Le grand tour de passe-passe LP Twisted Chords

Nearly 10 years after the "hitpit" LP and right in time for the 20th band anniversary, AMEN 81 release their 4th full-length album. "le grand tour de passe-passe" deliver 15 new smash-hits with ultra-aggressive and pissed German lyrics and musical variety somewhere between punk, early crust, hardcore and classic deutsch-punk. AMEN 81s roots are still in the political crust of the '80s, combined with '90s straight-edge hardcore, catchy and angry songs. "le grand tour de passe-passe" is maybe the best, differentiated and most varied AMEN 81 album so far. Comes in a beautiful movie poster-look with thick cover, 16-page-xl-booklet and includes digital download card.
LP, 10.00€