Touched LP Katorga Works

Olympia's Cairo Pythian has long been a hidden master of depraved synth pop and his new LP, Touched is his masterpiece. Swimming in New Wave, Industrial, and even heavy, pulpy Britpop influences, Cairo emerges from the murky depths of early Human League as a violently heterosexual Soft Cell.
To be blunt, this LP is probably the most excited I've been with a new Katorga Works release in a long time and it's an authentic portal to a time we all wished we had experienced. Get touched.
Note: You may have noticed that this is an expensive record, which is due to the high quality mastering and cutting from Golden Mastering, as well as the very limited nature of the pressing. As a result, we must sell this at its current price to break even. Apologies for the hurt this may cause your wallet, but it will be well worth it.
LP, 19.00€