#1 Book Cobra

Reasons not Rules is a snap shot of the last decade of Hardcore Punk, with regard to bands, peers, and prevailing ethics. Next to the best works by Face the Show of the last six years, the book includes interviews with a good portion of Tackleberry, Brian Peterson, and Cold World as well as a tour diary by Christian of the Norwegian Death is not Glamorous, and essays by Flint Stelter, Black Friday 29s Bjoern, plus the tattoo artists of Hardcore Ink. The book features images of Anchor, Bitter End, Black friday 29, Ceremony, Cheap Thrills, Cold World, Common Cause, Converge, Deny Everything, Down To Nothing, Gold Kids, Go It Alone, Have Heart, Just Went Black, Justice, Killing The Dream, No Turning Back, Restless Youth, Rise and Fall, Ritual, Tackleberry, The First Step, True Colors, Verse, xGracex, Zero Mentality and more... 155 pages. Hardcover, rough paper. ALL full colour!
Book, 20.00€