The Rise LP Assault/ Cobra

The long awaited vinyl release of 'The Rise', the first full-length album from EMPTY VISION! Brought to you as a collaboration between ASSAULT RECORDS and COBRAXRECORDS, 'The Rise' contains eleven tracks of modern hardcore. After establishing themselves as an intense live band by playing shows all over Germany, EMPTY VISION are poised to take the world by storm with their latest recordings. From start to finish, this is a powerhouse of passionate and inspiring hardcore to rival the very best. Recorded in early 2006 at 'Die Tonmeisterei' studios (Just Went Black, A Traitor Like Judas) 'The Rise' is no slouch in the production department either. Add to that a slick looking gatefold cover with artwork done by 'Desperate Days design' (Just Went Black, Crucial Response, Ritual), and you know that this record will turn some heads and deservedly so. It's gonna be a HOT winter! Colored vinyl available through XSentientX.
LP, 10.00€