Finding A Balance LP Assault/ Blackjaw

Hailing from Glen Burnie, Maryland, Counting The Days give us 'Finding A Balance.' 12 tracks and 31 minutes of passionate, aggressive and inspiring modern hardcore. At once you realize that these songs come straight from their hearts, as they're filled with passion. Angry and desperate, but never losing hope. 'Finding A Balance' is nothing less than a treasure trove of hardcore anthems filled with tons of sing-along’s, grooves, and breakdowns. Lyrical subjects range from skateboarding to alienation to hating work and struggles with everyday life, issues we all can relate to. Heartfelt, moving and (in the end) uplifting, 'Finding A Balance' is emotional hardcore at its best, as fast as it is furious. If bands like American Nightmare, Count Me Out and Another Breath float your boat, you'd be a fool to miss out on COUNTING THE DAYS. Limited colored vinyl is available from Assault and Blackjaw Records.
LP, 10.00€