Unfinished Business LP Standards

On "Unfinished Business," their debut 12" EP, Adult Crash plays a powerful brand of hardcore with the dramatic, rhythmic build-ups of Bl'ast!, the concrete-thick guitar work of SS Decontrol, the blunt vocal delivery of early Agnostic Front and some left-of-center thrash flourishes a la Septic Death. Far more than just a Frankenstein monster of well-tread influences, Adult Crash has a seamless, naturally flowing sound that can only come from veterans who have truly internalized the craft of hardcore songwriting. Featuring a cadre of San Diego/Chula Vista, CA HC veterans, including Tim Gonzalez of Amenity and House Of Suffering, Adult Crash has the credentials and musicianship to convincingly deliver their unique sonic onslaught in spades. 12" EP includes digital download.
LP, 11.50€