The Seven Fat Years Are Over LP Reflections

Established late 2008, Blind To Faith is a vehicle for pure, unadulterated metal punk. Stripped down to the very core and essence, Blind To Faith wears its influences on its sleeve: Discharge, Repulsion, Celtic Frost, Eyehategod, Gehenna, Darkthrone, Entombed, Today Is The Day... to name a few. Written and recorded in less than 3 days, the 12" "The Seven Fat Years Are Over" showcases the primitive one track mind of it's creators. Having rid themselves from any sort of preset agenda like playing live or making friends, Blind To Faith offers its art as real as it gets: Lawless, violent and pure.The Seven Fat Years Are Over is one of the hardest, filthiest and probably most negative albums to ever be released in these Netherworlds.Originally released on Dwid Hellion’s (Integrity) Holy Terror Record this new pressing comes with different artwork and two bonus tracks (originally on their split with Gehenna).
LP, 12.00€