s/t LP Melotov

It would be a great disservice to have ACxDC's bio longer than their average song, but suffice it to say, their debut LP - a full-length that has been a literal decade in the making - is as crushing, chaotic and spiteful as ever. Although most of Antichrist Demoncore's fans hail from the powerviolence troupe, the Los Angeles, CA quintet take a more dynamic approach to their song-writing on this record. Bursting at the seams with equal parts thrash-y, grind-y goodness and mid-tempo, heavy-handed hardcore, ACxDC carve their name into the aggressive music niche with fervor and intent. Recorded by Taylor Young of Nails/Twitching Tongues at The Pit Studios and mastered by Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise, High On Fire) at Audioseige Studio.
LP, 14.00€