Discontent 7" Assault

Proudly sticking out like a sore thumb in the sludge-saturated hardcore scene of the Southern United States, Nashville, TN's ENOUGH return with a new four song 7" EP of fast Straight Edge Hardcore. These are the band's tightest songs to date, and while they are undeniably influenced by genre pioneers such as Youth of Today, Bold and Turning Point, the material is executed with a sense of urgency and sincerity that sets it apart from the seemingly endless array of carbon copies. With the Discontent EP, ENOUGH are poised to not only breathe new life into Youth Crew the same way that In My Eyes and The First Step did in the not so distant past, but become the torch bearers of the genre for a new generation of X'ed up misfits. Glued pocket sleeves and colored vinyl make this a standout release.
7", 5.00€