Swallowed By The World LP Dead Beat

It takes no more than 17 seconds to realize that after listening to the Bill Bondsmen's new record your ears are pretty much fucked. The brilliantly loud cacophony that is the band’s full-length, Swallowed By The World, is something that is sure to pop eardrums even on the lowest volume setting. Leading the charge is lead singer Gabby’s throaty snarl. It’s the perfect voice for hardcore punk rock and it truly displays the feeling of despair that is behind so many lyrics on this record. Taking brutality lessons from the NYC scene, versatility from the San Francisco area and the home spun lyrics of many Midwest bands, the Bill Bondsmen have the knowledge to back up their sound. With tinges of Poison Idea, Black Flag and Negative Approach, the band acts like an all- encompassing encyclopedia of hardcore. The Bondsmen have created a new hardcore classic, a feat which must not go unnoticed in 2008. This is like Bad Brains' S/T record or The Adolescents' 'Blue Album' for our era.
LP, 10.00€