Sacrifice Me 7" Six Feet Under

Hated by many, loved by few, and not even respected by themselves, Let Down has blazed a warpath across the United States by proving themselves to be too fast for the hardcore kids, yet too mosh oriented and straight edge for the punks. They have left a trail of blood (mostly their own) across both coasts and managed to alienate literally thousands of people over the last three years. Let Down's third EP (and Six Feet Under debut), may be their best work to date, but it is in no way a step forward in maturity. There is no hint of post hardcore on this four song raper, just a wanton blend of their original sound with more influence from '81 Boston and '91 Cleveland. Still existing on their own terms and playing by their own rules, Let Down may be the final hope for Straight Edge hardcore in 2007. On colored vinyl. 2nd hand
7", 5.00€