited to 150 copies on pro duplicated smokey black cassettes, with printed labels and screen printed covers, sealed with a sticker. (7 songs)
CS, 5.00€


Shadow Of Life LP Deathwish

"Shadow Of Life" is the ten-song debut album from Umbra Vitae, recorded and mixed by Kurt Ballou at GodCity Studio. Guitars and bass were recorded by Mike McKenzie at The Black Coast. The album was mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. Vinyl version includes digital download. This is the indie store exclusive version on red and white galaxy vinyl, limited to 500 copies.
LP, 23.00€


The Last Weapon 7" Kink

After several well-received worldwide demo cassettes, Russian hardcore thrashers UNBROKEN BONES are back with their debut 7" called "the last weapon". If you missed their demos and never have listened to them, UNBROKEN BONES play killer thrashing hardcore-punk-metal heavily inspired by prime-era BROKEN BONES, but also with hints of ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT and even AGNOSTIC FRONT, as well as other good mid-late '80s UK/US crossover. "the last weapon" contains 5 songs (included a classics EXIT CONDITION cover).
7", 4.00€


Insomnia 7-Inch Sorry State

Originally released in Denmark and impossible to find for a decent price in the US, Sorry State has decided that this record is just too good to be heard only by those willing to spend $10 on a single EP. If you like some of the catchy-as-the-plague Danish hardcore bands to come out in recent years (Hjerte Stop, No Hope for the Kids, Young Wasteners) this will fit right in that section of your collection, though Under Al Kritik are unique in that there's a slight crossover vibe to the riffs, making this resemble Christ on Parade or Attitude Adjustment just as much as the Circle Jerks. This pressing is limited to 500 copies, so don't sleep on this bad boy.
7-Inch, 4.00€


There Is No End CD Truth & Justice

There is No End is the debut full-length from UA. Over the course of these ten songs the band unleashes a dramatic concoction of hardcore that could put the band on bills alongside Have Heart or Verse. For the most part the band sticks to two/three- minute songs with mid-paced riffing and breakdowns with shouted vocals. Occasionally the band does mix into some more chaotic moments, but for the most part they stick to what they do best. Certainly a band to watch out for.
CD, 10.00€


There Is No End CD Truth & Justice

There is No End is the debut full-length from UA. Over the course of these ten songs the band unleashes a dramatic concoction of hardcore that could put the band on bills alongside Have Heart or Verse. For the most part the band sticks to two/three- minute songs with mid-paced riffing and breakdowns with shouted vocals. Occasionally the band does mix into some more chaotic moments, but for the most part they stick to what they do best. Certainly a band to watch out for.
CD, 10.00€


Black Bile LP Fashionable Idiots

'Black Bile' is Under Pressure's first record with their five piece lineup, playing heavy, driving hardcore from the barren lands of Winnipeg, MB. They personally cite Motorhead, Poison Idea, the Wipers, and Gauze as influences, playing a dark, heavy style of hardcore punk.
LP, 10.00€


Come Clean LP Primitive Air-Raid

Born from long, cold Winnipeg winters, Under Pressure come blazing with ten tracks of rockin' hardcore punk with a bit of a crust influence, playing locally with bands like Tragedy and World Burns To Death and playing music reminiscent of that of Poison Idea, Discharge and Coliseum.
LP, 11.00€

UNDER PRESSURE Video Magazine #2


This is the second installment of the Under Pressure Video Magazine featuring: 2.2.07 - The Final Mosh! A four camera, digital 24p video and 24 track digital audio recording capturing the highlights from Guns Up!'s final set. Close friends Shipwreck, Verse and Have Heart send them off in style and make it a night that no one will soon forget. Dirty Jobs with Johnnie Limit of Word For Word Starting up your own coffee shop is no easy feat, especially when you're the front man for an up and coming band like Word For Word. Johnnie Limit explains how and why he started his punk rock coffee shop, Johnnie Latte's Espresso Cafe and why you need to check it out. Gear Check with Pete Chilton of Bane Pete's been playing bass in one of hardcore's most prominent bands for over ten years. He's got his sound dialed and here he shows you how. He also treats us to a tour of the Bane practice space in sub-freezing temperatures at a secret location that the electric company can't even find.
DVD, 15.00€


DVD Under Pressure

This is the premiere issue of this hardcore documentary video series. It features a Betrayed video biography, an interview with Jamie Sciarappa of SSD and Slapshot, and 40 minutes of archival footage and photographs of Project X. Directed, edited, and produced by Anthony 'Wrench' Moreschi of Ten Yard Fight. NTSC version only.
DVD, 10.00€


Matchless 2xLP Bridge Nine

Underdog has been a staple in the hardcore scene since their inception in the 1980's and the release of "Matchless" will further cement the impact that the band had upon the world. The two key constant elements of Underdog during its span of four years were Richie Birkenhead (vocals) and Russ "Wheeler" Iglay (bass) who decided to form a band while talking at CBGB in 1985. Fast forward over twenty years and Underdog is back with this comprehensive release that will include both "The Vanishing Point" and "The Demos" on one release. Now available on colored vinyl with a gatefold cover. Vinyl version includes digital download. Essential.
2xLP, 17.00€