OUT OF VOGUE 'Hardcore Punk Live Shots'

book Syntax666

The best works from 14 years of live, analog photography by Patrick Baclet. Black and white photo shots on 140 pages and a range of over 40 bands with 300 picture in total. All very unique and well laid out - no digital photography at all. Bands are: AMEN 81, AT THE DRIVE-IN, BORN DEAD ICONS, BURY THE LIVING, BOMBENALARM, BURIAL, CAREER SUICIDE, CATHARSIS, CUT THE SHIT, DEAD STOP, DEATH TOKEN, DEMON SYSTEM 13, DOOMTOWN, E.T.A., FLAG OF DEMOCRACY, FROM ASHES RISE, FUCKED UP, GOOD CLEAN FUN, HARUM SCARUM, HAMMERHEAD, HEADLESS HORSEMEN, HENRY FIATS OPEN SORE, HIGHSCORE, I OBJECT, JR EWING, KYLESA, LA FRACTION, LÄRM, LET IT BURN, NOW DENIAL, PHOBIA, R.A.M.B.O., SEVERED HEAD OF STATE, SHOCKS, SHORT FUSE, REGULATIONS, TEAR IT UP, THE RITES, WHITE FLAG, WHITCHUNT, TRAGEDY. Do yourself a favor and check this nicely done book!
book, 13.00€