Demo CS Flophouse

Sem Hastro is a band that was formed in June of 2014 in Washington, D.C. Nick Coke Bust met Xavero from doing a Brazilian tour after he helped out alot. We invited Xavero to come to Washington, D.C. and come to Damaged City Fest. He accepted the offer, stayed with us and liked D.C. so much that he stayed for 6 months. Once he was here, we had to start a band with him. The four of us sat down and wrote a bunch of Eskorbuto meets Ramones meets Final Conflict songs and sped them up. We jammed these songs a lot in the Summer months and even played a handful of local shows before recording the demo. The band plans on continuing with Xavero back in Brazil. We’ll all be around.
CS, 5.00€